New Moon Spiritual Journal Writing Prompt

Yesterday (or even today depending on where you are in the world) we had the Sagittarius new Moon  eclipse. What fun! Here’s this month’s new Moon spiritual journalling prompt to ponder. You may be thinking what is  spiritual journal writing? How do I even keep a spiritual journal?  Or what are spiritual journal questions. Easy friends. All you need is a pen or pencil and a notepad. Just a place to record your thoughts, damn a napkin will do.

What Are Spiritual Journal Questions?

Open ended questions that ask us to reflect, deeply on life. It’s not really anything to do with religion so to speak. It’s a total ‘deep dive’ into you, and your feelings and thoughts. Keeping a spiritual journal is easier than you think, and much more fulfilling than you could ever imagine. I speak from personal experience myself, over many years. Spiritual journal ideas, and spiritual journal exercises come in all shapes and sizes. And focus on a variety of things that cause thought-provoking reflection. The new Moon or full Moon are an ideal times for this, especially it’s  an eclipse, when the portals are open and new energy is entering, as well as exiting.

What’s The New Moon Theme?

Sagittarius in modern astrology is linked to the 9th house. This is the house of everything that is ‘distant’, ‘foreign’, ‘new’ and  ‘far away’. This includes situations, people, places, and things.  It also covers things like spirituality, the higher-self, philosophy, and how we view life, God, higher education such as university, publishing, and sports. In my last article I broke down in astrology terms based on the planet movements over this eclipse, what the Universe’s messages are. You can read it here for more details: Universe’s Messages: New Moon in Sagittarius 14th December 2020. However, generally with Sagittarius’ energy ruling over this new Moon the energy is ‘broadening our horizons’. Which is perfect as we end 2020.

In addition, Sagittarius is linked to being the ‘adventurer’ and ‘truth seeker’ of the zodiac, wonderful energy.  A new Moon is a time to start a fresh, with this being an eclipse new Moon and a south Node one also it’s time for a release, something may leave you in order for something new to come in.Keeping this in mind here’s this new Moon’s spiritual writing prompt to ponder:

Spiritual Writing Prompts: Based on the Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse Energy:

  • Where in life do I need to seek a new ‘adventure’ as I move into 2021?
  • What are my general feelings about my direction in life, and where I’m heading for 2021?
  • Is there a course or some kind of ‘higher education’ or learning I’d like to look into for 2021?
  • What has been my greatest or highest learning event, situation, thing etc from 2020, that can help move me forward in 2021? Basically, what have I learned this year?

Grab your notepads and journals and have an evening of reflection over this new Moon week. Remember Sagittarius is always seeking a new ‘adventure’, also this energy is the gather of information. What information could be helpful, and what adventure do you seek for 2021? Happy writing!

Lastly, don’t forget how valuable journal writing is period! The 30 Day Spiritual Journal could be just what you need as we move into 2021. Spend 30 days, investing in yourself. You’ll grow, heal, gain clarity, and direction. Mentally,  spiritually, and emotionally you’ll thrive from the experience.

About The 30 Day Spiritual Journal:

The 30 Day Spiritual Journal provides you with a deeply reflective personal experience. That will align you with your authentic self for your highest good. You’ll gain clarity on your direction and heal. This book is for everyone, no matter your spiritual or religious belief, the reflection points make no reference to religion. The Journal has varied and deeply reflective everyday questions to ask yourself, for thirty days. Which will encourage you to dig deep on a soul level, this will also help balance your chakras.

The journal reflections cover the present, past, and future. To encourage you to reflect on life and your experiences, which includes mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial reflection. Each one will then help you to move forward with success. There are thirty extra inspirational journal reflection questions as a bonus, and a dedicated space in the paperback to record your entries for each reflection.

Written by a qualified astrologer, numerologist, and Reiki Master with one purpose: to empower you, balance the chakras, access life’s blessings, then move forward with purpose. Invest in your overall well-being for thirty days, then notice life become clearer, exciting, and aligned with your true self. All you need is your favourite writing pen.

Check it out here



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  1. Hello Kae! Dropping by to tell you I enjoyed your article. It was well constructed, detailed, easy to understand, glad I came by this. Thank you a lot for sharing. Wow the book on the 30 day spiritual journal, seems like a good one, it could really be helpful to getting my life set for the new year

  2. This was indeed really nice. Articles like these are  very rare that is why I found this very interesting. I shared this with my friends and they loved it very much I know that anyone who went across this right now will totally agree with me that this article was really nice. Thanks again

  3. Those questions that this journal is going to make me ask myself are very thought provoking and surely they are something that I would love to do because I am already in love with the possibility of growing myself to become a better person. I didn’t know about the new moon that came up yesterday but I surely love the idea of this journal.

    1. Aww wonderful! That’s my aim to help with ‘thought -provoking’ good luck to you and happy writing!

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