Winter Solstice: The Age of Aquarius +Spiritual Writing Prompt

We have the winter solstice fast approaching this coming Monday, and astrologically as well as energetically it’s an exciting time and ideal for manifesting. On December 21st 2020 Saturn and Jupiter will enter the dynamic air sign of Aquarius. Why is this so important? Well, both these planets are large outer planets and take forever to shift signs! Jupiter changes only once every 12 months or so, so when it happens it’s a shift in energy, message, and it’s long lasting. The Same for Saturn, but he takes around 29-30 years to move.

Another important energy, these planets will conjunct (work together in unison, they will be side by side in the cosmos) at 0 degrees Aquarius. 0 degree entry into a sign is a ‘new start and new chapter.’  Why is this significant? Firstly,  As they are such slow moving planets there is a new energy for all of us, depending on where Aquarius rules in your birth chart, what ‘house of life’ their energy will resonate here. Secondly, if  you are an Aquarius this your time to shine baby!  But that’s not all! Let’s break this down.

What’s Shifting?

In 2020 both these planets along  a few others have been under Capricorn’s rule. This is an earth sign that is about building, foundations, slow strategic energy, which can also bring stagnation in life and humanity. Capricorn is also the ‘hard task master’ of the zodiac as I like to call this energy, so ‘hard- work’  being ‘serious’ and ‘mature’ with ‘structure’ have been what has influenced the energy of Saturn and Jupiter. And where Capricorn rules in your chart too.  The shift into Aquarius brings:

  • Freedom
  • Break down of structure this air sign likes to rebel against restrictions.
  • Innovation,creativity, and ideas.
  • Technology increase.
  • A sense of community, human acts, social justice, and social interaction.
  • Aquarius is a ‘leader’ not a follower.
  • Intelligence.
  • Little patience for any bull-shit. Straight up, that’s Aquarius’ energy!

So the shift in energy from Capricorn’s serious, restrictive, structured ways brings new ideas, rebellion, freedom, and innovation! Love it! This energy from Aquarius will now influence the energy of Saturn and Jupiter instead fromMonday and all 2021.

What Does Jupiter Signify?

  • Where he is placed in a person’s birth chart is the area of life they must ‘have faith.’ Jupiter is the planet of hope and faith.
  • He expands whatever he touches.
  • Be brings positive energy and prosperity.
  • He does not force change like the planet Mars, but he will urge and encourage you to make changes.

The moon is in Pisces

What Does Saturn Signify?

  • Hard work.
  • Learning lessons.
  • Structure
  • Maturity.
  • Discipline.
  • Withdrawal.

What Does Saturn and Jupiter  Signify Under Aquarius?

It’s funny as the energies are so different, of Jupiter and Saturn but together they are magic. Saturn will bring his energy of learning, structure, maturity of course.Jupiter will soften this. Jupiter will bring expansion, hope and faith. Together this is like ‘what is you want to work towards? You can do it if you have faith you can.’   Now add this to Aquarius’ energy of ‘innovation’, ‘new ideas’ ,’community’, ‘ hopes and dreams’ being the ruler of the 11th house of hopes and dreams in modern astrology. All together it is about finding your dreams and hopes, your community and where you belong in life, in whatever area of your chart they will sit in 2021, however generally this is a message for the masses it gets personal when you look into  a person’s birth chart . However the approach is not how it was ( like in Capricorn’s energy) it’s about breaking down the slow, steady, energy of the earth sign Capricorn and taking action and moving, in a new way. Aquarius energy flows and is very mentally strong as an air sign. It is not focused on building and taking it’s time like an earth sign it’s a different new vibe with Aquarius!

Why is the 0 Degree Conjunction So Key?

Well, like I said 0 degrees transit into a new sign is a new chapter, it is as simple as that. So for planets to meet up and form a conjunction ( unison and working together) it will signify just that, a new chapter with the energies of the planets involved in this case Jupiter and Saturn, and the influence is from the sign the conjunction is,  in this case Aquarius. So all around, basically it is a new chapter in your life, my life and everyone’s life. Where exactly this is will depend on where Aquarius sits in your chart. All of us have all 12 of the zodiac signs rule an area of life in our chart. So it could be your 5th house which would be your creativity, fun, sex life, dating, children. Or your 10th house of career, direction, and what you are known for, or your 2nd house of finance, money, values etc.

Also, let’s not forget that Jupiter and Saturn have not formed this conjunction and met up since  the 1600’s so this is a big deal!


What is The Age Of Aquarius?

In astrology a sign is vibrating for at least 2,000 years. We’re now moving into Aquarius’ rule and Aquarius will vibrate for the next 2,000 years. So that’s what is meant by ‘ The Age of Aquarius.’ With this will come a lot of Aquarius things new technology, innovation, social media frenzy, freedom, human acts, society at large. These are the areas of  focus as Aquarius as mentioned, is the air sign who rules the 11th house in modern astrology which covers ‘community and society’ at large as well as ‘friendships, co-workers, associates’.


Numerology Messages For The Solstice

21.12.2020= breaks down to the number 1

1 is the number of ‘leadership’, ‘new starts’,  ‘direction’ it is where we begin! So friends this winter solstice let your new beginning and chapter in life start as we close out 2020, and move to 2021. Also, be your own ‘leader’ and find your direction, community,where you belong and embrace the wonderful Aquarius energy!


Winter Solstice: Spiritual Journal Prompts

As we move into this new energy of freedom and innovation under Aquarius, and Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct. Ponder exactly what it is that Saturn and Jupiter  conjunct at 0  degrees Aquarius are asking:

  • What is it you want to work toward, and are prepared to put in the hard-work, as we head to 2021?
  • Where in your life do you really need to not just have hope that things will work out, but have belief and faith that it will as we move into 2021? Once you have identified this, what can be done to take a step to ensure that the goal is met, it goes to plan, it will work out?
  • Where in your life do you need to break free of old belief systems, restrictions, fear that you can’t achieve or make it, or stagnation? So you can use the Aquarius energy and ‘innovate’ and ‘manifest’ what you truly are capable of?
  • Consider your friendships and social circles under the Aquarius energy, who uplifts you and you align with and who drains you? Let the latter go, those that drain  you. In 2021 is it time to expand your social circle? How will/can you do this? What hobby or interest can help with this?

Grab your notepads and journals and have an evening of reflection.  Also you can catch the new Moon messages and journal prompts here posted this week

Lastly, don’t forget how valuable journal writing is period! The 30 Day Spiritual Journal could be just what you need as we move into 2021. Spend 30 days, investing in yourself. You’ll grow, heal, gain clarity, and direction. Mentally,  spiritually, and emotionally you’ll thrive from the experience.

About The 30 Day Spiritual Journal:

The 30 Day Spiritual Journal provides you with a deeply reflective personal experience. That will align you with your authentic self for your highest good. You’ll gain clarity on your direction and heal. This book is for everyone, no matter your spiritual or religious belief, the reflection points make no reference to religion. The Journal has varied and deeply reflective everyday questions to ask yourself, for thirty days. Which will encourage you to dig deep on a soul level, this will also help balance your chakras.

The journal reflections cover the present, past, and future. To encourage you to reflect on life and your experiences, which includes mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial reflection. Each one will then help you to move forward with success. There are thirty extra inspirational journal reflection questions as a bonus, and a dedicated space in the paperback to record your entries for each reflection.

Written by a qualified astrologer, numerologist, and Reiki Master with one purpose: to empower you, balance the chakras, access life’s blessings, then move forward with purpose. Invest in your overall well-being for thirty days, then notice life become clearer, exciting, and aligned with your true self. All you need is your favourite writing pen.

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