Universe’s Messages: Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini 30th November 2020

What an exciting week we have, at 9.29a.m CET where I am we had a Penumral full Moon in Gemini eclipse. Depending on where you are, you can convert the time to see what time it happened  or will happen in your part of the world. If you’re a Gemini Sun (star sign) what an exciting time! Your energy is ruling the eclipse and it’s a key time for you. For the rest of us, wherever Gemini rules in our birth chart ( it will rule an area of life) this is where the eclipse energy is taking place. What is an Eclipse? You may be asking, I did a write up about that here when you can catch up on, if you missed it. Answering the question of ‘why do you have an eclipse?’ and ‘what is an eclipse, and why is it key?’ So, let’s take a look at the Universe’s message this special full Moon eclipse.

What’s Happening in The Cosmos This Eclipse? How Will It Impact Life?

Well, at 9.29am CET time the Moon was 8 degrees into Gemini, and the Sun 8 degrees into Sagittarius.  The Sun and Moon are like  ying and yang, masculine and feminine, opposite energy and this astrological aspect between planets is what’s known as an ‘opposition.’  Which can bring around the energy of ‘decision making’ , choices, and ‘what shall I do?’ energy, as with any full Moon when they are in opposition. However the energy of Sagittarius and Gemini  bring the message of ‘go with the flow’ and being flexible with whatever decisions you need to make. Sagittarius and Gemini are both mutable signs. Mutable signs ‘go with the flow’ ‘bend and flex’ and can ‘adapt’ to situations, people, places and things. This energy in an oppersition is about making a decision that brings ‘balance’ and with a flexible approach, if you find yourself needing to decide on something  in this moment in time, or this week ahead.

Gemini is an air ( mental, communication)  sign, while Sagittarius is a  fire sign  (action, movement, passion) and they are opposite energies. Therefore, this is an energy of deciding, ( oppersition), that could involve reflection of thinking ( Gemini)  and then some kind of action to be taken ( Sagittarius), however with a very ‘flexible’ and ‘adaptable’ approach.

What About The Eclipse Energy?

Eclipses can also be south or north of the ‘nodes’, giving a vibration of changes in life

  • North node, Solar eclipse= fated events, a new beginning, new energy coming in.
  • South node, Solar eclipse= fated events, new beginnings but something must go!
  • North node, Lunar eclipse= openings, and new opportunities, new outlook.
  • South node, Lunar eclipse= karma payback from the Universe, and some kind of release  something has to go!

Add to the above  energy it’s  a north node full Moon lunar eclipse!  (which can be felt more internally and emotionally as the  Moon passes behind the Earth into it’s shadow). This is about direction friends, what direction are you going in, regarding any decision  making that’s needed? And it is a time to internally reflect on this.

This energy in an area of life will be different for us all, depending on where Sagittarius and Gemini rule in each of our charts. Or if you are a Gemini yourself. However the general message from the Universe is: ‘internal emotional reflection, flexible decision making between things, looking to and for new openings or new opportunities.  New starts could happen now.’ which is fantastic as we end the year.

What do you need to work on and decide about? Possibly spiritual journalling may help you. The  30 Day Spiritual Journal could be key.  As well as meditation and spending time in nature or doing things that help you to be at peace and ‘reflect’.

Happy Full Moon! And may your decisions be powerful ones!





4 Replies to “Universe’s Messages: Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini 30th November 2020”

  1. Yeah I feel you are super on point with this reading. I have been feeling very much the same in terms of emotional reflection and just trying to be more flexible with how I adapt to things, people and situations. I however personally believe that Astrology although the planets and luminaries may have some effect on our lives, it is ultimately us who determines the outcome of our lives, not planets and luminaries, although they do play a part/influence. 

    1. Exactly, it’s free will we all have it. Astrology is  a guide and a birth chart is also the same, a guide or even blue print to a person’s life of experiences. You can decide to not accept it, or you can embrace it and create your own fate embracing what is in store for you in the stars, and that to me makes much more sense! Either way I strongly believe that the planets do dictate certain events or fates that happen to us, and it is ‘written in the stars’ how we handle it is where the free will comes in.  You take your free will and do as you please. From experience it’s always better to work with, than against. the Universe is very powerful.

  2. Hello there!, this is an incredible article on astrology and the importance of astrology lies in the direct influence that the moon, sun, and stars play in our lives. Our lives are affected by many people and events. These people and events are influenced by astrology as much as you are. I really love this article and I really believe in it.

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