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A ‘Crown of Success Spell’ is known as a ‘bring good luck spell.’ It’s a powerful good luck spell with an aim to not just focus on bringing money or fortune to  you like a money spell,  but to improve your overall fortune, good luck, and success in life in any area you desire! You will be crowned with success and it will bring good luck and fortune your way. As a side note, it’s highly recommended that if you feel you are down on your luck, that possibly doing a road opener spell, to block bust and remove energy blocks could be a great starting  point before you do a bring good luck spell.

I don’t believe in spending hundreds of dollars, pounds, euros or any currency to better one’s life! Ancestors did not have that luxury they had everything in nature at the ready to help, so do you! You will receive a detailed PDF to allow you to carry out your ritual in the privacy and comfort of your own home, or anywhere you please. All my rituals and spells are designed with the user in mind, and of course gaining results. You’ll get a detailed PDF which shows:

-How to successfully manifest and petition for good luck and to be crowned with success, lots of people do it the WRONG way!
– Each and every item needed, these can all be found in the supermarket (herbs needed) or in my store. Nothing is expensive or will cost you more than the price
of this spell/ritual.
-The candle(s) you will need.
-Oils you can use -optional
-Incense you can use.
-A detailed overview of the Gods, Goddesses and Deities who may help to grant your wishes and how to connect with them.
-Very detailed steps on how to carry out the ritual, so detailed that you can’t get lost or confused. If you do just email me I’m here.
-Details of the best astrological days, and Moon phases to work on and why this is half the key to casting a successful spell.
-How to dispose of your workings.
-Candle flame meanings.

This is a safe, natural bring good luck spell to help call in success to your life what ever that may look like to you. This is about bettering your security and what is yours.

How to Download

Once you make your payment for your  spell, you will be granted instant access to the PDFs. Note that you have only TWO  DOWNLOADS, so please make sure you save it on your computer or print it off. If  for some reason have a problem with the download and the two downloads have expired, contact me via email  here to let me know I can re-issue if for you once I confirm your purchase.

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