Bindng Spells: Love and Prevent Harm



For a very powerful love binding spell, or powerful binding spell to prevent harm look no further!  When doing a love binding spell it’s always wise to really consider whether you wish to bind a person to you, before you do it. On the other hand, sadly sometimes in life we need to humble people, shut them up, back them away, and protect ourselves from their gossip and ill intentions.  If you’ve been wondering how to do a binding spell in this PDF you’ll receive two  binding spells with the following:

  • Details of how to write a powerful love binding spell, or a prevention from harm binding spell petition.
  • All the items you’ll need to carry out a binding spell using string and a few other key things, all of which you probably already have at home or can be found in the supermarket.
  • Step by step detailed instructions on how to do a binding spell, for love or an enemy.
  • The best astrological days to carry out your binding spell on, and why.
  • How to unbind someone ( if you change our mind later).

Binding spells are powerful, when done right! This binding spell here will teach you exactly how to do a powerful binding spell, that will for sure ‘hold’ your target ( another person) in a situation you intend for them.

What is a Binding Spell?

The purpose of a binding spell is to bind ( hold) a person to you ( love) with your intentions.  Or bind a person to words or intentions that are negative ( for an enemy). The latter is often used as a form of protection from gossip, lies, or negative energy some sends your way. A binding spell can always be used two ways for attraction, or to repel, jinx, or hex a person based on your intention ( magic) that will ‘hold them’ in the place based on what you want.

How to Download

Once you make your payment for your binding  spell, you will be granted instant access to the PDF. Note that you have only TWO  DOWNLOADS, so please make sure you save it on your computer or print it off. If  for some reason have a problem with the download and the two downloads have expired, contact me via email  here to let me know I can re-issue if for you once I confirm your purchase.

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