How To See Auras: Three Easy Steps

To learn how to see auras is a matter of training your eyes to see and look slightly out of focus. To practice seeing auras in three easy steps, you can use your hand, a plant, another person, or anything that is living and will sit still will work.  The first time I started to practice seeing auras, and learning what aura colours mean I used my hand, and I was able to see my aura successfully using this method in three easy steps. To start to practice learning to see auras this is what I would recommend, use  your hand at first, until you get used to looking ‘out of focus’ with ease and can read other people’s auras straight away.

How to See Auras- Let’s Practice!

  1. If you are using a plant or another person to practice learning how to see auras, have them or place it in front of a light-coloured wall in a room that is not too brightly lit, to start with. If you are using your hand to learn how to see auras place your hand in front of a light coloured background, or on a piece of plain white paper. Or you could hold your hand out at an arm’s length from your face, in front of a light coloured background.
  2. Now focus your eyes just above the person’s head, by their crow chakra, or just outside their body by their arms. Or if you are using a plant focus just above it. If you are using you hand focus on the space between your fingers, just outside of your actual fingers. You’ll have to relax your eyes a bit to do this, use a relaxed gaze focusing just above the person’s or plant’s ‘head’, by the person’s arms, or between your fingers. What you are looking for is the energy field around your subject, use a soft but very focused gaze. Don’t look at the person’s hair, their arms, the plant leaves, or your fingers look at the space just above or outside these areas, narrow your eyes if you need to. Eventually, you should be able to see what looks like a little line that runs all around the outline of the plant, head, body, or fingers, a couple of inches out from the body, hand, or plant. You should notice a faint line of colour, it could blurred or cloudy when it appears where you are focusing. This is the person’s, plant’s, or your aura colour.
  3. The next layer out from where you notice the first blur of colour, is even more faint and may have colours associated with it. The different meanings of the colours vary widely depending on who you’re talking to. You can check out this article here on aura colour meanings.  My advice is to open up your awareness, knowledge, and understanding of aura colour meanings and see for yourself which colours seem to be associated most often with which types of people your encounter,  their behaviours, personality, and characteristics.

Play with this a bit. Does their or your aura change when they or you think happy thoughts? Sad thoughts? Angry thoughts?

Some people can see auras instantly and others have to work at it. Don’t be too put off or give up if it takes a while. It really is a skill worth learning to see auras. As you work with this, and practice how to see auras in people you meet, you’ll gradually become aware of even more subtle layers of energy that surround people, and different aura colours. You may also find that you can actually feel another person’s chakras, or aura colour and even discern which is their dominant chakra and/or aura colour, which tells you instantly how that person is likely to react to any given stimuli.

Remember that aura colours can and do change, this largely depends on how a person is feeling as mentioned here in this article what are auras, you can understand how they change.

Leave a comment, let me know how this resonates, have you managed to practice seeing auras successfully following these three steps?


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