Aura Colour Meaning: Read a Person’s Energy

When it comes to seeing auras for yourself, or knowing the aura colour of another person it’s the aura colour meaning, that is an important aspect of aura reading. In order to learn to see auras, check this article here. When reading auras, and trying to understand aura colour meanings you see on others be sure to always trust your intuition. Whatever aura colour comes to you first is what you see, don’t second guess yourself with a person’s aura colour or your own. When looking for your own aura colour you can also try to ‘feel’ the colour that you have. You may get a sense of your aura colour, if it does not come to you with your eyes open. Sit quietly in meditation, focus on the energy around your arms, head, and legs, and try to ‘feel’ the energy field around you.
Keep in mind that aura colours change, and can change quickly depending on things such as: the mood a person is in, their state of mind be it happy, sad, depressed, scared etc, what they are thinking as well as feeling internally about themselves and their external environment.

Aura Colours Meaning


A black aura generally means one is shielding oneself from outside energies, this could be a form of protection. On the other hand, a black aura can indicate that a person is at present in a negative state of mind, has negative intentions, or unbalanced and in a dark place themselves. The person could also be hiding something or keeping secrets. A black ring can also indicate some form of abuse, that possibly has not been healed. Until it is the person will continue to have a black aura and it may be hard to shift, even if their mood lifts until their trauma is healed.


A blue aura can come in different shades. Gifted and talented people have shades of blue in their aura. Intuitive people, or those with strong links with spirit communication will show a pale blue colouration combined with purple like rays of sunshine. A deeper blue can indicate loneliness. A very deep blue shows devotion, honesty, and good judgment. ‘Dirty’ or ‘cloudy’ shades of blue indicates a domineering person or a tendency towards depression.


A brown aura can indicate growth in a person, when it is seen around the crown chakra (head), and with other colours in combination. Brown combined with other colours can indicate a person who is developing mentally, intuitively, and organised within. Brown by itself can indicate lack of energy, or a person who has become “stagnant” in their life, mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.


A Gold aura indicates lots of spiritual energy, and a person who is in tune with oneself. ‘Muddy’ or ‘cloudy’ gold can indicate that a person is having trouble embracing, accepting, or has not come to terms with their ‘higher levels’ of spirituality they have.


A yellow aura is commonly seen around a person who is a thinker, or an analytical person.  A yellow aura could indicate a “balanced” person, meaning mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually they are grounded and sound. Intelligent people, those simulated by mental gymnastics! Or appreciate knowledge and learning, academia, and even learning about sacred knowledge, the occult etc., show this colour around their crown chakra (head). Yellow is linked to the solar plexus chakra and could indicate that, a person is very creative, open, in a happy place, confident, and enjoying life.


A green aura shows someone who is sympathetic to others, has a very open heart chakra, dependable, caring, and has healing abilities.  A ‘muddier’ or ‘cloudy’ shade of green aura could indicate jealousy- like “green with envy”.


A grey aura can indicate intuition and creativity in a person, especially when it is a strong aura colour. Silvery-grey shows femininity, or a person who is in touch with this side of them. A darker grey aura can indicate secretiveness or physical imbalance.


A bright orange aura can show that a person is growing, developing, and evolving emotionally and spiritually.  A bright orange aura can also indicate a person that is generally in a very happy state, rounded, grounded, balanced, and confident. A dull orange shade aura means a person may be in a state of mind where they are unsure how to accept this growth. ‘Muddy’ or ‘cloudy’ orange auras shows in a person with too much pride, or overbearingly confident! Almost to the point of arrogance.


Pink is the colour of love, honesty, friendship, emotions, and linked to the heart chakra. It also can show an artistic and creative person. A pink aura is the colour of someone who is good natured, kind, patient, and here to support and help others. This is a person who may be led predominantly via how they feel, over logic. They could also have a very spiritual side to them or have some spirit communication abilities, whether they know it or not is another thing. Dark pink may indicate immaturity or changes with a person’s love life. Dull pink, however,  do be mindful and use your intuition it can indicate that someone is lying, or not revealing the full truth.


Purple is linked to the third eye chakra, and the colour of intuition. A purple aura in a person will indicate someone who is very spiritually in touch, spiritually inclined, as a very open third eye chakra and can weed out the bull shit! This could be a person who is also intelligent and appreciates knowledge and learning. A deeper purple hue shows a strong willed and passionate person.


Red is inked to the root chakra, this can indicate that a person is very grounded, mature, and laid back with a red aura. On the other hand, red is a colour that is associated with both love and hate! This means that a person with a red aura may  be someone who has very strong emotions, lots of energy, an intense temper, forceful and not very easy to get along with. The best thing to do with red aura colours is to use your intuition to see what end of the spectrum the person falls.


A pure white aura is an indication of someone who is very divinely and spiritually protected, this person may also be very close to ‘god’, ‘source’,’spirit’, ‘universe’, ‘ancestors’ whatever name you or they would give to the higher powers that be, beyond this realm. This could also be a person who is very in touch with spirituality, and has a great love for it, connection to it, and is rather powerful with it whether they know it or not is another thing.  Generally speaking, a white aura is positive, this person is working with good intentions and is presenting as their best version of them. A white aura with hues of other colours can give an indication of what this person’s energy is mixed with. A ‘muddy’ or ‘cloudy’ white aura can indicate someone who is still very protected, and spiritually connected but it is not as strong, they are unaware, or they are just starting out on their path. Either way a white aura is powerful!

To learn how to see auras check out this article here.  To understand what they are fully check out this article here. Leave a comment blow also, have you managed to see your own aura, or someone else’s? What colour was or is yours?


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