House Rulers in Astrology

As an astrologer one of the most popular questions I’m asked is about house rulers in astrology,  or what the different houses in astrology mean. So, to start there’s three things to keep in mind when it comes to house rulers and astrology for beginners.

  1.  In the method of using astrology: House rulers  are more relevant and key when you analyse an individual birth chart of someone else, or your own. This is because if you’re studying a chart, and want to see what the ‘energy’ is like in a certain area of life for you or someone else, you will naturally want to see what sign rules the house of life (area of life), then check what the plane’s in the house and that rule that house is doing in the chart.
  2.  In the method of using astrology: House rulers in astrology are more key, important, and relevant in modern day astrology.
  3.  In the application of astrology: In traditional astrology house rulers are no so much referred to. House rulers in astrology came about via modern astrologers who linked each zodiac sign to a house as a ‘ruler’ due to the sign’s energy.

So given the above, as you study your birth chart or the birth chart of someone else, how much emphasis you place on the house rulers is down to 1. if you’re using modern astrology or traditional 2. why you wish to know who the house ruler is. Point 2 is more likely why you would like to know who the  house ruler in astrology is when looking at a charts

Example One:

You’d like to look at someone’s financial side of there life, you notice they have no planets in their 2nd house of finances and wealth. So what can you do? Not assume that they have no energy or meaning when it comes to finances in their life? Nope, definitely not! You will miss a lot. What you do is, you look at the sign that’s on the edge of the 2nd house. Let’s say it’s Taurus, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, you can then locate Venus in their chart and see how Venus is aspected or what’s going on with this planet. This is because the 2nd house of life for this person is ruled by Venus as the ‘house ruler’ in terms of the planet , and Taurus as the sign in terms of ‘house ruler.’

Example Two:

Also, say for example we have a new Moon in Taurus, you can look at a chart and know automatically that, the new Moon’s energy will fall in this person’s 2nd house of money. Because Taurus rules this house of life. In this example, this could be the main reason it’s really good to know how to spot a house ruler. For when we have new or full Moons as well as eclipses. This is because these energies of new, full or eclipse moons bring new directions in life! We all would love to know where! As they all happen under the influence of a sign. And we all have a sign rule one area of our chart or life.

Example Three:

Simply put, we all love eclipses! They happen all through out the year and can be life changing, trust me I can testify to that. As mentioned once you’re away that, ‘ it’s an eclipse in Sagittarius’ for example that is coming up, you can then check a chart or your chart and know what area of life this ellipse may bring change. Now remember there are different kinds of eclipses that bring good things and fated energy. To understand the different eclipses check out this article I wrote here. on why do we have eclipse energy

Example Four:

Relationship astrology, known as synastry astrology also uses house rulers a lot! So if you are doing a reading on two people’s charts to see if there is compatibility house rulers in astrology understanding will be key.

How Do I Find My (or a) House Ruler in a Birth Chart



This is the birth chart of the singer Britney Spears born on the 2nd of December 1981 at 1:30 A.M in Mississippi USA.  As we can see there are twelve ‘houses of life’ each of these will be ruled by a sign e.g., the ‘house ruler in astrology’. If we look at the first house  we can see clearly that the sign on the side the black line is on Libra, which means Britney’s ascendant sign is Libra and her first house is ruled by Libra. So, Libra is the house ruler in terms of the sign, and Libra is ruled by Venus the planet so Venus is the house ruler in terms of the planet.  It’s as simple as that, if you ever wish to know what sign or planet rules a house in a birth chart look to the sign on the edge of that house.

So right now as I write this article it’s an Aquarius new Moon today! So the new Moon for Britney will fall where? That’s right, her fifth house once the Moon is at 23 degrees of Aquarius. This is because Aquarius is the sign that rules her fifth house, and the planet would be Saturn in traditional astrology and Uranus in modern.

Difference Between the House Ruler and Chart Ruler in Astrology

Now, let’s not forget this in astrology there’s a difference between the chart ruler and the house ruler. The chart ruler is the sign and planet that rules the ascendant or the first house. This is key as it will give you a flavour of the person’s life, experiences, and who they are. So back to Britney’s first house what do we know:


  1.  First house is ruled by Libra and Venus.
  2. Her ascendant sign is Libra. Find out why that’s important on this article here: Why is the ascendant sign important.

In summary for Britney her chart ruler’s energy on her life: Her life in this incarnation is most likely to be ruled by things like ‘love, money, desires, romance, beauty and what she wants, how she likes to give and receive romantic love’= Venus’ energy. She could battle with finding a ‘balance’ in these areas of life = Libra’s energy.  Venus is in her 4th house of the home, family, foundations, relationship with mother, how she was brought up. We could go as far to investigate what aspects Venus is making  in this house, and what other planets are making to the house to get a deeper idea of how her chart ruler may play out in her life in this incarnation. However, looking at how Britney’s love life has been in the public eye, in her thirty-nine years so far, it’s clear to see it has been dominated by her chart rulers area:  ‘love, relationships, money, and men, and how they have or have not loved her well enough, and her dad’s interest and ‘love’ for her money’. Hmmm see what I mean about how important the chart ruler is when doing a birth chart reading, it can shed a lot of light on a person.


What Are The Houses Of  Life?

In astrology in relation to a birth chart, we all have twelve sections or ‘houses of life.’ Each person’s houses will be ruled by a certain sign, depending on your time of birth and what sign was ruling  that house. In each house we may also have planets,  most of the time. Sometimes some of us are born with no  planets in certain houses ( like me). Which is not a major thing, the key is to look at the rest of the chart, and what the lack of houses may mean possibly for that person.  Here is a basic break-down of the twelve houses, to help you understand your horoscopes and refer to.

House Of Life What It Rules Over
1st You, who you are, all that you are, your soul. Appearance, personality and mind. It’s all about you.
2nd Possessions, finance, income, what you place value on, or things of value, how you handle money. The body.
3rd Your siblings, neighbourhood, local surroundings, short distance travel. Learning, education and child hood experiences including school. The Moon experiences ‘joy’ here in traditional astrology.
4th Your upbringing,  property, foundations, what you call ‘secure in life’, the dominate figure that raised you- traditionally the house of the mother. Emotions.
5th Creativity, fun, sex, dating, romance, children, risk taking, gambling. Self-indulgence. The house of ‘good fortune’ in traditional astrology. Venus is said to have her ‘joy’ here in traditional astrology.
6th  Your day to day routine, how you earn money, how you are of ‘service’ to others, disputes with others, or enemies known to you, your health and illness generally. Traditionally the area of ‘bad or mis fortune.’
7th Relationships, partnerships. Business ones and personal relationships. The house of marriage, and legal matters.
8th Shared areas of life, shared finances, money owed, tax, debts, inheritances. House of divorce, death or endings and rebirthing.
9th Higher learning, post mandatory education, spirituality, foreign connections, distant places, people and things in your life. Long

distance travelling. Your beliefs, viewpoints, philosophy on life.  God, and spirituality. Publishing, sports. The Sun is said to have his ‘joy’ here in traditional astrology.

10th Your overall direction, career, your public life and reputation. The ‘father figure in your life’. The highest point of the chart.
11th Friendships, social circles, hopes and dreams, aspirations, human acts, co-workers, group activities, networking. The house of ‘good spirit’ in traditional astrology, and where Jupiter is said to have his joy.
12th Inner thoughts, privacy, things that hold you back or restrict you, the spirit world, hospitals, mental health, depression, law enforcements, abuse. In traditional astrology the place of  ‘bad spirit’.


Types of Houses in reference to birth charts

House Characteristic
1,4,10,7 All angular houses the most powerful houses and points of a chart. Planets here in a birth chart are said to have the most impact on a person. These houses answer questions about a person, in their birth chart. Who are they, what is the foundation, where are they going, who are they in relationships with? Often the energies of planets here we experience early in life.
3,6,9,12  Cadent houses. These houses are falling away from the angles of the above houses. In a chart planets here are less powerful as they are moving, or fallen away. Often the energy of planets placed here in a chart, is weakened- we experience the energy as we mature, or with some delays.
2,5,8,11 Succedent houses, these are moving towards the angles. These houses in a birth chart can often help solve problems or areas to work on for success, the planets are the key.

Zodiac Sign Symbols

  • Aries: ♈︎
  • Taurus: ♉︎
  • Gemini: ♊︎
  • Cancer: ♋︎
  • Leo: ♌︎
  • Virgo: ♍︎
  • Libra: ♎︎
  • Scorpio: ♏︎
  • Sagittarius: ♐︎
  • Capricorn: ♑︎
  • Aquarius: ♒︎
  • Pisces: ♓︎

Planet Symbols

  • Sun: ☉
  • Moon: ☾
  • Mercury: ☿
  • Venus: ♀
  • Earth: ⊕
  • Mars: ♂
  • Ceres: ⚳
  • Jupiter: ♃
  • Saturn: ♄
  • Uranus: ♅
  • Neptune: ♆
  • Pluto: ♇

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  1. I like the fact that you have a plied astrology to this. I really think this has been a very useful article especially for those who have very lean mindset towards that subject. If that makes any sense. I myself have always admired these type superstitious ideas From a far because I personally find them very interesting. Thank you for sharing this amazing article with us

  2. OMG! I love astrology, numerology, the occult, and all things that give you a better sense of who you are on a cosmic level. I think you made a very wise decision to mention Britanny Spears and I love how you tied this into the new moon tonight. I know that we are in the Age of Aquarius so reading this article really piqued my interest to go further in my own studies of astrology. My ascendant is Sagitarrius and I want to get a better understanding as to why ascendant (i.e. Libra) is important.

    Do you know any other links I could utilize to learn more. I did subscribe — love this!!!

    1. So glad it piqued your interest! Yes astrology is wonderful. The Ascendant is very important as it will show you or a person whose chart you study ‘who they are deep down when the mask of the sun sign (star sign) is removed.’ Here’s an article I wrote about that here Also, if you would like to learn astrology I am creating a course on this now from foundation to advanced. Also a tarot and numerology course so do leave your email address here on this link to be notified when they go live for learning! Hope to see you in class 

  3. That was worth reading. Thanks. I did not know modern astrology has come so far. I always thought knowing the date of birth would be enough for a reliable prediction. It looks like modern-day astrology can actually offer not only a reliable prediction but in addition it offers a detailed prediction as well. I am tempted to dig in and actually find out more about myself and the future. 

    1. Yes! Over the years astrology has evolved a lot from its traditional roots. But this in no way means that traditional astrology is not relevant as it really is! It’s just good to understand that there is a difference in both, as well as different types western, Verdic, Chinese etc. I really do recommend that you ‘dig in’ as you said, and see what you find out about yourself. I am also about to launch some online beginners astrology course too! So follow the site, or sign up to the newsletter and you’ll be notified when then are live. Thanks for your feedback.

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