Aquarius New Moon: Spiritual Journal Writing Prompts

Happy new Moon, today we have the Aquarius new Moon. How exciting there’s a lot going on as we have a stellum of energy in Aquarius right now, and we are in ‘the age of Aquarius’ also. So what’s going on?

New Moon in Aquarius Messages?

Well this is a special new Moon especially for my Aquarius star sign friends! It’s your time to shine. But generally for all of us at this moment in time, in the cosmos, planets are meeting and having deep discussions- mainly around the energy that Aquarius brings to our lives ‘dynamic, rebel like behaviour, that moves forward with confidence.’ On the 11th/12th February the Sun and Moon will be at 23 degrees into Aquarius, creating the beautiful new Moon. In the chart below for where I am in the world, you can see that we have four other planets, apart from the Sun and Moon in Aquarius in the 5th and 6th houses in the sky. Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and then the Sun and Moon are all under the rule of Aquarius in the sky. Wow!! So the Aquarius energy is a very ‘mental, logical, communicative’ energy. Aquarius in modern astrology is linked to hopes, dreams, friendships, new ways of doing things, human rights and acts. Regardless of what house of life they are in, forget this, as a general message the energies of these four planets are meeting up and ‘talking’ about life, and we need to listen up!

We  are also in ‘the age of Aquarius’ also as mentioned in my winter solstice guidance and in my last article here ‘the age of Aquarius’. The world, society, and universe will be under Aquarius’ influence for many, many years to come. Right now it’s about ‘dynamic changes.’ For you, me,  the world, and in our personal lives.



Spiritual Writing Prompt For The Aquarius new Moon

So it’s a new Moon, all about newness and a brand new cycle. Aquarius is asking us to be dynamic like it’s energy, and I would like to direct you to reflect and journal about the areas of life that in modern astrology Aquarius rules, and the areas that the planets in Aquarius are linked to for this new Moon’s journal writing:

  • How and where do I need to shake up/revamp or be more dynamic with my friendships, networks, co-workers, and social circles?
  • How and where do I need to shake up/revamp/ or move forward with my hopes and dreams for 2021?
  • What’s my true passion I’d like to move forward with, how can I stimulate my love life and finances?- Venus in Aquarius
  • What’s an area I really need to be more disciplined or mature more with in life? – Saturn in Aquarius
  • What ‘big ideas’ or places of travel should I look into?- Mercury in Aquarius
  • Where, or how can I expand my business for luck and fortune or is this a good time to start that small business venture idea I have? – Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Generally, under this new Moon how can I be more ‘dynamic’ and make a change that is really needed in my life, community, friendships, society?  Think ( Aquarius energy) and make a plan for this.

Have you ever considered spiritual journalling? Why not invest in yourself for thirty whole days and really dig deep, and help you have the best year this year! The 30 Day Spiritual Journal could help you achieve just that.

The 30 Day Spiritual Journal provides you with a deeply reflective personal experience. That will align you with your authentic self for your highest good. You’ll gain clarity on your direction and heal. This book is for everyone, no matter your spiritual or religious belief, the reflection points make no reference to religion. The Journal has varied and deeply reflective everyday questions to ask yourself, for thirty days. Which will encourage you to dig deep on a soul level, this will also help balance your chakras.

The journal reflections cover the present, past, and future. To encourage you to reflect on life and your experiences, which includes mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial reflection. Each one will then help you to move forward with success. There are thirty extra inspirational journal reflection questions as a bonus, and a dedicated space in the paperback to record your entries for each reflection.

Written by a qualified astrologer, numerologist, and Reiki Master with one purpose: to empower you, balance the chakras, access life’s blessings, then move forward with purpose. Invest in your overall well-being for thirty days, then notice life become clearer, exciting, and aligned with your true self. All you need is your favourite writing pen. Check out Amazon here. It’s a free read on Kindle Unlimited too.

You can also plan to achieve under the Capricorn new moon with the 2021 Astrological Moon Calendar Planner

Astrological full and new Moon planner for 2021, there are 89 full, bold, coloured pages of all different shades for each month. Perfect as a gift or yourself. One purchased you will have your planner straight away, you can download and start to write in it. Inside for each month of 2021 you will find:

Your goals and intention page.
A weekly planner to work towards your goals each week, so you achieve them.
Dates and signs of all the new and full Moons in 2021. Dates for the eclipses.
A writing prompt for that month based on the energy of the new and full Moon.
A goal achievement check list.

Note: the new and full Moon dates will depend on your time zone. For ease and to help as many people as possible, without confusing them, the dates are based over two says. Depending where you are it will be one of those days. However full and new Moon energy lasts seven- eight days a full week, so relax you’ll never miss the energy if you get the right week.

The best way to work through the journal is: each month set your own goals and intentions, break them down in to small actionable things you can do each week. Each week check your planner and record your achievement. If one month you don’t achieve something roll it over to the following month, so you do achieve your goal at a later date. Make time each month to carry out the journal reflection, and some self care around the new and full Moons.

Available as an instant download or printed version here!

Happy new Moon in Aquarius! And Happy writing.


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