Burning Ancestor Money for Prosperity

Burning ancestor money for prosperity and to honour your deities, deceased loved ones, and energies you work with can significantly change how successful your rituals and spells are. Especially if you do ancestor money rituals or ‘call money’ rituals. Not only that burning ancestor money during any ritual can increase the power of any ritual you do, be it love, a road opener or anything else. How burning ancestor money can help is that it is an offering to your ancestors, deities, or an energy that you work with. Therefore you are looking after them in the spirit realm, and they will be thankful. Leaving offerings for your energies you work with is key! Not only when they bless you, but when you are waiting for the blessings also.

What is Ancestor Money?

I don’t mean real money at all, ancestor money is commonly referred to as ‘spirit money,’ ‘ghost papers,’ ‘joss paper,’ ‘hell notes,’ or ‘hell money.’ It’s paper money not real currency we’d use in our earthly form, but it’s essential for our spirit guides, ancestors, and energies we work with when we carry out rituals or spells. It’s  used very widely in a number of spiritual practices. Certainly, I have seen the benefits of it in my own spiritual practices and life.It’s an essential part of many indigenous spiritual practices.

It dates back to ancient China, and how the Chinese view honouring of their own deceased ancestors. The Chinese believe that if ancestor money is burned in honour of them, they are sending back a form of currency for their ancestors to use in the spirit realm. This is because, just as we need to live here in our earthly experience, and need currency (money) in order to do so, so do our ancestors on the other side.  Burning the ancestor money fuels them with power.

Ancestor money designs are beautiful and very varied! The Chinese traditional type is printed on quality  joss paper, rice paper, or even fine bamboo and they look like money. Most likely here in the western world you’re likely to come across ancestor money printed on high quality paper that’s sold widely. Even in my own store here on Etsy. Ancestor money notes can come in the hundreds, billions, millions, and thousands.  They are available in different amounts call ‘dominations.’

Ancestor Money Ritual

The idea is that you would burn one of these daily in honour of your ancestor, or as often as you wish to. To ‘repay them’ for the blessings you’ve received and are yet to receive. It’s a very beautiful practice, I burn one each morning for my known and unknown ancestors. I also place a note on my altar for them. You can even incorporate the burning, and the ashes into your money and prosperity, road opening, love or any other ritual that you do.  Simply keep  hold of the ashes that are burned and add them to the herbs used in your prosperity and money spells, or any other spells to ‘add power.’  If you check out How to Connect With Your Ancestors and Spirit you’ll find a very detailed ancestor money ritual too.

Where to buy Ancestor Money?

They come in many dominations as mentioned, I have 500,000 and 100,000 domination currency ancestor money. That’s a lot of money burned for your ancestors and deities per note! You can find them here with free world-wide shipping.



Should I burn ancestor money even if I don’t honour my ancestors?

Hell yes! Because the  ancestor money ritual is not just for ‘ancestors’ who are blood. Also, you can offer it to any form of spirit, energy, or saint that you work with. Simply because any energy that you work with, is in the ‘other realm’ and they need looking after, and to live, and if you already give offerings to any form of energy this is a great one to add! You’ll likely see an increase in your manifestations in the earth realm , with their support following adding an ancestor money ritual (burn the ancestor money often) when you manifest. So what are you waiting for ? Grab some asap and manifest your heart’s desire.

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