Book Release: How To Connect With Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides

How to connect to your  ancestors and spirit guides  is a big question. And while I’ve been off the blog, writing about spiritual concepts and astrology, I have written a short e-book to help assist you, with how to connect to your ancestors and spirit guides. One of the things I am often asked about, is how I managed to make my connection with my own spirit guides?  This connection has helped to develop my clairaudient and clairsentient  abilities.  I have seen a visual image and been given a name for one guide, and I was ‘called’ by another and told it was them. I shared a bit about my experience of this in my post on how to connect with your spirit guides a few years back, when during meditation they appeared.  In my book How to Connect to Your Ancestors and Spirit,  I share with you how you can actually make that all important connection, provide you with a ritual, and some top tips to help you on your journey. It’s been published today, and a free read on Kindle Unlimited.

About the Book: How to Connect To Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides

Have you always wanted to connect with your ancestors, a deity, or spirit guide?

As an Earth angel who has reincarnated into this life, I have a strong connection with my own guides, and spirits in general, with a mission to teach spiritual practices to others. Within this short book, you’ll learn how you can make that important life-long connection with your own guides, ancestors, or a deity. You’ll also learn how to set up an altar, how to carry out a simple, safe, and effective ancestor, deity, or spirit guide connection ritual, build a bond with your guides, the different types of ancestors and guides so you can recognise yours, and how to maintain your connection on your spiritual journey. Guides, ancestors, and deities love to assist us, they are waiting for you to connect with them, or for you to cross paths with an Earth angel who can teach you how, you have been led to this book for a reason!

Learn how and you’ll move forward into a fulfilled, successful, and spiritually uplifting life as your connection with a guide, ancestor, or deity can help you manifest all you desire in your life incarnation now here on earth. Whether you seek an increase in love, prosperity, to remove blocks in life and receive your blessings, find your authentic self, and much more a connection with an important ancestor, deity, or spirit guide will ensure you achieve this, and more.

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