Gemini Solar Eclipse Writing Prompt: What Have You Decided?

This week’s second round of eclipse energy that follows the Sagittarius one from May, will be on the 10th June 2021.  The eclipse will take place at 19 degrees into the sign of Gemini. So if you are a Gemini, have key planets in Gemini, or angles and planets in your birth chart at 19 degrees this will impact you greatly! The first thing to say is that this is a universal general message, based on what’s happening in the cosmos, and how this can impact us here on Earth.

What’s The Energy Reading For This New Moon Eclipse In Gemini?

This is a new Moon annular solar eclipse, and a north Node eclipse. To break that down the energy is firstly about direction= the north Node, in all of our birth charts we have a north and south Node.. The south is karma and where we’ve been, the north is where we should be aiming toward in this life incarnation. Secondly, Gemini’s energy is vibrating which is all about communication, thoughts, speech, IT. Thirdly, the Gemini’s energy is influencing the Moon. The Moon in Gemini does something rather important.  Gemini’s energy can be a little back and forth, and undecided due to the duality of the sign ( the twins). With Gemini there’s always ‘ two sides to the story’ or ‘ two different options which need to be decided on.’  This is the energy that is influencing the Moon ‘options,’ ‘decisions,’ ‘being undecided,’ ‘going back and forth’.

As the Moon is a representation of our emotions (and mother figure in our life), when Gemini grabs hold of  the Moon and she is under its influence emotions can become undecided, back and forth, and all the indecisiveness that Gemini can bring is brought to the energy of the Moon= emotions.  This energy is concentrated around the north Node= direction. Therefore ’emotional or even mental as Gemini deals with thoughts and communication decisions need to be made regarding direction’ could be the universal message based on the alignment of the cosmos under this new Moon eclipse in Gemini. Now, on top of this the Moon she will form a trine ( perfect harmony) with Saturn the planet of hard-work, effort, discipline, withdrawal and serious energy. This could suggest that it’s time to get very ‘serious’ about decisions and directions. After all we are half way through the year of 2021. Saturn is under Aquarius which is perfect harmony, as Saturn is Aquarius’ traditional ruler. But what this brings is more mental energy ( air sign Aquarius), and also possibly even some eccentric or out of the box ( Aquarius) thinking, decisions, or regarding direction.

Personally how does the eclipse impact me?

To really drill down from this universal message to your birth chart if you take a look in your chart, and see what house of life is ruled by Gemini. You can check how to do this in this article I wrote here on House Rulerships Or you can have an astrologer check for you!  Once you know which house Gemini rules, this is where the eclipse will fall for you personally. So the energy of decision making and becoming serious would relate to that area of life ( house) personally for you. You can then check where Saturn is also in your chart.

Spiritual Writing Prompts:

I’d like you to think about how the first half of 2021 has been for  you personally, the month of June is always like a mid-point check in. The eclipse is always the perfect time! As this is when the portals open and new things always come up, depending on the kind of eclipse we’re having. A new Moon , north Node, solar eclipse is about new beginnings, and complete new energy coming in!

  • Overall how has 2021 so far been, the first half?
  • Where have you progressed so far this year, and where have you not progressed?
  • What area of your life have  you been undecided about? ( Gemini energy).
  • Is it the right time now to make a key decision or move and become ‘serious’ about your direction in life? ( Saturn’s energy).
  • For the rest of 2021, where do you see yourself going with your career, job, business, love life, sex life, financially?
  • Have you started a project  or had an idea and not followed through? Is now the time to get ‘serious’ about it and make a decision over the direction to go in with the idea or project.
  • Are you taking yourself, your goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and potential ‘serious’ ? Why or why not? And is it time to get serious now in the last half of 2021?

Why are eclipses important to our growth?

I wrote about that and answered that question  in ‘why do we have eclipses’  to expand on this, and explain how it impacts life for you,  me, and the world, not just the technical things that the planets do, why the eclipse season is always key in your life is because:  an eclipse always opens a portal (direction) in life, for us all.  Depending on the kind of eclipse it is, it could be a portal/ direction of a new beginning or opportunities, fate and something must be released, or has to come to an end,  karma and/or ‘payback.’  Karma however,  that’s both positive and negative depending on how we have handled life. Never forget that karma is not always negative,  I want you to keep this in mind. This new direction/portal an eclipse will bring to you in your life and why it is key will depend on the type of eclipse that is happening. In May we have one which was more about letting go, release, and karma ( good or bad), this one is more about direction and a new start now that we have had a release following the last eclipse.

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