What Does It Mean: Missing Crystals, Lost Crystals or Broken Crystals?

Crystals are one of my most favourite things in the whole world, I wear them, sell them, use them,  collect them, and adore them. However over the years I have lost crystals, broken crystals and even had missing crystals. Many times after I’ve had one of these experiences I’ve asked myself is there a deeper meaning for a missing crystal, lost crystal or a broken crystal? The answer is yes in some cases. So what does it mean when the crystals we become attached to just go missing, break, or disappear?

Missing Crystals

Crystals that go missing sometimes they are genuinely missing, or a person could have misplaced them. However, if you’re sure and  I mean very sure just like I have been in the past that you’ve not misplaced them, then it could be safe to say that your crystal’s work is done! It’s often said in the metaphysical world that when crystals go missing, or disappear without a trace than one of these two things could apply:

  1. The crystal needs a break.
  2. The crystal’s work with you is complete and it is time to replace it.

Why Do Crystals Disappear, and What Does It Mean?

With situation one, the crystal may return to you, you may find it at a later date if the crystal has gone missing or disappeared. With situation two, it could be that your energy no longer needs the energy of that particular crystal. For example, Amethyst is a crystal I always have on me, and under my pillow at night. One disappeared from under my pillow, and on another occasion my necklace just disappeared from around my neck. Like what the hell? How is it possible? Yep, the necklace I had worn for well over a year, maybe even close to two years it disappeared. I woke up one morning and as I was going about my day, I realised it had disappeared. I placed this down to situation two, as I  never found either of them again.

What To Do When a Crystal Goes Missing or Disappears

Firstly , thank that missing crystal for it’s work and time with you. Then let it go, don’t dwell on it. Your missing crystal  has gone to a better place, and might be found by someone else who needs its energy, or it could be in crystal heaven! You can of course replace it and get the exact same kind, if you like. The one which disappeared from under my pillow I did go back to the seller and get the same one. The necklace I didn’t replace I thought I’d pull some cards and do some inner work, to see what kind of crystal I may need to work with next and wear daily.

It may be a good time to also do the same, to reflect on if your needs have changed, you’ve grown spiritually, or have different goals that may be better aligned with a different crystal’s energy. But of course, if you feel drawn to replace it with the exact same kind, go for it.

Broken Crystals

Crystals are delicate things and they can break if they are dropped a lot, be mindful of this. If this happens to you and your crystal breaks from impact on a hard surface  ( or it just randomly snaps) the best thing you can do is return it to the earth. I normally place them in pot plants, or some soil outside. I’d highly recommend that you let it rest, don’t continue to work with it or wear it if it’s broken. It could also be a sign that again, that crystals work with you is done, hence it has broken or became extra fragile.

So in a nutshell, missing crystals, crystals that get lost of course can have a deeper meaning for you if this happens, especially if you know you’ve not misplaced it. More than likely it’s just that you and the energy of that crystal need a break. This could be a break from that crystal’s energy completely for a while, for example when my Amethyst stone necklace went missing I never replaced it, I started to wear a different energy daily. Or it could just mean that that particular crystal is tried, and another Amethyst crystal or whatever crystal has gone missing, lost, or broken  for you needs to be replaced with the same one.

The choices over whether to replace a missing crystal, broken crystal, or lost crystal is personal. Always follow your gut, meditate on it if need be. You can also check out my store here as I love to sell crystals as well as collect them. Did you know that each zodiac sign is also linked to a crystal, you can find out more about your sign and stone here. I’ve also included this information in the House of Estoterics Astrology Journals.






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