Life Path Numbers: Their Meanings

When it comes to life path numbers, their meaning  once discovered can have a great impact on an individual. The is because life path number meanings hold significance when it comes to who we are. In numerology life path numbers are made up from a person’s date of birth. They range from 1 to 9, and then there are master numbers 11, 22, and 33 as life path numbers which are rare, but some of us do have them.

A life path number is similar to the ascendant in astrology, which you can understand better here in this article ‘The Importance of the Ascendant’    You can also have your chart read in detail to understand more from an astrological point of view.But for now, let’s focus on the meanings of life path numbers in numerology.

How To Work Out Your Life Path Number Meaning?

1.break down your month of birth to a single number. But not November this remains as 11. Because 11 is a master number and is not broken down in numerology.

Example: 18th of February 1980 = 2 is the number for the month of February. If it were December it would be 3  (1+2 = 3.)

2.  Break down your day of birth to a single number, but not if you’re born on the 11th or 22nd of the month they remain as 11 or 22,  as they are master numbers in numerology.

Example: 18th of February 1980= 9 (1 +8= 9)

3. Break down your year of birth to a single number, using the full year.

Example: 18th of February 1980 = 1+9+8+0 = 18, then 1+8 = 9. The number is 9

4. Add all three numbers together =  2+9 +9 = 20, then 2+0 = 2 as the life path number with a date of birth of the 18th of February 1980.

Life Path Numbers Meaning:

Life path numbers will always range from 1-9 or 11, 22 and 33 as the lattar numbers are not broken down. If you come out with a different life path number after following the steps above, something has gone wrong, and I’d suggest that you recalculate your numbers in the four steps above to arrive at the correct life path number, before you can understand the meaning of your life path number.

Life Path Number 1 Meaning: The Leader

Life path number 1 meaning shows a person who is a born leader in this life incarnation! Their mission is to discover how to be independent,  be go-getter, lead their own life while  walking in their own truth. They make great directors, business owners, bosses, etc. These are not people that would naturally be told what to do easily. They tend to have their own mind, and if they don’t this is the skill to discover with a life path  number 1. A life path number 1 meaning would be to come into this life and leave your mark on the world, in your own way as an innovator.

Life Path Number 2 Meaning: The Peace Maker

Life path number 2 meaning shows a person who is excellent with bringing people, situations, and places together 2 is the number of duality and formation. This is the life path of a person with a number 2 life path number. People with 2 as their life path number make great team players, are diplomatic, relationships are key to them in this life incarnation whether this be personal, business, or marriage unions. The life path of a person with a number 2 is to unite the world, keep the peace, remain peaceful in themselves, and spread love!

Life Path Number 3 Meaning: The Natural Creative

Life path number 3 meaning shows a person who can be very spiritually connected. This does not have to be in an organised religious way either. 3 is a spiritual number within itself. If number 1 shows a more masculine energy of ‘get up and go and lead’, and 2 shows a more feminine energy of ‘ bringing people together love and emotions’ the number 3 is almost child like, but not in a negative way. It’s super fun! And people with this life path number may have big personalities and fun to be around.  A life path number 3 meaning also shows a natural creative, in this life incarnation this person is here to  express themselves via creativity in life. A messenger e.g. an influencer, blogger, writer etc. Ability to engage with other well, using their natural personality. Extroverted energy (some).

Life Path Number 4 Meaning: The Guide, Teacher, Authority Figure

Life path number 4 meaning shows someone who is very stable and grounded. 4 is the number of stability, maturity of things, and authority figures.  A person with a life path number 4 is here to be a natural organiser, planner, teacher,  and always on the ball. A solid parental or authority figure, advisor, or guide.
A hard-worker, open minded and down to earth person. Life path number 4’s  role is to help guide others, and maintain order.

Life Path Number 5 Meaning: The Free Spirit

Life path number 5 meaning shows someone who is pretty much a free spirit! 5 generally is a number of challenge and it can go either way, so this energy of a person is here in this life incarnation to discover, go on adventures and may also be pretty non-committed as a person.  Life path number 5 meaning shows that you’re  a natural adventurer, very much in the here and now, destined to learn via doing and life experiences.

A perosn with a life path number of 5 may not be one for order, routine, 9-5, predictable ways of doing things. Direction can be a little distorted due to the need to be in the moment. A non-committed attitude and love of freedom can make relationships/ friendships come and go. Move on to the next thing if interest is lost.

Life Path Number 6 Meaning:  The Helper

Life path number 6 meaning shows a person who is  a natural born assistant, or the go to middle person who knows what to do next! 6 is a number of travel also, and that’s the energy of this person with a life path number of 6. They love to ‘travel’ around and help others they are a very selfless person.  A life path number 6 person normally sees the bigger picture, diplomatic, here to assist others to become their best. A motivator, speaker, advocate, very humanitarian, and here to ensure that those in need receive it, or are pointed in the right direction to what they need. A counsellor, social worker the middle man/woman.

Life Path Number 7 Meaning: The Deep Thinker

Life path number 7 meaning shows someone who sees potential in things, and it’s probably no surprise that number 7 is a number of potential and success. People who are born with a life path number of 7, their mission in this life incarnation is to question everything, and find the deeper meaning and logic. Or even be the one to provide the logic that the world needs.

A life path number 7 is a natural born thinker, analyser, and spiritually wise. May be a loner, spiritual but not religious. A powerful and great mind, loves information and learning. The path is to acquire knowledge and use it how it is best needed. To break down mis-truths, falsehoods, help others to see the sense from the nonsense. This path is one of a ‘hermit’ that follows or creates their own paths, to find the truth about life.

Life Path Number 8 Meaning: The Goal Chaser

Life path number 8 meaning shows someone who is very ambitious, in fact it is their duty and path in this life incarnation to be a success.  8 is a  number of movement, action, very goal orientated and loves to gain rewards and recognition.

A person with a life path number of 8 is a natural born achiever, the life path is to gain as much success, abundance, or material things as they can. Very ‘10th house’ energy in astrology, as direction, focus, and building up a reputation is the life path. Destined for success and not afraid to work for it. A leader also, and can find authority figures or working with supervisors a challenge. Dedicated to creating their visions. Likely to experience stress.

Life Path Number 9 Meaning : The Wise One

A life path number of 9 meaning can show a person who has gained a lot of knowledge, or is destined to do so in this life incarnation. In numerology 9 is the number of completion, the end of a cycle. A person born under this number may also be someone who is very spiritually connected and this does not have to be in a religious way either.

A natural support giver, that has or may in this incarnation over come many challenges/cycles. Great sense of having learned a lot, and has a lot of knowledge about life vs ‘books smarts’ to offer others. Gut feelings and instinct drive them, rather than emotions or logic.

Life Path Number 11 Meaning: The Master Intuitive

A life path number 11 meaning shows that firstly the number 11 is a higher vibration of number 1, could be naturally gifted with psychic abilities. Spiritual rather than religious.

Life path number 11 shows a natural intuitive with the life path to use their abilities to help others and humanity. The gifts may not be obvious to them at first, life experiences may ‘throw them up’ and once known they should be put to use and they should lead others with their skills. Just like a life path number 1 person is set to do in this incarnation, the only difference is a life path number of 11 may include skills, and abilities that need to be unleashed first.

Life Path Number 22 Meaning: The Master Builder

Life Path number 22 meaning shows someone who is a higher vibration of the number 2. This life pather number is here in this life incarnation with the intention to build dreams and visions. Be it their own dreams and visions or that of society or someone else’s. The life path meaning for a person with number 22 is rather special. They are dedicated to the higher good of others, society, and are very selfless people. They are not here to tear anything down, they are here to lead others, as well as themselves to bring together something great.  Think of politicians, leaders of large organisations,  and change makers, this is the energy and life path of a 22.

Life Path Number 33 Meaning: The Dedicated One

Life path number 33 shows firstly that this number is a higher vibration of number 3, this is a super rare number!  As a natural ‘super teacher’, advisor or guide. A person with the number 33 as a life path number is here to  teach others what they know about spirituality, life, challenges, and whatever they have overcome in life.  They may have experienced a lot of challenges in life where faith in higher powers have been tested, needed, or learned about. This is their mission to teach others how and where to have faith in life, and over come challenges.

So as you see when it comes to the meanings of life path numbers, each on has it’s own focus and area of natural talent. Life path numbers are not the only numbers in numerology. There are soul, destiny, and personality numbers also. These will be discussed in further artcleds so if you’re not already following The Spiritual Parlour blog and want to know more, now’s the time to make sure you’re part of the tribe and following along.

Does your life path number resonate with you? leave a comment let’s here about your experiences. Or do you resonate with another life path number?










10 Replies to “Life Path Numbers: Their Meanings”

  1. That was both interesting and fun. Mine caught me by surprise. 

    Month – 9, date and month 7+9, 16. 7. 1989, 26, 9. all three numbers 979 25. 7 in total. When I read through I thought for sure i’d be a 9. But 7 does have something right, I’m a loner, always have been, but not a hermit. My husband is a loner too, he is more of a deep thinker but he got 6, as a barman he reckons that is social work of sorts. lol.

    Loved doing this, it was fun. thanks.

    1. Hi, I agree it’s really fun to do and you ‘ll find yourself doing it for people you meet and your family a lot! Glad to see you saw some value in your number. 9 is a great number to have and a great person to be friends with also. 

  2. How nice this article is. I have calculated my life path number, and I became the result of number : the free spirit. To my surprise, the explanation of that number totally corresponds with what and who I am. Meaning that I don’t like life to be predictable and it can be chaotic sometimes, but that makes it interesting! What a fun way to get to know myself even better, thanks!

    1. Amazing Lizzy! I’m so glad to hear that the artcle and your life path number meaning of 5 resonated with you, thanks for sharing.

  3. As I’m always interested to learn more about myself, I got interested to know more about what number I am as my birthday date, and as I was looking to get more information about LifePath Numbers and their meanings, I found your blog and I’m glad I did as I got my number is 4 and what you mention about this number resonates with me.

    1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by! This is wonderful to hear, I actually also know a life path number 4 and they are under the age of 10! But already they display many of the characteristics of the meaning of life path number 4. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Wow, this was such an incredibly fun, interesting, and fascinating read. Holy molly, I genuinely appreciate it. 

    I did the math as you instructed; I landed at 3. And that’s actually scary how accurate it feels. I’ve always had this inner fire that I have to be the one to bring people together and help create a more harmonious world. Also, writing is definitely my thing and at my very core. I may not have the extroverted energy at very high levels but I definitely do have the ability to be a very engaging person to talk to. Wow. 🙂

    I will have to do my wife’s number as well. Again, I really appreciate the article. 🙂

    1. Hi Matiss, ohhh this is just wonderful to read that the life path number meaning 3 really resonated with you. Yes, not everyone will be extroverted who is a life path number 3, but as this life path number meaning is about bringing people together and creative there’s a possibility that a big personality may be needed for this. Either way life path number 3 people are very creative ( as you are) and SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun to be around!!

  5. Hello Kae, I’m pleased to meet you.

    What an interesting and educative post. I did not know about the life path numbers and their meanings before. 

    It’s great to know that if I come out with a different life path number after following the steps you outlined, something has gone wrong, and I should recalculate my numbers in the four steps to arrive at the correct life path number, as you stated.

    I have learned a lot here, this is helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re very welcome, yes take it slow when you calculate as sometimes a slip of the finger or simple miscalculation can throw things off. If so just start again, a life path number must always be 1-9 or one of the master numbers 22,11, 33 but they are rare! All the best.

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