Astrological Planner 2022: It’s Written In The Stars!

An astrological planner  is so cool, and if you’re looking for an astrology planner then the It’s Written In The Stars Astrology Planner for 2022 could be for you! You can also grab a free birthchart download here.

Why use an astrology planner?

Well you can navigate life, and use the energy of the planets to your advantage. Astrology planners come in many different sizes, formats, and include many different things. But one thing all astrological planners have is a detailed account of the planet’s movements when they change signs, the sign the moon is in daily, retrograde dates, and  confirm what aspects planets are forming with each other. Check out The Spiritual Parlour’s astrology planner for 2022 now out on Amazon, it’s packed with information to help organise your daily life! May 2022 be your best year ever.


Designed by a qualified astrologer this beautiful astrological planner is a weekly and monthly planner. Perfect for beginners learning astrology, advanced astrologers, or anyone who just loves the cosmos! All times for planet transits are in GMT, and there’s details on how to convert this to your local time, where you are in the world. A ‘road opener’ ritual is included to help you draw in your manifestations for the year. For each month of the year there is:

  • The new and full Moon date and time, eclipse dates and times.
  • An ephemeris for each month of the year to show all planet transits and retrogrades.
  • A monthly planner to set goals, tasks, notes, ideas for the month.
  • A five week planner for each month to plan tasks for each day of the week.
  • A road opener ritual to help bring in manifestations and blessings.
  • Space to record notes or journal write.
  • Matte finish cover, with a design on the front and back.
  • 6 x 9 size (standard paperback).

Perfect to plan your monthly hopes, dreams, aspirations, and organise your week using the universe to guide you, and record anything else the heart desires!

Check out Amazon here:


3 Replies to “Astrological Planner 2022: It’s Written In The Stars!”

  1. That is SO interesting that you can use an astrological planner to plan your days! I really love that includes a place for you to journal as this is a very important part of mental health.  May I ask, is this a digital product or a book? Also, you have a great website!  I wandered around it quite a bit before coming across this article!

    1. Hello, it’s currently on Amazon in a paperback  here
       for next year 2022. I have done digital ones before but decided that a paperback where you’re able to write in the Astrological Planner would be pretty cool! Thanks for looking around and I hope you find some other interesting subjects to read about.

  2. Hi. This does look really cool. I am sure it would make it easier to check your upcoming transits and other major astrological events. I do have just one question. Would this be useful for anyone who has even a very limited knowledge of their own birth chart to someone who has a more in-depth understanding? I studied astrology for many years and I had a close friend who was a very capable and accomplished astrologer using both western and Vedic astrology. I came to the conclusion that it was an area of knowledge mostly opaque to me. I understand much of the detail but I do not see holistic pictures. I still find it very interesting though. Best regards, Andy

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