Libra New Moon Ritual and Journal Prompt: Self-Care, and Love

It’s a wonderful libra new Moon week, between the 6th and 7th of October 2021 the new Moon will take place. For a full week we  have this Sun sign’s wonderful energy. The thing is, this new Moon in Libra  I was not intuitively guided to even pull the chart, and look at the stars and planets, to write this Moon’s spiritual writing prompt. Nope! And that’s because this new Moon has taught me so much already, and this is what I wish to share with you and help empower you.



Over the full and waning Moons in the lead up to this week, I was ill my illness was brought on I suspect due to overworking, no time for myself, and serving others before myself. So how does this relate to the Libra new Moon? You might be thinking. While Libra’s energy is all about ‘others’, ‘sharing’, ‘how can we work together.’ Also, in modern astrology the house ruler of the 7th house of relationships, partnerships, marriage, legal matters, and business partners. Libra’s fundamental energy is about ‘love.’ Which includes ‘self-love’ and care. Something I was not doing a lot of in the lead up to this new Moon in Libra. So that’s the focus, and that’s what I shall be doing this new Moon in Libra. I encourage you to do the same too. Pull out your journals let’s reflect:


  • Do you have a self-care routine? If you do are you doing enough to stick to it? If you don’t how can you include a weekly, monthly, or even daily self-care and love routine?
  • What would you consider as self-love and care? Do you practice it?
  • List ten things you adore about yourself, and really love?
  • Think about the relationships you have with others (7th house energy of Libra), rate them from 1-10 in terms of how healthy they are. Any relationships that rate less than 5, how will /can you manage this?
  • Do you agree with the statement: in order to love yourself, you sometimes need to stop loving and supporting others? Have you experienced this? Do you need to embrace this statement in your life with any relationships?
  • How much sleep and rest do you get on average? Is it enough or not? If not, how can you manage this as part of your own self-care.
  • Do you look after yourself before others? Are you constantly serving others? Identify any patterns and see how you can adjust this, so your care comes first.


Why self-love and care are great for this new Moon in Libra

We have the perfect energy for this reflection and inner work, Libra’s energy is influencing the universe for the next week strongly. Not only that a new Moon is an excellent time to start new cycles, that we continue over the next lunar period, until the next new Moon. Self-love and care are important in order to survive, we may as well use the wonderful energy suited to this, to benefit from it.

Simple self-love ritual

You’ll need:

A white candle or pink pillar candle. (White for purity, pink for love.)

Some olive oil.

A few rose petals.

Some lavender or rosemary herb. (From the supermarket or kitchen is fine these are protective herbs and also common in love spells.)

Some basil herbs. (From the supermarket is fine, this is a great herb for protection.)

A small plastic bottle, or bowl to mix the oil and herbs.

Some incense of your choice. Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood are excellent choices and often used in love spells.



Find an evening where you will not be disturbed, this is your self-love and care evening. Light your incense and pass the candle through it, as you do say a few words to clear it of negative energy and bless it.

On your candle using something sharp like a nail or pin, carve your name and date of birth into it.

In your bowl add some olive oil enough to dress your candle, or if you wish to make enough to store add as much as you wish to store for later use.

Take a pinch of each of your herbs in the palm of your hand, pass your incense over them and clear any negative energy. Then set your intention for ‘self-love’, ‘self- care’ or however you wish to empower yourself by focusing on you alone before anyone else. Program the herbs with your intention for your own self-love and care.

Add them to the oil and mix the oil and herbs together with your finger or a spoon. Or shake the bottle if you’re using a bottle. As you do this visualise yourself in your best version of you. Handsome, pretty, well rested, healthy weight, not stressed, living an enjoyable life etc.

Take a small amount of the oil in your palm, rub them together and ‘activate’ your oil, with your own personal self-love and care intentions, affirmations, and words.

Dress the candle by rubbing he oil over the candle from the top ( by the wick) down, towards you and your body as you are drawing in this manifestation, not sending it away. Ensure that you cover your name and date of birth well. As you anoint and dress your candle, speak positive words about yourself, how you love yourself, and how you will care for yourself.

Stand your candle up on a plate by melting the bottom slightly and sticking it to the plate, or in a holder.

Light the candle, and into the candle’s flame visualise yourself happy, healthy, loved. State your intentions for your own self-love and care out loud into the flame.

Run a bath or get into the shower, bring your candle with you and place it somewhere safe. As you soak in the bath, or  take shower, relax your mind, body, soul, and focus on loving on you! How great you are! And forget any worries or self-doubt. Wash your body well and feel fresh and relaxed. Soak in the bath water for as long as you wish and look into the candle’s flame with your intentions over self-love and care.

Once done,  you can add some of the oil you anointed the candle with to your body, hands, and feet. Then enjoy your evening, journal, read, watch TV, do whatever makes you happy in that moment and take time for you. Whatever you do, do not focus on anyone or anything else, focus on you only.

Happy Libra new Moon


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