A Guide To Tarot Wisdom: Out Now!

Good afternoon! And happy full Moon in Virgo week. I do love the Virgo energy, about getting prepared and organised. Before I share with you this month’s writing prompts ( I’m getting prepared and organised with them LOL),  I’d love to shout about my book that’s no on pre-order on Amazon! Do you love tarot? Would you like to do a course? Well my tarot school is open this week too, you can see my 7.5 hour course  Intuitive Tarot Reader here. Below is my book guide on tarot also.

About The Book



Have you always been drawn to the history, wisdom, spiritual, and esoteric side of the tarot deck? Have you always wanted to understand each card, and card combinations deeply, not just in isolation? This is the book for you if so. The Guide to Tarot Wisdom has been written with the sole purpose to help seasoned tarot readers, as well as students of tarot to carry out readings holistically and intuitively. Also to understand how each card’s wisdom connects to other areas of esoteric subjects, such as astrology and numerology. With this wisdom you’ll become an accurate and powerful tarot reader. Written by a professional astrologer, tarot reader, and numerologist The Guide to Tarot Wisdom covers:

•The development of the tarot across Europe and the eastern world.
•A detailed break-down of each suit, and its meaning.
•A detailed break-down of the fifty-six minor arcana cards. With each card’s link to numerology, astrology, love, work,finance, and life. Their meanings in reverse.
•A detailed break-down of the twenty-two major arcana cards. With each card’s link to numerology, astrology, love,work, finance, and life. Their meanings in reverse.
•A variety of tarot card spreads for life, love, finances, and guidance.
•Using the tarot for predicting the timing of events.

Suitable for beginners and those with knowledge of tarot, this the only tarot book you’ll ever need to connect to the deck intuitively to become a powerful and deadly accurate reader of tarot.

Available on Amazon Now: https://bit.ly/AGuideToTarotWisdom 

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