Virgo Full Moon Messages + Spiritual Writing Prompt

Welcome to March, and happy full Moon week. So we ended February with a full Moon in Virgo at 8 degrees into this wonderful, and very organised sign. Between the 27th/28th of February  while the Moon was in Virgo  in the 5th house,) the Sun was also at 8 degrees in the opposite sign of Pisces, (11th house yellow symbol).  So what’s the message this month? Let’s take a look.

Keep in mind that this is a general reading, based on the snap shot of the sky during the full Moon. Virgo’s energy will ‘rule’ a certain house ( area of life) for us all personally, what one will depend on where Virgo falls in your chart. You can check by just knowing your house rulership of your birth chart, here’s a quick guide on how to find out where Virgo is for you here on this article. 

This is a general reading for us all! Based on the snap shot of the  Universe during the full Moon in Virgo.

What’s the Theme for the 8 degree Virgo Full Moon Week ?

Well, the first thing to say is the Virgo is linked to being the most organised, neat, hard-working, methodical, and prepared sign of the zodiac. This brings attention to these areas of course, we should all vibrate with Virgo’s useful energy this week. As well as the fact that the Moon itself during the full Moon was in the 5th house ( love, sex, dating, romance, children, creativity.) At the same time, we still have the stellium of energy of Aquarius vibrating. This means that there are three planets or more under Aquarius’ rule. From the chart above, in the 10th and 11th houses you can see Jupiter (green) Mercury ( blue) and Saturn (yellow) all under Aquarius’ sign.

This brings Virgo’s energy of organisation, being prepared, hard-work, and cross checking everything, to meet Aquarius’ energy of logic, thinking, communication and taking dynamic action. The planet’s energies are a mix of thinking (Mercury), being disciplined ( Saturn,) and expansion ( Jupiter).

All this wonderful energy related to the 5th house, where the full Moon fell. So this week of  the full Moon the energy looks like we are being directed towards:  a ‘lovey dovey’ week of romance, dating, sex, or a very creative week focused on just that–creativity!

So what does this mean?

It could be an ideal time to think about and take action with ( Aquarius energy) your love life and/or self-love. It could also be a good week to get organised with these too ( Virgo energy).  For others of us it may be a good time to think about, and take  action with creativity, and get organised with that also. Especially if you’ve been procrastinating over a project. There’s also an energy of being disciplined and thinking, with Mercury and Saturn involved in the Aquarius stellium.

Virgo New Moon Spiritual Writing Prompts

Based on the full Moon’s energy the Universe would like you to think about, and take some small steps (or even grand ones as this is Aquarius’ dynamic energy forcing the action with the Stellium), with love, self-love, how you see yourself and,  your creativity. It’s a very good time to get organised in these areas of life. If you have children this could also be a good time to focus on having some quality time with them also, organising an event or day out.

Grab your journal here’s some prompts:

  • In all honesty, how do you feel about your love life? What could you do to improve it?
  • Are you looking for love? And if so, what do you ‘require’ , not ‘need or demand’ from a potential love interest.


  • is your partner ‘speaking your love language,’ do they give you what you require, without demanding?


  • What top four things do you just love about yourself?  Brag on yourself! Show yourself some love.


  • When was the last time you took some ‘time out’? What past times do you enjoy ( or did enjoy but stopped), that could be good to spend sometime on this week, or month?


  • Plan an evening or day of self-care, or a day where you focus on relaxation and grounding. What would be the ideal way to spend your time?  Make sure you plan, and have that special time for you this full Moon week, or month.


  • What are your creative goals, or projects for this month, next few months, or even by the end of the year?– plan out your goals, or milestones for achievements on your creative projects to complete.


  • If you don’t have any creative projects, think of how you could be more creative, or what would you like to work on? Would you love to write a book, poetry,start a blog, paint, draw, bake, clear the garden as we approach spring — what?

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Note: the new and full Moon dates will depend on your time zone. For ease and to help as many people as possible, without confusing them, the dates are based over two says. Depending where you are it will be one of those days. However full and new Moon energy lasts seven- eight days a full week, so relax you’ll never miss the energy if you get the right week.

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Happy  full Moon in Virgo! And Happy writing.


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