House Interceptions in Astrology: The Karma + Lessons

House interceptions in astrology are rare! I have a house interception in my  birth chart, and to date as a professional astrologer I’ve only seen one client with a house interception. From reading this birth chart  I decided this is something to share for other seekers of knowledge on house interceptions  and intercepted signs  for students of astrology.

What is a House Interception in Astrology?

In a birth chart we all have twelve houses ( areas of life), each house has a cusp, each cusp has a sign on the edge. The sign indicates the ‘ruler’ of that house. This is where we get house rulerships from in astrology. To understand that check this article here house rulership in astrology.

So when we have the twelve houses they go from the sign on the 1st house ( the ascendant) all the way through the zodiac, in order. In house interceptions this happens:


  • One sign is skipped on the cusp as the house ruler: 1st house Pisces, 2nd house is Taurus- Aries has been ‘skipped.’The skipped sign rests or is found within the house it is skipped eg. the 2nd house in this example. Where Taurus is ruling but it should be Aries. This is the intercepted sign. This will be the same for the opposite sign  from the house that’s skipped. In this example  Libra. This means two signs will be resting in a house, not on the cusp as a ruler of that house. Aries and Libra in this example. Aries in the 2nd house, and Libra in a house opposite.


  • One sign shows on TWO house cusps, not the ‘normal’ one cusp (because one has been skipped remember). Let’s say Gemini is on  the 3rd  and 4th house. This will be the same for the opposite sign, and house. In this example Saggittarius in house 9 and 10. These are the intercepted houses.

This is what house interception is in astrology, when the above happens. You will not find one point without the other, they both have to be present in the birth chart!

House Interceptions in Astrology and Karma Due or Lessons

If  you have an intercepted  house in your birth chart, like me, you are a rare, rare, soul! And you incarnated into this life with certain lessons YOU agreed to, and certain experiences YOU agreed to before you incarnated. On a deeper level an intercepted house means that:

  •  Something is repressed, witheld, hard to express, or a challenge naturally in this life. You may or may not be aware of it, but if you reflect you may see it. Or a situation in your life will arise ( as you agreed to it before you incarnated) and it will allow you to see it.


  • In a past life ( most likely the most recent on you had before this incarnation, with your intercepted house and intercepted signs)  there was an area of life that you maybe did not push yourself in, be as successful as you could have been , achieve what you were meant to, or set out to be. BUT in this life incarnation it will be dealt with ( the karma). Now karma is not always ‘bad’ people think that, please don’t. Take a look at this example of real life karma that played out in a birth chart around an eclipse that was not negative, but due. See this article here.  The main point here is that, whatever was not  achieved or cut short in your most recent past life, in this current life you will relive it and it WILL be dealt with in order for you to grow. This may mean you meet people who you were connected to in the past life, again. Yes! That means you may meet ‘karmatic soul mates’ or past lovers and it is a chance to balance the karma in this life.  In this life, you may also find that you over express, or exert a lot of the energy that is doubled up in your chart, or you have a lot of life experiences related to the house that has a sign that rules two houses, rather than the ‘normal’ one house.


Intercepted signs: using the above example, if  Aries and Libra are both intercepted signs in a birth chart, in houses 2 and 8 for example. The energy of Aries is hard to express, and utilise in this life incarnation it needs to be developed. Aries energy= leader, passion, get up and go, drive for what we want, and being head strong. This is in the 2nd house. The 2nd house  is about money, values, wealth that’s personal, the body, self-value and what we value. A person my find it hard to have ‘drive’ like Aries in the 2nd house of life areas. On the opposite side, Libra is the intercepted sign in say house 8. The person may struggle or need to develop Libra’s energy. Libra is very logical, loves balance, relationships are key, and is a representation of ‘justice’ or what’s fair. This energy rests in the 8th house. The 8th house is about what’s shared property, finances, debts, taxes, sexual desires that are shared, transformation, and the house of divorce. This person may find it hard to find ‘balance’ ( Libra energy) or for things to ‘ go their way’ with their shared debts and liabilities to keep it very basic.

The key is, you’d need to look at the rest of the chart to see what the areas of development of Aries and Libra energy are, this is a very basic break down.

Intercepted houses: in the above example, houses 3 and 4 would have Gemini rule, Aries is missing on one. On the opposite side in houses 9 and 10 Sagittarius would be the ruler, and Capricorn is missing.

For this person Gemni and Sagittarius’ energy is exerted, well expressed, or has lots of experiences in this life. The house is the house that in the past life you may not have achieved all you were meant to, so now in this house the karma ( what ever is due) will be experienced and you may have a LOT of experiences related to these houses.  The above example houses 9 and 10 and 3 and 4 would be the areas where all this will rest, in this life incarnation. Meaning in the houses of life that have one sign ruler TWO houses.

How to make the best of your intercepted houses:

Whatever house of life is doubled up with two signs reflected on them, what do they mean to you, ask yourself to date what experiences have you had here, and what would you LIKE to have here? Also in this life incarnation set out to achieve in these houses of life.  Use the energy of the inetrcepted SIGNS on the other houses where they are missing to help you move forward. As the signs that show up as a double, will naturally be over expressed, experienced, or used what’s needed is the balancing of the MISSING or ‘hidden’ SIGNS  you could say that are not showing on a house cusp, instead one sign is twice.


How to make the best of your intercepted signs:

Whatever signs are resting within a house, ‘hidden’ and not ruling over a house of life for you, try to develop the energy of the signs. They are OPPOSITE SIGNS so this means they approach life with a slight difference.  Learn and understand the sign’s energy well. But what that brings is BALANCE like Ying and Yang. It’s the balance that you need. Whatever houses of life they rest in, embrace the sign’s energy in that part of life and generally.


In summery

Intercepted houseS are areas of life for you to really make a go of things in this life incarnation, as maybe before or in your last life you was meant to, or something happened and you had to come back with the same mission. Intercepted signs that are ‘hidden’ and do not dominate in your personality and chart are areas for you to try and develop, over this life incarnation. They could well help you to achieve the lesson, goal, karma, set for you with your intercepted house, which after all is what you have come here to experience again no matter what that is specific karma for you. As mentioned intercepted houses  and intecepted signs are SOOOOOOOOOOOO rare!!  As an astrologer I have seen it once, ( other than in my own chart) which made me write this article. So if you are like me and  you have one, friend you’re a special soul on a mission in this life. For personal birth chart readings check out my store on Etsy here.

Understanding your numerology life path number can also help, you can learn how to do that in simple steps here in this article.

If you’d love to know how to read a birth chart check out my YouTube video on that here:


Blessed be!

Do you have an intercepted house? If so let me know with comment? Does this concept of ‘past lifes’ resonate with you?



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