Winter Solstice Celebrations and Journal Prompts

Today marks the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. It’s time for winter solstice celebrations! This time of year normally falls between the 21st-23rd of December, it marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. Winter solstice celebrations are about celebrating the light (that has now been lost) as it marks the first day of winter, and looking forward to the return of the light as we move through the season.

Winter Solstice Significance:

Winter solstice significance is that, this day has been celebrated for centuries all around the world, but it’s important to know that you can do much more than celebrate the light around or on the winter solstice. It’s a very spiritual time, even if you are not highly spiritual or religious in anyway. This is because it’s a stage where things are dying off, departing, resting, and withdrawing from their natural rhythm. This relates not only to nature when the plants may now rest or die off, it relates to people as well and how we move through life.

The winter solstice is at the end of the year (northern hemisphere) and therefore it’s a great time to reflect on the year that has passed, set intentions for the forth coming year, and basically chill out!

Here’s some ways to embrace the winter solstice and celebrate it in your own private way, as well as spiritually prepare and grow for the new year ahead.

Winter Solstice Celebrations:

Tend to Your Garden or House Plants

Winter solstice celebrations can involve pottering around in your garden, patio, or preparing your plants that are indoors for the change of season. This is one of my favourite ways to embrace the rhythm of nature and celebrate the winter solstice. Simply, prune off dead leaves, flowers, repot plants if needed, water them, and allow them some time to rest.  You may also wish to bring inside any plants that are better suited to the warmer weather. It’s also an ideal time to start a compost so that by the spring/summer months you have some wonderful nutritious food for your plants when they are in their growing season. Simply add any old plant, grass, and leaf clippings to a bucket, layer it with some newspaper or cardboard, add some dirt if you have it, give it some water and a good mix and leave it all to decompose and let nature take its course. When you have fruit and vegetable waste add it to your bucket with some water. Feed the compost with food waste often that is not diary or meat, just fruit , veg , teabags, and cardboard or newspaper. Don’t allow it to dry out too much, it will need water and a good mix so that it can all break down. You can cover it with a black bag or lid, as it will attract flies (maybe) and as it breaks down start to have a very earthy smell. It’s always best to leave your compost outside, or in a garage somewhere.  Everything will decompose as the months go on. Once your compost is a nice dark, black or brown shade and does not have an earthy smell to it, with all the food and paper decomposed it’s ready to feed to your plants. Watch them grow after they have been fed!

A Small Bomb-fire or BBQ

Winter solstice celebration is about celebration of the light, this includes fire. In ancient times when the winter solstice came around people would create bomb-fires and BBQs, sit around it, and enjoy the time with family and friends. If you have outdoor space or even a small patio you could create a small smoking pan  (heat-proof one!) light some candles and enjoy watching the evening draw in and the light disappear. You could also, write down on paper things you wish to release as we end the year, then burn it in the fire and banish it and let it go. Set some intentions you have for the up-and-coming year. Whatever you do don’t leave your bomb-fire or BBQ unattended, and be mindful of pets and children especially if you create a small cauldron indoors.

Light Candles Indoors- A cosy Evening

If you don’t have any outdoor space, simply light some candles in your home and create a very cosy and ambient space. To celebrate the light with fire, you can also write down anything you wish to release or let go of and use a candle’s flame and heat-proof dish to burn the paper, banish it and send it away.  Set some intentions for the year to come while you enjoy your cosy evening. Any colour candles can be used, traditionally yellow (to represent the sun and sun god), and white ( to represent the female earth mother nature goddess) were used. Use what you feel drawn to.


As mentioned, the winter solstice is about going within, withdrawal, death, and then hope for renewal. This is a great time to do guided meditations or meditation of any sort that focuses on renewal, grounding, and intention setting.

Clearing and Cleansing your Space and Aura

Consider taking a spiritual shower or bath, or even do an egg cleanse which you can find out about on the links above. Use any kind of incense (sage, dragon’s blood, or frankincense are great) and smudge over your home. Light it and light a white candle, walk around the perimeter of each room of  your home with your incense and allow the smoke to cleanse all over. As you do this say some positive words of intent for yourself, your home, your future, and what you wish to appear in your life. Also state that, ‘ this space is blessed, cleansed, and removed of any negative energy.’



Journal Write and Express Gratitude

Journal writing is good for the soul! Write down what you are thinking, feeling, reflect on the year up to this point, then look to the future and what you hope for. Get everything off your chest and really deep dive into yourself and your experiences over this year. What have you learned? What needs to be left behind? Here are some writing prompts to help, and also check out the esoteric journals, astrology journals, and gratitude journals by the Spiritual Parlour on Amazon!


  1. What is on your mind right now, how do you feel?
  2. When was the last time you felt a real sense of joy? How can you recreate more joy in life?
  3. What has been your biggest learning curve this year?
  4. What habit do you wish to increase, an what habit do you wish to let go of for the new year?
  5. What are you grateful for right now?
  6. List five things you love about yourself, and five things you wish to improve. Reflect on the self-improvement part how can you do this? Reflect on the self-love parts how can you enhance this?
  7. What’s your one hope for next year? Make a plan of action.
  8. Do you feel like you are blocked in anyway? How can you reduce this?
  9. Are you happy with your finances? What can you do to improve them?
  10. Where are you heading in life? What’s your direction and next move?


Happy winter solstice celebrations!

Blessed be.

How do you feel about the winter solstice? Will you be celebrating? What do you think of the journal writing prompts does anything resonante?

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