Why Do We Have Eclipses?

The moon is in Pisces

Why do we have eclipses?  What is an eclipse?  When will there be an eclipse? These are questions I get asked all the time as an astrologer.  I will answer them today. This week, you really should get excited and prepared for some changes,  as this week is a full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini!  Firstly, why do we have an eclipse?…


Why do we have an Eclipse?

Well friends,  it’s one of the most exciting things in astrology! And what us astrologers jump up and down about, literally.  An eclipse is generally a full or new Moon on steroids, wonderful! Why do we have an eclipse? This is down to the the Sun and Moon’s interaction in the Universe.  During a full Moon (when they are opposite) or new Moon ( when they are side by side and conjunct together) an eclipse can happen. This interaction happens every month, however what makes this interaction different and why we have an eclipse is because of the degrees and closeness of the Sun and Moon, that creates a shadow.

When Do We Have An Eclipse?

Eclipses can be partial or total, an eclipse will happen depending on how much ‘shadowing’ is done.  For example, when on planet is totally blocked out or shadowed this is a total eclipse, less than this is partial. When the Sun and Moon are very close to the nodes in the sky, (max about ten- twelve degrees away), we have an annular or total eclipse. When above  this distance but not more than around eighteen degrees, we have partial or penumbral eclipses. So you see, we have an eclipse due to the shadow created from one planet to the other, and the degrees of closeness. I should say technically the Sun and Moon in astrology are not ‘planets’ they are luminaries, but sometimes referred to as ‘planets.’

What Kind of Eclipses Do We  Have?

Eclipses can also be south or north of the ‘nodes’, giving a vibration of changes in life

  • North node, Solar eclipse= fated events, a new beginning, new energy coming in.
  • South node, Solar eclipse= fated events, new beginnings but something must go!
  • North node, Lunar eclipse= openings, and new opportunities, new outlook.
  • South node, Lunar eclipse= karma payback from the Universe, and some kind of release  something has to go!

Eclipse Energy vs Your Birth Charts

This is key  if you look above at the kinds of eclipses we have,  where the eclipse is taking place in a birth chart will give the ‘energy’ that vibrates in a person’s life, depending on where the eclipse will hit on their birth chart. So a south node lunar eclipse ( see above), could see some kind of karma, payback (good or bad depending on how the person has acted in the  past), or something will be released and move on from the person’s life. This energy of this type of eclipse will vibrate in every person’s chart in a ‘house of life’  or in other words an area of life. See below for the houses, where changes can take place.

Why Are Eclipses Key?

From a spiritual and astrological point of view, they are like gateways to life’s changes, ups, downs, new energy or complete endings.  Often fated things happen that move us from one path to another during, before, or just after an eclipse, or they can confirm we are on the right path. This can happen around, just before, or after an eclipse. An eclipse’s energy can vibrate for up to six months after it has happened. This means that the eclipse we have this week the changes, feelings, movement, or new directions can continue for the next six months in a person’s life, or be quick and bang! It just  happens.  Depending on how it impacts on your chart personally, an eclipse can bring any of these energies into your life. They are simply wonderful! And great times to focus on key manifestations.

When Will There Be An Eclipse?

At the time of writing this in the year 2020, we’ve had the following below:

New Moon= Solar eclipse

20th June (annular)

14th December (total)


The Sun blocks out or shadows the Moon. Always during the day. A Solar eclipse is often felt externally around us in our environment
Full Moon= Lunar eclipse

10th January (penumbral)

5th June (penumbral)

4th July (penumbral)

30th November (penumbral)

The  Moon passes behind the Earth into its shadow. Always at night. A Lunar eclipse can be felt internally, or emotionally and more personally.

The next eclipse as you can see is this very week of writing this 30th November 2020 and in the sign of Gemini. If you look at the above dates and think back to what happened ( if anything) either two-three months before or after the dates of the eclipses that have passed. You could also have a birth chart reading.

What About The Signs of The Eclipses?

Well,  each eclipse will be ruled by a zodiac sign, and that sign’s energy will vibrate the energy of the eclipse. In addition to this, all of us will have the sign of the eclipse ruling either as our actual Sun sign ( star sign) or it will rule a key ‘house of life’ in our birth chart. Which means the eclipse energy will vibrate in that sign, and where that sign rules in your birth chart. This is what dictates the ‘fate’ when an area of life is shaken up during an eclipse, depending on where that sign rules in your chart. So if Gemini rules your 7th house of relationships and partnerships,  this area of life could see changes, or if it was your 2nd house of finance, this house could see changes and so forth.


What Are The Houses Of  Life?

In astrology in relation to a birth chart, we all have twelve sections or ‘houses of life.’ Each person’s houses will be ruled by a certain sign, depending on your time of birth and what sign was ruling  that house. In each house we may also have planets,  most of the time. Sometimes some of us are born with no  planets in certain houses ( like me). Which is not a major thing, the key is to look at the rest of the chart, and what the lack of houses may mean possibly for that person.  Here is a basic break-down of the twelve houses:

House Of Life What It Rules Over
1st You, who you are, all that you are, your soul. Appearance, personality and mind. It’s all about you.
2nd Possessions, finance, income, what you place value on, or things of value, how you handle money. The body.
3rd Your siblings, neighbourhood, local surroundings, short distance travel. Learning, education and child hood experiences including school. The Moon experiences ‘joy’ here in traditional astrology.
4th Your upbringing,  property, foundations, what you call ‘secure in life’, the dominate figure that raised you- traditionally the house of the mother. Emotions.
5th Creativity, fun, sex, dating, romance, children, risk taking, gambling. Self-indulgence. The house of ‘good fortune’ in traditional astrology. Venus is said to have her ‘joy’ here in traditional astrology.
6th  Your day to day routine, how you earn money, how you are of ‘service’ to others, disputes with others, or enemies known to you, your health and illness generally. Traditionally the area of ‘bad or mis fortune.’
7th Relationships, partnerships. Business ones and personal relationships. The house of marriage, and legal matters.
8th Shared areas of life, shared finances, money owed, tax, debts, inheritances. House of divorce, death or endings and rebirthing.
9th Higher learning, post mandatory education, spirituality, foreign connections, distant places, people and things in your life. Long

distance travelling. Your beliefs, viewpoints, philosophy on life.  God, and spirituality. Publishing, sports. The Sun is said to have his ‘joy’ here in traditional astrology.

10th Your overall direction, career, your public life and reputation. The ‘father figure in your life’. The highest point of the chart.
11th Friendships, social circles, hopes and dreams, aspirations, human acts, co-workers, group activities, networking. The house of ‘good spirit’ in traditional astrology, and where Jupiter is said to have his joy.
12th Inner thoughts, privacy, things that hold you back or restrict you, the spirit world, hospitals, mental health, depression, law enforcements, abuse. In traditional astrology the place of  ‘bad spirit’.


Types of Houses in reference to birth charts

House Characteristic
1,4,10,7 All angular houses the most powerful houses and points of a chart. Planets here in a birth chart are said to have the most impact on a person. These houses answer questions about a person, in their birth chart. Who are they, what is the foundation, where are they going, who are they in relationships with? Often the energies of planets here we experience early in life.
3,6,9,12  Cadent houses. These houses are falling away from the angles of the above houses. In a chart planets here are less powerful as they are moving, or fallen away. Often the energy of planets placed here in a chart, is weakened- we experience the energy as we mature, or with some delays.
2,5,8,11 Succedent houses, these are moving towards the angles. These houses in a birth chart can often help solve problems or areas to work on for success, the planets are the key.


How To Make The Most Of An Eclipse Week

In summary an eclipse is a beautiful thing visually, if you’re ever in a part of the world that will allow you to see it.  So look up at the sky during the eclipse at the time it happens in your part of the world, see what you can see. Also, it’s a beautiful, very potent, important, and sometimes life-changing time of year for all of us. Depending on the kind of eclipse, (letting go, fated events etc), and the sign of the eclipse- how it impacts on your birth chart personally. A recommended way to make the most of an eclipse when we have one is to, go deep within you! The portals are open for change, be prepared and think about your direction. Spiritual Journalling with the 30 Day Spiritual Journal could be an ideal way to help you reflect. This is because the weeks, and months that follow an eclipse will for sure see some changes in you, your life, and environment for sure. In my experience as an astrologer when I look at my own chart, and the chart of others and use eclipse dates to see ‘what’s happened in life’ normally, something significant happened no long after or just before an eclipse. If you take the time to dig deep within you, take stock with journalling, meditation, and reflection the eclipse energy can be a very empowering thing! If you take the time to use it to your own benefit.


6 Replies to “Why Do We Have Eclipses?”

  1. Really interesting this article. I stopped paying attention to astrology back in July so some of the points you made correlated. I didn’t notice any mention of whether the Nov 30th eclipse was going to be north or south node, however I have been feeling it’s effects, and noticing some synchronicities around me, along with some powerful dreams. It’s definitely going to be a potent month! 

    What do you think?

    1. Hi there, whenever there’s an eclipse it’s always really potent as a month. But  given all that’s been happening in the world in 2020, it really is a time to take note of key astrological things happening. The world at large in in a period of tense energy, so for us all personally we will feel the impact of the world, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. I say, this eclipse really go inward, and look to 2021 with fresh eyes. No doubt we’ll all benefit! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi there,

    I guess I am not a much spiritual person but I found your article very interesting. So, you see, the earth is round and the eclipse is not the same on each side of the earth. Well, although, the moon phase is the same on each side (not sure tho). Thus, does it mean that the event of the eclipse can happen at different times of life, isn’t it? If so, then the reason or effect on the event when it happens also could be different for each place, sides, country, or even city. Then, it is still hard to believe in the types of the eclipse as you describe (fated or opportunities) aside from normal nature event.

    1. No the eclipses are not different no matter where they happen in the world eg, in what country or location they are always the same as it’s based on the position in the sky not where you are personally. The only thing that changes is the TIME as we are all in different locations. For example, London won’t have a ‘different’ eclipse to ‘ Japan’ for example, it will be the same, but at a different time. So as Japan is ahead it could be the next day for example but the energy is still the same. Personally  as in individually what changes is where it happens in a BIRTH CHART as we will all have Gemini or whatever sign that rules the eclipse in our chart, but it will be located in a different place. So the impact on life could be one place for me say finance, and love for you, because say for example Gemini ruled over your house of love and finances for me.I hope that makes sense.

  3. When the moon orbits Earth, it moves between the sun and Earth. When this happens, the moon blocks the light of the sun from reaching Earth. This causes an eclipse of the sun or solar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth. Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

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