Virgo New Moon Intentions Writing

The new moon  intention writing this week is in Virgo, at 14 degrees and for the new Moon writing prompt this month the focus is service, health, and commitment. These are the energies of the new Moon, and it’s time to set some new Moon intentions, making the most of  Virgo’s energy! On the 6th/7th of September  2021, depending where you are in the world a new lunar cycle will start under the Virgo energy. The week of the 6th will be the new Moon week itself, we’ll have seven days of this wonderful energy.  If you’re a Virgo Sun sign, or Virgo is  your ascendant  sign then this week is your power week! And you need to step into your personal power. It’s a great week for manifesting under this Virgo new Moon.




What is Virgo’s energy:

In modern astrology Virgo is linked to the 6th house of life, this is the house of services or help we provide to others, how we earn money, health, disputes with others we may have, and pets. Virgo is linked to this house of life in astrology as Virgo is one of the most hardworking signs of the zodiac (along with Capricorn) except, Virgo likes to be of service to others and help  others not necessarily always themselves ( like Capricorn’s energy). Virgo is also the perfectionist, analytical one, very focused on details. This is what gives it the links to the 6th house. The ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury. Mercury is the planet of thoughts, learning, communication, and short distant travel.


New Moon  Intentions Writing:

This new Moon the week of the 6th of September ( or whenever you come across this new Moon intentions writing), let’s embrace Virgo’s energy and think about our health, the services that we offer or can offer, and if we are at odds with anything or anyone. The reflective skills such as attention to detail, focus, assessment, and analysis are all things Virgo is related to also.


  • Assess your current health routine and regime. Do you have one? Over this lunar period for the next twenty-eight days what can you do to focus on your health, and improve it. 
  • Assess your current health in your financial life. Is it healthy? Where and how could you save some money, burn some ancestor money to call in abudance, or create a financial plan for freedom? You may even wish to do a money ritual to attract adunance to you. The New moon is the perfect time for abundance manifestation.
  • In the next twenty-eight days, what ‘good deed’ could you do to be ‘of service’ to someone else, and help them out? We are currently in a pandemic that has been ongoing since the end of 2019. Many people are in need, carry out an act of kindness and reflect on how you felt after.
  • At present are you in conflict with anyone? Have you had a disagreement with a friend, family member, co-worker, sibling etc? Rather than focus on who’s fault it was, reflect on the dispute, what actually caused it and do you think you can take steps over this lunar period to clear the air?


Over this new Moon I was drawn to answer some very specific questions, my guides pointed me too. Here’s a few YouTube Tarot readings that may resonate for you. Like, share, and of course subscribe to the channel. Drop a comment let me know if anything resonated for you. Follow along with the blog also so you can receive the all full and new Moon intention writing prompts each month.

Happy new Moon intentions writing!




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