‘Unlucky’ Number 13?

It’s Friday the 13th today, break out all superstitions about this day, number, and today’s overall energy! But, is the number 13  and Friday the 13th really that unlucky? Not really if broken down with numerology. In fact the number 13 broken down with numerology indicates a completely different energy than ‘unlucky’ number 13.

Why Are Friday the 13th and the Number 13 ‘Unlucky’?

According to History.com’s folklore  there are a few stories around the day and number. Firstly from a biblical sense. 12 of Jesus’ disciples at the last super, including himself that would make 13, of course one was a traitor.  The next day he was crucified, leading to the ‘superstition’ that the 13 guests around the table is ‘bad luck’.

Then in the 19th century, Captain William Fowler (1827-1897) from New York tried to remove the ‘superstition’ around the number 13, and having 13 guests at the table. He created his ‘club thirteen’ dinner club you can read about that here. An article from the New York Historical Society Library.

Fun Fact About Friday the 13th?

Did you know that, any month that starts with a Sunday will have ‘Friday the 13th’ during that month?

13 in Numerology? It’s Really Not So Bad

13 in numerology breaks down to the number 4, 1+3= 4. Now, 4 as a number has a beautiful energy in numerology as mentioned in this week’s 11.11 article from November the 11th this week.  4 means ‘stability’ ‘grounding’ ‘productivity’ it’s an energy of being ‘secure’. In  general  a good day to focus on working hard, or being productive if you look at Friday the 13th in numerology terms, rather than for it’s superstitions. In the Tarot 4 also has the same overall energy with the cards,  the Four of Coins has ‘stability’ as an energy, the Four of Wands has ‘ success’ as an energy. In astrology, the 4th house is all about what we call ‘secure’ , ‘stable’ ,our ‘foundations, recent past, and upbringing.’

So today don’t stress! Think of  Friday the 13th in a numerology sense, and the energy that the number breaks down to in this, astrology, and the Tarot. Focus your energy in the areas the number 4 points to, and make your Friday the 13th a success! Have a wonderful day! Walk under as many ladders as you wish, and don’t avoid that black cat in the street.

What’s been your experience with the number 13? Do you avoid it like the plague? Do you fear it? Or see it all as ‘superstition’ not to pay any attention to? Have you ever had any luck with the number 13?



6 Replies to “‘Unlucky’ Number 13?”

  1. Hello there!

    That is an eye-opening article you have there and it is greatly commendable. I haven’t really observed how unlucky fridays can be but this article just activated my mind towards it and i had to start flashing back. I just realized that truly every month that starts with a Sunday will always have a 13th Friday. Will start thinking of such Fridays with a numerology sense so I won’t be prone to being a victim of the bad luck.


    1. Yes Caro! That’s the spirit, see it in a more positive light. Friday the 13th is not all doom and gloom if we rely on numerology! Have a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by.

  2.  You are a god I dream of a day when I can make music for a living Its probably unrealistic and Ill probably never make it but I want to give it a shot If I end up busking, Ill still probably be happy with it if I get two square meals a day and a place to sleep I just want music to be a part of my life Ive been told I can have a job and still make music But, Ive seen my father Hed make an amazing musician but he literally has no time for music anymore He is off to work by 8:30 in the morning and often gets off work around 9 or 10 at night That isnt something I want

    1. If this is something that you ‘want’ then it’s an ideal time to look at how you could make this happen, under this energy that really is not about ‘bad luck’ or ‘unlucky’ at all. Also, this weekend we have a new Moon, which is an ideal time to work on manifestations. For myself also there are so many other things I’d love to do and love to work on. It’s all about seeing what you can do where, when, and how, = being productive. I wish you luck with your dreams and desires!

  3. Hi to all. Very interesting topic because many people are superstitious and believe in Unlucky number 13. I have a lot of friends who believe in it, however, as far as I am concerned and I speak from my life experience, so far I have not had a problem with bad things happening to me that day, on the contrary a few good things happened to me which I associated with being supposedly number 13 unlucky. So, as far as I’m concerned, for now I have only positive experiences with number 13 🙂

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