This Week’s Transits Pisces Moon: A Tense Few Days Ahead

Last night, as I sat down to write  this week’s free daily horoscopes the first thing that popped out at me, when I pulled a chart for Monday-Wednesday of this week was the Pisces Moon! Firstly, my Moon sign is Pisces and if you are not familiar with ‘the Moon sign’ or even knew that you had one, you can learn a bit more on the Moon sign in this article Astrology and Moon Sign: Why It’s Important.

Then I looked at the aspects that Moon will make over the next few days, it looks a bit tense…emotional, for us all no matter your Moon sign. However, of course even more so if your Moon sign is Pisces or you are an actual Pisces Sun sign. First thing to say is this is a snap shot from the Earth’s point of view where we are, how this tense aspect may impact on you, and our birth chart you’ll need to check where Pisces rules in your chart. Look on the edge for the Pisces sign. But generally speaking the Universe messages are…

So what’s going on?

If we look at the chart below, you can see that the Moon at the the time this chart was pulled, 19.03 p.m CET on the 27th May 2019, is in the fourth house.  The grey symbol on the left. This is the house that the Moon rules along with Cancer. The house of the recent past, family, home, foundations, upbringing, mother figures in our lives, and what we call secure. The energy  with the Moon here is she’s  ‘at home’, she rules this house. That’s cool.


That said, she’s under Pisces’ influence a sign that is an emotional water sign, linked to being dreamy and romantic. This could influence our emotions to become rather ‘dreamy’ , or even just plain old dramatic as Pisces’ energy can be ( no offence Pisces readers, my Moon sign is Pisces, I get it).

Next the Moon she  is squaring ( slight tense energy) with Mercury ( the blue symbol) the planet of communication, how we think, how we learn and travel over in the 7th house. The house of relationships, partnerships business and personal, marriage and legal matters. This is the house that Libra rules.

Mercury is under Gemini, the sign he rules so he is also at his best. This could mean mental power, will and communications are strong but there is a clash with emotions which are also strong under Pisces, our own or even another person’s, place or thing this energy may resonate with.

The Moon is also conjunct and working in unison with Pisces’ ruler Neptune in the fourth house, this planet’s energy is all about illusions, dreams and sometime things not being what they seem. This can bring emotional drama that’s based on illusions or ‘dreams’  we may have.

What’s the message from The Universe?

  • The Moon only spends 2.5 days in a sign, so the tense feelings, frustrations or annoyances some of us may face will pass by mid-week.
  • The next few days relationships or even issues at home or with the family could be a little tense for some of us, what we think (Mercury) or how we are communicating with others ( Mercury again) could clash with emotions ( Moon).
  • This could be linked to the 4th and 7th house of life for some of us.
  • That said like I said by mid-week any issues should pass hopefully

By  Wednesday 29th May

At the same time today’s chart was pulled 19.03 CET, the Moon will be in 11 degrees into Aries in the 5th house of fun, sex, romance, dating, children and creativity and guess what… sextile with the Sun!!! In the 7th house of relationships and partnerships, and legal matters. Why is this good? A sextile aspect is slight harmony, not as harmonious as a trine, but great energy and no tense feelings of a square.  The Sun is all abut blessings, health, growth, vitality and the ego. The energy of emotions ( Moon) and growth as well as the ego ( Sun) are a bit more happier.

So this week, let the drama wash over you if it appears in any area of your life, as remember this energy will resonate on your  personal chart depending where Pisces, and Gemini rule in your chart. And  know that mid week could be a great time for all fifth house and seventh house areas of life, relationships and fun!

So, tell me

How has the week started for you? Has there been any drama? Can you feel it bubbling? If you are a Pisces or a Pisces Moon how do you feel? Generally, is this transit impacting on you??

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11 Replies to “This Week’s Transits Pisces Moon: A Tense Few Days Ahead”

  1. It’s nice to see a genuine person speaking from the heart and knows what they’re talking about when it comes to horoscopes rather than somebody thinking they know everything about you and telling you what they think you want to hear.

    As a Pisces myself I am really excited about the thought of fun, sex and romance because it’s well overdue for both myself and my wife, lol. Having 4 children really takes the spark out of things so I am always reading my horoscope to see if there will be any excitement in my life coming soon.

    Loved the knowledge that you have and have bookmarked your website so I can keep coming back to read more 🙂

    1. Hi Matthew, what a wonderful comment I smile as I read it and giggled a bit about the fun and sex you need. Well it could well be coming your way Mr. Pisces! Thank you for your readership, and hope to see  you again you can add your email in the sign up box, and you’ll receive relevant astrology articles as and when, no spam. Love and light

  2. My week started great. I accomplished and I did everything according to plan. So I am mostly satisfied with what I achieved today. I am really interested in your work. Have you published something yourself? I don’t mean your personal book or some of that kind, but an article in some famous astro magazine or portal.

    I can tell you have a lot of knowledge and I am curious about your education and your other work.


    1. Hello again, yes I have written horoscopes for magazines, and written astrology personal horoscope e-books. I am a qualified astrologer with a diploma in Astrological studies, after many years of self study from my teens… now mid thirties. It’s been a long time star gazing!! Thank you for reading.

  3. I agree that Pisces can be dramatic, no offense lol. This chart is pretty interesting. I haven’t seen this chart explained so well before so I appreciate you taking the time to add some insight. This post helps prepare for emotional drama! Time to head for the hills. We are lucky that the moon only spends 2.5 days in a sign so the drama is short-lived. There has been some drama this week, so this chart holds some validity. I’m looking forward to comparing more of your charts again, well done!

  4. Thank you for this in depth insight to astrology. Yes, for me it has been a very dramatic weekend and yesterday I wiped a somewhat toxic situation ( cough friendship) out of my families lives. More drama!! Looking forward to a change of scene over the next couple of days.

  5. Thank you for this in depth insight to astrology. Yes, for me it has been a very dramatic weekend (8 teenage girls over for a sleepover) and Monday I shone the spotlight on a somewhat toxic situation ( cough friendship) of my families lives. ( a little out of character, usually I just walk away)  More drama!! Looking forward to a change of scene over the next couple of days.

  6. Hi,

    A very interesting article you have here. You are obviously very well informed and educated about this subject. My week started pretty well, but with some frustrations with work. Relationship wise, everything is good as far as I am aware. I am a Libra, so would this effect me in a different way?

    1. Hi there Tom, great to hear the week is going well so far. This is a general view of the energy from planet earth. If we looked up at the sky, and yes, every aspect each planet makes has some kind of impact on us all, even if slightly it depends on the birth chart. This is as we all have all the planets in our birth charts, and all the signs they are under the influence of.  As the planets move the move over our charts. However, where astrology gets interesting is every chart is different. That’s why we must check where the signs are during a transit ( in this case Pisces and Gemini) to determine exactly where the Moon and Mercury are right now in our charts = the area of life it will impact on us personally.

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