Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Gemini- Time To Focus On Goals

mercury enter gemini

This week on the 21st May 2019,  Mercury will enter Gemini and so will the Sun. Mercury will also conjunct the Sun! Wowzers… Why is this so significant?  Mercury is Gemini’s ruler, Mercury’s astrological meaning is also very significant. It’s a key ‘personal planet’ that represents in a birth chart a person’s thoughts, learning, education,  short distance travel, creativity, and how they function on a mental and communication level.

Mercury can tell you a hell of a lot about a person, his placement in your birth chart can indicate many things from how you think, your style of communication preference are you reserved or more outspoken? problems in childhood or education and learning, or  even  if you’re like me,  with  Mercury in your fifth house in your birth chart maybe your’re  a natural born writer or creative!

So, what’s going on with this key transit and how will it impact you?

First thing to say is, Mercury and the Sun ( or any planet for that matter) where they will impact on your personal birth chart during a transit, and areas of life will depend on where Gemini( or the sign the planet is  under when it transits) rules in your chart. You will need to look at it and look for the house Gemini rules or the sign rules, or have it checked by an astrologer ( that would be me by the way).

But I’m not a Gemini how does this impact me?

Second thing to say is, this will impact us ALL in some way no matter your Sun sign, why and how? We ALL have Gemini ruling somewhere in our birth chart a house of life. We ALL have the Sun and Mercury in our chart too. The key is to look at your chart and see where Gemini rules look for the Gemini sign on the edge… this is the area of life you may feel the transit. That said, as Gemini is ruled by Mercury if you’re a Gemini Sun sign my friend you may just feel this transit more than anyone in the world!

This is a snap shot of where the planets are placed in the sky from an Earth’s view point where we are, and this is a general prediction, looking at the sky and what houses of life the planets will fall in, and the aspects they make.

mercury enter gemini

The first key thing to note about this Mercury transit is that, a planet entering a new sign at 0 degrees is a critical degree. It indicates a new chapter and a new start. While planets in late degrees can indicate endings and finalisation. Therefore with the Sun and the Mercury both at 0 degrees, this brings an energy of brand new growth, blessings, health, vitality ( Sun’s energy), new mental stimulation, abilities, ideas, creation, travel and experiences, education ( Mercury’s energy).  This is all taking place under the influence of a Sun sign that rules travel, mental stimulation, communication and the third house of life, the wonderful air sign of Gemini.

Gemini is a mutable sign ( flows though life and goes with the flow) it is not fixed, or even one that is forceful (a cardinal sign). This is perfect energy for starting new projects, creations, ideas, especially linked to the areas that Mercury rules, such as creativity and communication, and education.

A planet under the influence of the Sun it rules is what we call ‘exalted’ and at its peak, the best place for it to function. This means Mercury is on fire! And influencing you, me and everyone strongly in whatever area of life he will transit under Gemini, in each person’s personal birth chart.

The house of life this energy is in from an Earth’s prospective is the ninth house, Sagittarius’ house of ruler-ship. This is also the house of higher learning, DISTANCE travel, foreign affairs, business, sports, publishing , spirituality and broad minded views. Also, the opposite house Gemini and Mercury rule ( the third house). Which deals with education and learning on a lower level, communication and short distance travel. So you see, with the Sun and Gemini in this house  there is an energy surrounding us of higher learning, moving up, business,  expansion etc.

What about the conjunction?

Sun moves into Gemini

Ah, yes well when two planets conjunct in astrology this is an energy of ‘unison’, there is agreement between the two planet’s energies. So growth and health ( Sun) and mental abilities, learning, communication, travel ( Mercury) all in the house of higher learning, DISTANCE travel, foreign affairs, business, sports, publishing , spirituality and broad minded views. Both Gemini and Mercury rule the mind… It’s time to think big people! What is is you NEED to put your mind too? Now is the time with this transit. That’s not all the Sun and Mercury will be conjunct to the Mid-Heaven.

So what’s the Mid-Heaven, why should I be excited?

The Mid- Heaven is a key part in all of our birth charts, it’s the cusp of the tenth house of career, status, how others see us, ambitions and relationships with parents. It is also considered the area of ‘life’s calling’. In your own birth chart, the sign on the cusp and the placement of the ruling planet can indicate jobs you may be called to, your true life’s purpose and how you can make a real name for yourself. At the time of the Sun and Mercury moving into Gemini, the Mid-Heaven is also in Gemini also….and conjunct to this point. Yes people the energy of this transit is working with ‘your life’s calling’ from a vocational point of view also.

In a nutshell the message from the Universe right now is

  • What do you need to put your mind to?
  • What do you need to start a fresh with regarding possible creations and learning or communication?
  • Are you focused or are you thinking about ‘your vocational calling?’
  • The Universe is supporting us with these areas of life right now, under this transit it’s time to get busy with your creations, education, travel plans, social activities, learning,  spirituality, business, publishing and yes your life’s calling or true passions.

Venus is supporting us tooVenus

Yes, she is, she is also here in the ninth house of higher learning with the Sun and Mercury,. She is under Taurus’ influence. Venus is Taurus’ ruling planet ( and Libra’s). Venus’ energy is all about connection to what we want, love, money and beauty. Her energy here in the same house as the Sun’s energy of growth, Mercury’s energy of mental thoughts, learning, travel and creativity both conjunct, and conjunct to the Mid-Heaven suggests it’s time to focus on the heart’s desire,  linked to all the areas Gemini and Mercury rule. She is here to offer support and move you forward.

Wonderful energy! Also happy birthday all Gemini Sun signs, as the Sun is now officially in Gemini and we’re in Gemini season. Are you a Gemini what will you do for your birthday? Leave a comment let me know.

Have you also checked out your horoscopes for May and this week? There is a horoscope for all signs.

Happy transit whatever your Sun sign, get busy with your heart’s desires and life’s calling.

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10 Replies to “Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Gemini- Time To Focus On Goals”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your article specifically the point of focusing on goals. This month has been goal driven/focused. Writing and learning has been my priority which is very new for me. Today I had childhood experiences up that connected to current situations and for the first time the results were different.

    Reading your post makes me believe my life is on the right path. All my energies are being focused productively and effectively. I am at peace for the first time in 46 years. I don’t believe in coincidences. I do believe in the power of positive and negative energies.

    You wrote a very good article that has left me satisfied with my place in life. Satisfied for the moment at least. Thank you.


    1. Aww Lisa, you are so very welcome and thank you for reading and your comment. I do love to hear that the universe is supporting those who need it, or my interpretation of what’s going on resonates. Blessings to you for finding your peace have a wonderful day. Love and light.

  2. Wow, I must be reading this blog post by coincidence!

    Early morning, my mother and someone else were talking about different Zodiac signs, and Gemini was commonly brought up in the discussion. Then your article came, and I’m like wow, I must have attracted your Gemini guide by sheer coincidence.

    Just to clear my confusion, is this Sun and Mercury conjunction prediction only applies for Gemini people? Or do all zodiac signs benefit from the event?

    Anyway, your news about this once-in-a-while event has brought me a lot of positive vibes right this moment. Thanks for sharing this to us Kae.

    1. Morning Dominic it will impact on EVERYONE OF US Why? We all have Gemini ruling somewhere in our chart, we all have the Sun and Mercury in our chart so therefore it will impact us depending on WHERE  Gemini rules, ( the house) in a person’s birth chart. However Gemini Sun signs will feel this the greatest as they are ruled by Mercury, but we all have these energies in our chart. If you can look at your chart as mentioned and see where you can see Gemini’s sign on the edge and you can  see the house. I will be positing some articles on the houses of life this week so stick around, there are articles on houses 1-3 up so far have a look under the categories. Love and light, thanks for reading.

  3. Hi Kae
    I think I received Universe message through your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Yes, life is calling to our true passion and it’s we who need to understand these signs and take action. That’s the ultimate goal of life.
    My sincere request to you is to please include the effect of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Gemini on all the other signs ( I am Scorpio, by the way ), till then let me focus on my goals as suggested by you.

    Thanks once again.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav, as mentioned to another reader it will impact us ALL my friend as we all have Gemini, Mercury, and the Sun in our chart somewhere. If you look to the edge of your chart and look for Gemini this is the area of life the transit is taking place, now you have said this I will update this and make it clear that it will impact us ALL but Gemini the most. Blessings to you! Go get your goals!

  4. Hello Kae

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post on Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Gemini. I am a Gemini and my birthday is on 18th June 🙂 So, I really excited when I stumble upon your post.

    The details explanation you provide above are very clear and easy to understand. I know what i’m going to do now this month. I hope all things goes as I had plan.

    Thanks for taking your time and put all these together.


    1. You are very welcome! Step into your personal power as a Gemini and happy birthday in advance for June.

  5. Hey Kae,

    This is really an unique and informative article. I do not have that much of astrological knowledge but your article really thrilled me. I have come to know how the conjunction of Sun and Mercury impacts our life. Growth, health, mental abilities all are connected with each other. Moreover I liked the part of focusing on goals especially in this month. So I will try to be more focused on my goals and other stuffs.

    Thank you for writing such a helpful article. 

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