Summer Solstice Rituals and Celebrations!

Summer solstice rituals and celebrations are at the top of my list as we end this weekend. I hope you feel the same, and maybe you’re looking for some summer solstice celebration ideas! You’re in the right place. But first of all, what is the summer solstice? And why do astrologers and many people who follow the natural flow of the universe get so excited?

Summer Solstice: What Happens?

on the 20th or 21st June each year ( this year 2021 it’s the 21st) the sun is the farthest  away from the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere , the Sun in the sky on the summer solstice travels the longest path, and that day has the most sunlight of the year. Or is the longest day of the year you could say, absolute bliss the Sun’s energy is in full force for the longest amount of time. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like myself, it’s the first official day of summer until the  autumn equinox which is in September.

Summer Solstice Celebration Ideas and Summer Solstice Rituals for Celebration

From a spiritual  point of view, you may be wondering why is there a need for summer solstice celebrations, or even a summer solstice ritual? Well summer is all about ‘growth,’ ‘health’ , ‘ vitality’ it’s when the seeds that we’ve sown over the spring season now can come to full fruition ( if we’ve put in the work). If we’ve not sown any seeds or worked hard, it’s still a great time to ensure that you’re now the best version of you and ‘grow’, ‘shine’ and start working now to bring forth what you wish to manifest in your life, over the last six moths of the year. To celebrate the summer solstice you could:

  1. Sit out and watch the Sun set, and enjoy the feeling of having more sunlight on the 21st June 2021. While you’re there it’s a great time to reflect or even journal write.
  2. Get up with the sunrise and greet the day.  Journal writing would also be ideal first thing in the morning too.
  3. Get out into nature during the day or evening, go for a walk in your local park sit on a bench and just be, or journal write also.
  4. Embrace the earth and potter around in your garden, patio, or even pay some attention to your house plants. Prepare them for the new season.
  5. Meditate.
  6. Do Sun Salutations if you practice yoga. And even if you don’t it’s easy to learn here.
  7. Eat outside somewhere and enjoy the evening, morning, or  mid-day rays.
  8. Light a white, or yellow candle, write down your intentions for the next six months of the year and read it out loud into the candle’s flame. Put it out into the universe what you wish to manifest, visualise it happening  into the candle’s flame.
  9. Light a white candle, write down what you wish to release from the last six months of year, read it out loud into the candle’s flame, then burn it in a heat proof dish. Visulaise it leaving your life.
  10. Express gratitude to your guides, ancestors, the universe, God, Spirit whatever you feel guides you buy burning ancestor money for them. you can learn the benefits of this in this blog post here: Burning Ancestor Money For Prosperity.

Why Is The Sun So Important Spiritually?

It’s not just the summer solstice that the Sun’s energy and vibration is key to our spiritual health, wealth, or growth. The Sun in astrology represents a person’s ego, who they are, how they shine in life, their approach to life, and can also relate to the dominate farther figure in a person’s life. The energy of the Sun in astrology generally, is about growth, health, vitality, blessings, and progression. Therefore from a spiritual point of view it’s a key part of everyone’s birth chart, and a key energy in our life. On days when we have the most of it, like the summer solstice it’s great to honour it yes, but generally speaking the better we can connect with ourselves, be happy in our own skin, shine brightly, and aim to grow each day, week, month, year etc via our life experiences the more we are expressing our individual Sun as a person.

Spiritual Writing Prompts for Summer Solstice Rituals and Celebrations:

Grab your journals, and if you wish to check out the full range of the Spiritual Parlour’s Mind, Body, and Soul Journals and get ready to reflect. I recommend the I Trust The Universe Journal or I Flow With The Universe Journal as right now that’s what it’s about as we nurture the seeds we’ve sown and watch them come to life, by trusting in the universe’s natural  flow. Both available on Amazon just $7.00.

I Flow With The Universe and I Trust The Universe 100 page lined journal
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  • 100 blank, lined, high quality, white pages.
  • Matte finish cover, with a design on the front and back.
  • 6 x 9 size (standard paperback).

Perfect to record your hopes, dreams, aspirations, journal write, record personal spiritual downloads, reflections before or after meditations, dreams, shopping lists, manifestations, and anything the heart desires!

 Summer Solstice Ritual: Journal Writing Prompts

  • What seeds have  sown in the first six months of this year that I really need to push forward with?
  • What seeds do I want to sow now, under this summer solstice celebration for the next six months of the year?
  • Where, how, why, or when have I really grown this year so far? What have I learned from this growth?
  • Where, how, do I want to continue to grow in the last six months of this year?
  • Do I trust the universe to deliver? If not, what’s my block to trust? How can I remove it so blessings can flow?
  • What five things am I grateful for right now, in this moment under this summer solstice celebration.
  • What  things do I want to let go of , under this summer solstice celebration.
  • How do I appreciate the Sun and the Earth? What could I do to express gratitude this week of the summer solstice?

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Happy Summer Solstice Celebration! I I’ll be up early tomorrow morning, journal writing and carrying out a summer solstice ritual celebration.


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