Star Sign Compatibility & Star Sign Traits

Star sign compatibility and star sign traits, are the two most popular things people ask me about as an astrologer! Star sign compatibility and  star sign traits are the two things that generally people gravitate to when they think of astrology. ‘Ohhh  he’s an Aries is he my soul mate?’ ‘Ohhh she’s a Scorpio is she passionate in bed? The mind boggles for those not in the know.

With that said, let’s look into star sign compatibility and star sign traits and see who gets on with who, or who may fight like cat and dog. The first thing to say is, astrology is a very deep subject  people and it is more than ‘ she’s an Aquarius and he’s a Libra they are both air signs and therefore their star signs are compatible.’ This is because, in our birth charts we have ‘energies’ ‘elements’ ‘modes’ ‘polarity’  without getting to technical in the astrology language to confuse you bottom line is,  all these things make up our personality. So while two air signs may on the face of it yes, understand each other due to them being the same element if, one person’s chart is very dominated by say the  fire element with their planet placements  mainly here, and one is dominated with say water element with planet placements  here this could cause a stir or even challenge depending on how the two charts interact when relationship synastry is done….one puts the other out so there could be challenges. Astrology is deeeeeeeeep and takes a lot of skill to analyse charts, and likely hood of compatibility deeply and accurately, but for today let’s look generally at star sign compatibility and star sign traits. See if you recognise yourself here.

Before we get into it did you know that  all star signs have crystals or stones associated with them? To help balance out the positive and challenging energies of the sign. Each sign has two sides to it just like ying and yang. Do you know that birthstones are also  different gem  crystals or stones  that are associated with your birth month? Each individual stone can tap into  hidden spiritual empowerment, balance you, and also help you with manifestations as well as understand yourself and life better. Just like actual astrology can.

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Let’s get into star sign traits and compatibility

Star Sign Traits


  • Rules the first house of life.
  • Ruling planet is Mars.
  • Common star sign traits are can be fast mover,  determine, go-getting, forceful, some say aggressive,mainly focused on the self as the first house ruler. Due to Mars being the ruling planet this is where Aries get’s the reputation for being the aggressor of the zodiac.  Mars is all about force, aggression, sexual energy, forward movement and the planet of war….ouch! This is why Aries can sometimes be known as the forceful sign focused on the self. Generally said to be ambitious, excited, energetic, confident, quick wit and quick tempered. Aries Sun sign is said to love action and a good challenge!
  • A masculine sign
  • Fire element
  • Cardinal energy- go getting and take action
  • Body part- the head
  • Compatible with all other fire signs, and good energy with air signs Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.
  • Your horoscope stone is Blood stone. For strength, courage and to ward off evil.


  • Rules the second house of life.
  • Sign associated with money, wealth, beauty, love and sex.
  • Ruling planet Venus.
  • Common  star sign traits are someone who like progress but not at a rushed pace, plans well, likes to build on things and stability, often could like rich foods and drinks, and the finer things in life generally. Taurus also has a reputation for liking a good healthy sex life!
  • Feminine sign.
  • Earth element.
  • Fixed sign.
  • Associated with the throat and neck.
  • Star sign compatibility with all earth signs, and good energy with water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.
  • Your horoscope stone is Rose Quartz for love and beauty.


  • Rules the third house of life.
  • Rules by the planet Mercury.
  • Associated with mental energy, communication and socialising.
  • Mutable sign.
  • Masculine sign.
  • Air element.
  • Common  star sign traits are a very socaible person, good talker, good with languages and communications, sometimes can be a bit indecisive ( dual sign the twins), enjoys good conversation that’s intelligent. Gemini is a very mental and mind driven energy.
  • Associated with the lungs or respiratory area of the body and the mind.
  • Star sign compatibility with all air signs, good energy with  fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
  • Your horoscope stone is Amber stone for wisdom.


  • Rules the fourth house of life- the home, family, foundations, security, and recent past.
  • Ruled by the Moon.
  • Associated with the emotions.
  • Cardinal sign.
  • Water element
  • Feminine sign.
  • Associated with the stomach.
  • Common star sign traits are very caring, family orientated, action based, home maker, often very emotionally driven and emotionally intuitive or emotionally intelligent. Cancer is said to be a sign that is very nurturing , caring and loving also a great creative and imaginative!
  • Star sign compatibility with all water signs, and good energy with earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
  • Your horoscope stone is  clear quartz for protection, a very powerful stone that amplifies other stones it’s placed with and brings clarity.


  •  Rules the fifth house of life- sex, dating, relationships, fun, risk taking, children, creativity.
  • Ruled by the Sun.
  • Fixed sign.
  • Fire element.
  • Masculine sign.
  • Associated with the heart and upper back.
  • Common star sign traits are, bold, likes grand gestures and to do grand gestures, enjoyment of life is very important, creative, hot headed at times, likes to be the center of someone’s world or well cared for, generous with money and giving, a great protector!
  • Star sign compatibility with all fire signs, and good energy with air signs – Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.
  • Your horoscope stone is Onyx, a well known stone for protection and very popular in the world of stones, excellent also for helping with personal strength… of a lion of course.


  • Rules the sixth house of life- how we earn money, our ability to earn, day to day routine, health, pets, and disputes with others.
  • Mutable sign.
  • Feminine sign.
  • Earth element.
  • Associated with the lower back.
  • Common star sign traits are very hard working, perfectionist, like a clean and tidy environment, focuses on the finer details and good with data or analytical tasks, likes routine and logic. Can be prone to nervous feelings or very cautious about things, reserved and an observer rather than forceful. Sometimes known as the ‘worrier’ of the zodiac.
  • Star sign compatibility with all earth signs, good energy with water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.
  • Your horoscope stone is Amazonite good for nerves, calming, removes stress.


  • Rules the seventh house of life- relationships, partnerships of business and personal, marriage and all legal matters.
  • Air sign.
  • Cardinal energy.
  • Associated with the kidneys
  • Ruled by the planet Venus.
  • Masculine sign.
  • Common star sign traits are liking balance, fairness, justice to be served a fighter for freedom and rights, enjoys excellent mental stimulation and conversation, this can be a turn on itself if someone is intelligent, giving, feels secure in a relationship or has someone to share romance with, a good partner generally.
  • Star sign compatibility with all air signs especially Aquarius, good energy with fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
  • Your horoscope stone is  Aquamarine generally a good protection stone, and also good for balance and releasing of stress.


  • Ruler of the eighth house of life- all shared resources, tax, debts, inheritances, sexual desires, death and birth, transformation and divorce, the occult , crime and the underworld.
  • Feminine sign.
  • Water sign.
  • Ruled by the planet Mars traditionally before the discovery of Pluto. In  modern Astrology you are ruled by Pluto, some astrologers consider both Mars and Pluto.
  • Common star sign traits are very emotionally driven, protector, can be a bit jealous, passionate about everything that means a lot to you, and very passionate sexually also, sex can be of importance and something that allows you to feel close with your partner, could enjoy the occult, and unusual things like astrology, tarot, witchcraft, numerology or be drawn to esoteric subjects.Likes privacy, can be secretive, deep down very sensitive.
  • Your horoscope stone is Citrine stone used to attract wealth and money, helps with feeling secure.
  • Star sign compatibility is with all water signs, good energy with earth signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.


  • Ruler of the ninth house of life- distance travel, adventure, higher learning, spirituality, God, foreign affairs, business, luck, fortune, publishing and politics.
  • Ruled by the planet Jupiter.
  • Mutable sign.
  • Masculine sign.
  • Fire sign.
  • Associated with the thighs.
  • Common star sign traits are someone who is very liberal and broad minded, could enjoy distant places, foreign foods, people and experiences, this star sign is known as the knowledge seeker and adventurer of the zodiac. Finding out new things could be of interest and personal freedom to come and go as you please.
  • Star sign compatibility with all fire signs, and good energy with air signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.
  • Your horoscope stone is Obsidian another well known and popular stone used for protection, removes negativity, changes luck and fortune, prevents mental draining.


  • Rules the tenth house of life- career, ambitions, hard-work, relationships with parents, direction, status, reputation.
  • Earth sign.
  • Cardinal sign.
  • Ruling planet is Saturn.
  • Associated with the knees.
  • Feminine sign.
  • Common star sign traits are hard working and persistent this star sign is known as the most hard-working and task driven, or goal orientated of the zodiac! Hence you rule the tenth house. Disciplined as a person or likes good organisation, this energy is influenced by your ruling planet Saturn. Can be a little focused on the self and your direction, which leaves little room for others. Possibly someone how is ambitious and sets challenging goals and does not stop until you’ve made it!
  • Star sign compatibility with all earth signs, and good energy with water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.
  • Your horoscope stone is Tiger’s Eye used to reach goals, be confident, overcome fears, attract wealth and find direction and creativity. I love this stone I have this on my working desk.


  • Ruler of the eleventh house of life- hopes, dreams, social circles, friendships, connections, human acts, freedom and justice.
  • Ruled by the planet Saturn traditionally  before the discovery of Uranus. In modern astrology your ruler is Uranus, some astrologers consider both.
  • Masculine sign.
  • Associated with the calves and ankles.
  • Air sign.
  • Fixed energy.
  • Common star sign traits are the  know all of the zodiac, you are the definition of intelligence while Sagittarius will seek  knowledge  you already know it! Logical, factual, concerned with what is the truth and accurate representation,  mental stimulation and conversation excite you, humane acts can mean a lot or you may enjoy ensuring the greater good of all and fairness, likes to have connections with others, social but also can detach and keep people at an arm’s length when you need to, often someone who is not afraid to go it alone.
  • Your horoscope stone is Hematite a great protective stone, used to increase, power, wealth and strength.


  • Rules the twelfth house of life- the hidden, what’s done in private, inner world, psychic powers, the spiritual realm and contact with the other side, large institutions, law enforcement, mental well-being.
  • Ruled by the planet  Jupiter before the discovery of Neptune. In modern astrology you are ruled by Neptune some astrologers consider both.
  • Associated with the feet.
  • Water sign.
  • Mutable sign.
  • Feminine sign.
  • Common star sign traits dreamy, full of big ideas and highly romantic, can sometimes be driven on emotions and this can cloud judgement. This energy can sometimes be easily influenced as the ‘baby’ of the zodiac. A giver and person pleaser likes to ensure others are happy, feels things very deeply on an emotional level.
  • Your horoscope stone is Turquoise stone used to boost immune system, increase wisdom and wealth a stone used for protection by kings and warriors.

And there you have it, common star sign traits and star sign compatibility. Note that this is very general and as mentioned a lot of things make up a person, based on their birth chart Ascendant and Moon signs which are key in astrology which you can check out here.

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What’s your view on your sign??

Did it resonate… I’d love to know? drop me a comment with your view, experience of opinion on astrology below.

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22 Replies to “Star Sign Compatibility & Star Sign Traits”

  1. Hi Kae! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I can tell you from experience that your understanding of the Taurus is right on!  My only complaint is that you left out how stubborn we are! XD  It’s so fascinating to see the depth that goes beyond just your “four-star day” or “five-star day” newspaper horoscopes. I’m off to get some rose quartz! Also – you should check out the water bottles with crystals in them – I think they’re called lithotherapy bottles! Will you write more about the secondary pieces of astrology, like waxing and waning? I have no idea what all of those mean. Thank you again for taking the time!

    1. Haha, yes that is true I did actually not put in the stubbornness of Taurus.. don’t wanna offend anyone! But it is very true and well known, also being a fixed sign too. Yeah there is a lot of depth to astrology but the thing with newspapers is that you can’t have everyone’s birth chart to hand to make it very specific (I wish we could). I will look at these water bottles and enjoy your rose quartz, thank you for your comment.

  2. Wow… I just learned new things about my zodiac sign (Libra) and too bad, I didn’t find my crush compatible with my sign (which is Virgo) but oh well. I guess that’s why she already had a boyfriend. Or am I just overthinking stuff? Still, I’d love to learn the compatibility guidelines to see how I could use it to direct my life in special ways.

    1. Ahh the beautiful energy of Libra, don’t worry if she has a boyfriend, under the Libra charm maybe she’ll change her mind *raises eyebrows* also, remember that her chart could be very compatible with yours depending on the astrological makeup of the two of you together. I will do more on compatibility and synasty ( relationship astrology) so stick around!

  3. Dear Kae,

    In the part of the world where I live Astrology plays a vital role in people’s lives. 

    For Marriage, business, building a house, buying a land, to name a child, before making some important decision, for all good and all bad things they will reach out to an astrologer. Because of this there are many Astrologers on every street and it became a huge business and to be honest not everyone is genuine.

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and informative post and your post gave me helpful insights. 

    Information on Horoscope Stone’s is an eye-opener. Star sign traits and compatibility you shared is very thorough and comprehensive. I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    One of my friend is studying Astrology in the university and I am going to share your article with him and I strongly believe he will find great value from your post.

    Your article certainly made me to think more on the subject. Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul, thank you for stopping by, yes in many parts of the world more east than west astrology is a way of life! And how key decisions are made agreed totally. Personally, and from experience I can resonate with this. I wish your friend studying astrology good luck and thank you for sharing your views.

  4. Hi Kae, it was neat to see what compatibilities and traits are common to Cancer and Leo. I’m an odd one, a water and a fire sign, ruled by the sun and the moon, my birthday is July 23rd a cusp baby. It would be interesting to find out if you have any thoughts about me. The man I live with is a Scorpio, right on about being secretive and deeply sensitive, but the water sign is a good compatibility with my Cancer side, just like you said. It’s a fun and interesting combination. Cool site.

    1. Hi Elaine, I do enjoy working with you ‘cusp babies’ I get this question often, even when someone is born on the cusp you are only ONE sign. The key is you need to see when the Sun moved from Cancer into Leo the EXACT time, and compare this to your EXACT  time of birth. Wherever the Sun was at your time of birth is your sign. This will tell you if you are a Cancer or a Leo. We  can mix and blend yes…but we are only ever one star sign, and that sign will dominate I’d lean towards this, when born on the cusp. This is why in astrology knowing the exact time of birth is key. Not only does it impact the star ( Sun) sign also the Ascendant sign too, timing gives great accuracy.

  5. Awesome! I like my stone the garnet and I didn’t realize this was my stone so I really learned something here! I like the garnet, it’s red and bold so I’m happy with it. This is really interesting about horoscope stones. I’d like to put one by my bed as well to see if it influences my dreams in any way. I will be clicking my sign in your link to see more of what it’s all about, thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing your article! I read about zodiacs every day. I’m an Aquarius.  I really enjoy reading about the zodiacs and horoscopes because they are often right and relatable. I found the things you said about my sign true and quite interesting. I really like the fact that my horoscope stone is Hematite! Its description is really amazing.   

  7. I enjoyed reading the signs for my husband and my sons. In essence, a lot of the traits are true, but the descriptions are incredibly broad too. I guess for me, I am not quite up to date on how the stones pertain to the signs and compatibilities, but I can understand how there is so much that goes into our traits, characteristics…life. Thank you for the post. 🙂

  8. I have to say that my what you say about my sign is very accurate. I am a go getter, bad temper (but I let go easily, I do not hold grudges), and I am very aggressive. I have to say that it is my way or the highway lol One day I was walking around in NYC and one lady say something that is similar to you. She just grabbed my arm and say that I need to wear red bracelet to ward off evil but she did not specify that it has to be bloodstone. She also mention that it would be good for me to light the blue candle and the pink candle for money and love every night. I am checking the bloodstone right now. Thanks!

    1. Haha a typical Aries then I take it, that’s all good. Aries is associated with the colour red so yes a red bracelet would make sense. For money and details on candle magic colours, check out the article on how to do candle magic under the rituals category or search in the search bar. Thanks for your feedback and stopping by!

  9. Honestly, I never get bored reading about my star traits. You would think that after many years of aging, certain things are bound to change, but fundamentally, they don’t change that much. The Gemini that I was 10 years ago is pretty much the same Gemini as I am today. 

    The house of life concept is new to me though. I have never heard of such a thing. Even so, a lot of traits that you mentioned in the third house feels very close to my personality. Coincidence or what? 🙂

    1. Hey Cathy… no coincidence lovely, not in astrology it’s all what we call ‘written in the stars’. There is a key transit for Gemini going on right now you should check out the Gemini and Sun in Mercury article too! Thanks for sharing your view.

  10. Hi Kae, wow, astrology is very ddddeeeeeppppp!  I can tell by your writing that you are very passionate about the subject matter and you have covered all the bases in this post.  I remember growing up as a child in the 60’s and 70’s my parents reading their horoscope every morning in the local newspaper.  

    I am a Virgo and I re-read your description of the Virgo several times.  I’ve never paid much attention to my sign but now I’m thinking maybe I should.  “Associated with the lower back”.  Hum, I’ve had problems with my lower back for years.  Not sure if the two are related, but, you never know.  “Very hard working”, “perfectionist”, “focuses on the finer details and good with data or analytical tasks, likes routine and logic”.  That describes me to a tee.  “Prone to nervous feelings or very cautious about things and reserved, an observer rather than forceful.”  I am cautious and for the most part, I do observe and am a good listener.  

    Thanks for the post Kae, in the future I may pay more attention to my horoscope.


  11. HI Kae, thank you so much for your clear blog about the zodiac compatibility. Indeed a frequently asked question, yet I didn’t ask it myself this time around. My boyfriend is Cancer and I’m a Scorpio and we go so well together. After reading your blog it turns out to be the emotional match that is working so well. It was very cool to read that my stone is a Citrine, because I have been naturally drawn to that stone for year, yet it didn’t bring me financial abundance yet. But well, I will just have to keep doing the work… it will come to me I’m sure. My perfect boyfriend did…. so money will too. It is all love, don’t you think. 

    Thanks for making astrology so approachable and you are also very open. Nice to interact with your audience in this way. I’m sure you will help a lot more people with your gorgeous website and super content. Love, Nanda 

  12. Hi Kae,

    Thank you for bringing such an in-depth description of the zodiac signs and birthstones. To answer your question Di you resonate with me? Yes you did actually, and I found your discussion on the power of keeping birthstones close by. I am a cancer and presently single. So I was looking at compatible partners(we all want to know!). I found something curious. You have all the compatible signs listing who they are compatible with, except Scorpio. I am going to guess, because they are a water sign, we may be able to overcome our differences, if I should fall for a scorpio? Thanks for the great article.


    1. Good looking out Chas… I did not include it. I have updated it on the article, yes Scorpio is compatible with all water signs, in addition good energy with the earth signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. I wish you well on you love seeking too.

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