Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is Over: It’s ‘All Systems Go’

Saturn retrograde has been in  happening since May 2021, on the 12th of October (GMT) he will turn direct in Aquarius, the sign he rules over. Pheeew! Many of us may be saying, Saturn in retrograde is never easy and it’s not designed to be easy. Saturn is the planet of hard work, challenges, lesson learning, maturity and is a key planet that helps a person gain self-mastery. I have mentioned the importance of ‘Saturn Returns’ around the  ages of the late twenties and late fifties.

When Saturn is in retrograde depending on what sign he is under, and where he rules in your own chart,  in this area of life and generally it may feel as though you have been ‘pulled back’ to something, or you are ‘experiencing the same old shit again.’ That’s because he is going backwards, Saturn retrograde is about going over old stuff, experiences, even wounds. Not only that Saturn in retrograde can also impact on any forward movement that we are trying to make in life.  For example if Saturn retrograde takes place in your fifth house, you may feel as though your relationships are being impacted,  if  it’s your second house you may feel like your money is being impacted. Saturn retrograde for 2021 started in Capricorn in May. If you check house rulerships in astrology and your birth chart ( free download here) you can see where the Saturn’s retrograde for this year started and see if it resonates for your life experiences sign May 2021.

What’s Happening In The Cosmos When Saturn Turns Direct?

On the 12th of October (GMT), Saturn will turn direct at 6 degrees into Aquarius, the sign that he rules over. While Saturn is not making any major aspects with other planets, the Sun and Mars will be conjunct (working together in unison) in the sign of Libra.  Mercury will also be conjunct to Mars. We have a stellium of energy under the Libra sign. A stellium  is where three or more planets are under the influence of a sign. This indicates that where ever this falls in your chart, this house of life or area of life is of significance and importance you have a LOT of energy here. Again, check the house rulerships article and see where Libra rules in your chart, and what area of life.

saturn retrograde

Firstly, if you’re an Aquarius Saturn is your traditional ruler before Uranus, this means Saturn’s energy will now be moving forward in your sign as Saturn will be here transisting in and out of the sign (retrograde and then direct) until it changes signs finally, March 2023 into Pisces. You are greatly impacted by this as  Saturn’s forward movement as he turns direct this month,  will happen where your Sun is, in your birth chart, as your Sun will be under Aquarius ( hence your star sign is Aquarius). If you check your birth chart you can download a free one here, and look for where you see Saturn in your chart this is the glyph:  ♄ this is the area of life you will feel struggles possibly ease, and your sun should be in the same house. Your life may start to make progress in this area, or challenges may start to ease.

If you’re not an Aquarius take the same approach look for where you see Saturn’s sign ♄ in your chart, and this area of life may feel ‘forward movement’ and less challenges as we move forward in 2021.

Secondly, with the Sun ( 19 degrees into Libra) and Mars ( 17 degrees into Libra) conjunct this gives a universal message of ‘all systems go.’ Mars is the planet of motivation, determination, ambitions and drive. The Sun is an energy of growth, health, expansion. Your ambitions and motivations may be expanding or it is the perfect time for this, under Saturn turning direct. It’s a universal message that ‘now’s the time’ to get ambitious and move forward with the Sun and Mars working together. If you check in your chart where Libra rules ♎︎, by looking at the house rulerships article here, you will see what area of life the ‘all system’s go’ energy with the Sun and Mars conjunct is for you, along with where your challenges now Saturn is direct may ease.

Let’s not forget that Mercury  the planet of thoughts, communication, learning, IT and short travel is also conjunct, (13 degrees into Libra)  with Mars forming this stellium of energy! So, it’s for sure time to ‘think and communicate’ what we want with ambitions and move forward.

Blessed be! Let’s get busy the universe is falling in alignment. For full birth chart readings check out here.

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