Powerful Candle and Oil Herbal Conjure

Do you want to learn how to do candle magic? My next esoteric book  Powerful Cancle and Oil Herbal Conjure  is out now on Amazon for pre-order. If you learn how to do candle magic it can transform your life. The release date will be April 2022, but you can reserve your copy today!

The guide has been written by an experienced practitioner of candle magic conjure, drawing from the practices of her indigenous ethnic background. No matter your age, race, sexuality, or gender, candle magic conjure is for you and can be learned. Herbs are gifts from nature that can help to conjure success in life.

Powerful Candle and Oil Herbal Conjure is a practical, safe, easy to follow, hands-on guide for everyone. You’ll learn ‘old style conjure’ a powerful practice of using natural herbal candle rituals and oils, passed down traditionally from many indigenous people, also found within spiritual and magical practices such as Wicca, Hoodoo, and Root Work. The use of herbs and oils with candles has historically been used all over the world to navigate life, and many common circumstances we face as humans. Herbal candle magic is safe for everyone. Within this book you’ll learn:


  • Why and how are candles perfect and safe for conjuring success in life.
  • The most powerful way to dress a candle with the correct herbs and/or oils.
  • How to ‘petition’ to the universe for your wishes successfully.
  • How to make your own conjure oils.
  • How astrology, numerology, tarot, and esoterics can enhance your conjure.
  • How to carry out powerful and effective herbal candle magic conjure for love, prosperity, success, healing, road-opening, removing blocks, to jinx, hex, curse, for protection, and much more.

A perfect guide for anyone, especially beginners, who have an interest in herbalism, magic, conjure, ‘witchcraft’, and both light and dark magic. And anyone who wishes to manifest positive changes.

Order your copy today: https://bit.ly/PowerfulCandleandOilHerbalConjure

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