Pisces New Moon +Spiritual Writing Prompt: The Soul’s Evolution

This weekend we have a wonderful new Moon in Pisces, on the 13th /14th March 2021, depending on where you are in the world. The Sun and Moon will conjunct ( work together), 23 degrees into the wonderful water energy of Pisces. Not only that, Venus the  planet of love, beauty, money, and connection to our desires will form a conjunction with Neptune. Neptune is the planet of the soul’s purpose, hopes, dreams, desires, illusions, and delusion. Where Neptune is placed in a birth chart can tell you so much about a person’s journey and experiences in life. I will l write that article later today! It’s divine timing with this new Moon so stay tuned. For now, let’s look at the messages from the Universe under this new Moon 23 degrees into Pisces this weekend.


Now as always where  and what house this actual new Moon will fall in our personal birth chart, will depend on where Pisces rules in your own chart. To figure that  out see the details on House Rulerships here. This is a general reading based on a snap shot of the sky during the 23 degree Pisces new Moon Universal Time!

What’s The Theme This Pisces New Moon?

In a nutshell, the Universe is asking us to consider our ‘souls’ purpose and direction’ ‘ evolution of our soul’ ‘purpose in life’ ‘ love, money, desires at present vs our true desires with this’.

The new Moon itself falls in the 10th house of direction as you can see from the chart above, a new Moon is a time to start a fresh with things= our direction. Add to this as mentioned Neptune and Venus will conjunct ( work together in unison) during the new Moon, in the same area the 10th house.  The Moon is shown via the Sun ( yellow), and Moon ( grey), Venus ( purple) Neptune ( light pink).

Let’s Break That Down…

 Planet Neptune= the soul of a person, desires, how they grow, a very spiritual planet, one that causes reflection, hindsight, and personal development that is on a soul level.

 Planet Venus= love, money, desires, beauty, art, connection, how you like to give and receive love– your love language.

Add these two energies together it’s explosive!= how are you growing (Neptune) with what you desire, your love, money, (Venus).  Place it all in the 10th house of ‘direction’ and it could be life changing! Very uplifting! And clarity may appear!

Venus’ Key Aspects During the Pisces New Moon:

Well, our leading lady is also forming a sextile (pleasant supportive energy) with Pluto. Pluto is the other key planet in personal astrology  (many over look his importance). In a chart of a person he can show you where, how, and when you can transform your life and become the best version of you.  Putting that aside this weekend during the new Moon, he is the planet of slow, steady, powerful transformation that is needed, often forced whether you like it or not. Venus’ supportive energy of love and connection to what we want is in pleasant energy being supported by Pluto’s energy– over in the 8th house. The the 8th house in modern astrology is his house! (As well as Scorpio’s) as this is the house of ‘death and rebirth, transformation, divorce, what’s shared in life.’

Basically, Pluto’s energy of transformation and divorcing ourselves from the old, is supporting what Venus is advocating during this new Moon. She’s advocating for connection to your soul’s purpose with her conjunction to the planet Neptune in the 10th house of direction. It’s a very ‘dreamy’ / ‘I have a goal and vision’ energy to this new Moon.

Pisces’ Energy is Key

Why? Because Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac and this energy is influencing all the planets I’ve mentioned above, apart from Pluto. So the new Moon itself= new energy, Venus, Sun, Moon, Neptune. Pisces is asking us to ‘have a dream.’ The planets ask us to  make it happen on a soul level, the house it’s happening in is asking us to find a direction with all this energy!

Mercury Moves into Pisces Energy -15th March 2021

Aww the planet of thoughts, learning, communication, and short distant tips  moves into the dreamy, romantic, emotional energy of Pisces on the 15th. This new Moon week this transit is asking us to think about all the areas that Pisces rules over, and our direction too. Mercury moving into Pisces when he arrives into the later degrees of the sign does places in him a position of temporary strength. Meaning that Mercury’s energy is boosted if you like by the Pisces energy. We have the ability to think very ‘big’ and ‘dream’ like Pisces, we also have the emotional ( Pisces) intelligence ( Mercury’s energy of thoughts, thinking, and learning) also.

This New Moon’s Spiritual Writing Prompts:

Grab your journals and here’s some journal writing prompts from this new Moon’s energy. Clearly, we need to be looking deep within us at our soul’s desire. This could be around love, money, direction, and generally what we truly want.

  • As we enter the 2nd quarter of 2021, where and how do yo need to grow and elevate yourself? When will you start?


  • What have you learned in hindsight when it comes to love,  relationships and how they work, managing money, and your true desire and direction in life?


  • Where so far in your life have you ‘suffered the most loss or confusion?’ (Neptune’s energy). Can you identify it, reflect on it, and see why this happened, how you can stop it from happening again, and what strength have you gathered from it?


  • What’s your love language, how do you like to give and receive love?


  • If you could transform one thing in life right now, what would it be? And what steps do you need to take for ‘slow and steady’ transformation?

Happy new Moon! Have a wonderful reflection. And don’t forget if you like spiritual journalling or if you would like to see what it’s all about, consider The 30 Day Spiritual Journal, to really kick start your healing, reflection, and forward plan. I promise you, you’ll benefit from it in a way you never imagined. Check it out here.

Are You Looking for Love?

The astrology alignment under this Moon does suggest that it’s a good time for love spells, rituals, and to work with the Universe  to call in love. Here’s a very powerful love ritual I have used, and have helped others use to successfully call in love!

Are You Creating Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity?

With Venus in them mix, not only is love a good area to manifest right now so is money, health, wealth, and abundance. Here’s a very powerful ‘call money’ ritual that I have used and have helped others use to call in their abundance.

Happy new Moon!



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