Numerology Personal Year Numbers: What’s Yours?

personal year numbers

Personal year numbers in numerology can be the key to ensure that you have a successful year. No matter what your personal year number is for this year, next year, or even last year in numerology it can be a way to ensure your overall growth, health, stability and direction in life.

Here’s a quick video on how to calculate your personal year number using numerology. The video is time stamped so you can skip to how to calculate your personal year number, and find out the meaning of your personal year number. Personal year numbers go from 1-9, and your number will be confirmed by using your date of bith, and the number of the year you wish to calculate your personal year number for. You can also check out your life path number in numerology here.


what is a personal year numer? @1:03

How to calculate a pesonal year number @2:20

Year 1 meaning @3:40

Year 2 meaning @4:29

Year 3 meaning @5:21

Year 4 meaning @6:32

Year 5 meaning @7:58

Year 6 meaning @9:23

year 7 meaning @11:00 year

8 meaning @13:15 year

9 meaning @15:22

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