New Moon Intentions Writing:

This month’s new moon will fall on the 10th of July 2021, at 18 degrees into Cancer. While this seems to be a very calm new moon, as the  Moon she’s not making many aspects with other planets, she will form a beautiful trine of harmony with the planet Neptune. Neptune is the planet of hopes, dreams, illusions, soul growth and it’s a wonderful energy for us all!  If you’re a Cancer sun sign, this is your ‘personal power week’, if you have Cancer rule key areas of your chart it could be an important week. Grab your birth chart and let’s see what this energy means for us personally. You can download  a free birth chart here: free birth chart download.

What’s The Theme This New Moon in Cancer?

Well, the first thing to say as always is this is a general message from the universe for us all. However if you know where Cancer rules in your birth chart you can check that out here for house rulerships in astrology, you can see exactly where this new moon energy will vibrate in your life. And of course get a  free birth chart if needed. The Moon’s energy is about emotions, how we feel, and how we emotionally react to things. In a birth chart she can also represent the dominate mother figure in a person’s life. This new moon in  Cancer her trine to the planet Neptune is about emotions, hopes, dreams, aspirations,  or  any illusions that we’ve been under this year so far, and growth areas in life. Neptune covers all of this!  The aspect of a trine is when two planets are in ‘perfect harmony’ with their energies and working together, based on their positions apart from each other in the sky, so you could say how their body language is towards each other.


As you can see from the chart to the Moon she is at 18 degrees into Cancer ( grey symbol) in the 2nd house, with the Sun ( yellow symbol). Neptune is 23 degrees into Pisces ( pink symbol) in the 11th house.  The second house is the house of wealth, finance, what we own, our values we hold as people, and the body. The 11th house is about how we enjoy life on a social level, friendships, networks, co-workers, hopes, dreams. In modern astrology these houses hold these themes.  Where the Moon and Neptune will fall in your own chart will depend on where Pisces and Cancer rule in your chart. However, these are both water signs, and both very intuitive water signs, Pisces is the ‘dreamer’ of the zodiac. While Cancer is the ‘nurturer’ of the zodiac. This new moon let’s consider these points of reflection and tune into our emotions with this lovely water energy surrounding us:

Spiritual new Moon Writing Prompts:

  • What do I hope and dream for (financially) for the rest of 2021?
  • How do I feel about my personal finances at present? is everything in order?
  • Am I doing all I can to ensure that I am maximising my earning potential?
  • If I were to start a business or ‘side hustle’ what could I do? How could I plan for this?
  • Generally, at this moment in time what are my hopes and dreams? Am I acting on them, and working towards them? What steps do I need to take?
  • Now that the world is starting to reopen and recover from the pandemic ( in some parts), how do I wish to reconnect with my social circle and friends (safely) again?
  • What’s the plan for the rest of 2021?
  • Is there any area of my life I have or am being really unrealistic or delusional?
  • How do I feel emotionally about my love life, and romantic relationships. Could I work on this?

Join Me For 90 Days of Evening Gratitude!

So last week I announced here in my post gratitude brings abundance that, we’ve just had the summer solstice I know, and the autumn equinox  in September and winter solstice seems like ages away. But it’s roughly three months give or take, I woke up  and was pushed to personally use this time to express my own gratitude over 90 days each evening, in my view own 90 Days of Evening Gratitude Journal, from the 1st of July. Spirit spoke to me and urged me to push to message out wider for others, so I will listen and see what comes in! I also was guided to  post for three new moons from July until the equinox  a five minute video with gratitude affirmations, for others to help them draw in their own abundance via expressing gratitude for five minutes.  We are half way through 2021, we’ve had the ellipse season and so now the portals are very much open spiritually speaking, for change and manifestation. Let’s aim to make the most of the rest of 2021 and draw in more abundance via  keeping a gratitude journal to express gratitude, and bring in abundance in unexpected ways in the last half of the year.

How Do I Join In?

Check out the blog post here for full details: Gratitude brings abundance

Don’t Forget Your Moon Manifestation and Gratitude Journals by The Spiritual Parlour Now on Amazon

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  • Matte finish cover, with a design on the front and back.
  • 6 x 9 size (standard paperback).
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  • A quick four paged reference guide on how to manifest with the different Moon’s phases. Key information of your personal Sun, Moon, and ascendant sign and the Moon’s energy to help you manifest your desires in life. A simple, safe, ‘road opener’ and remove blocks ritual.
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Happy new moon!

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