New Moon in Gemini: Career, New Directions and Love!

Gemini New Moon

On Monday 3rd June 2019, at around 11.01 a.m (Central European Time), we’ll have the beautiful new Moon  in Gemini. Gemini’s  positive energy has been blessing us since May, along with it’s ruling planet Mercury, since the Sun officially entered Gemini and Mercury moved under Gemini’s influence. You can catch up on that news here. 

So, What’s The Universe’s Messages This New Moon in Gemini?

First thing to say is, astrological major aspects made by planets, new Moons or Full Moons impact on us ALL,  no matter the Sun sign you are, however the Sun signs ruling the transit usually feel it a bit more, some more than others. The impact is felt  by us all no matter the sign, because we all have the same planets, and we all have the same twelve signs ruling over areas of our birth chart. However, the beauty of astrology is, the planets and signs we all have, are arranged according to your individual time of birth, no two charts are the same. Unless, you are a twin, even then there could be slight changes. The transits of planets will impact us all differently depending on where the sign ruling the transit (in this case Gemini) rules in your chart. Check your chart around the edge for Gemini’s symbol, or have an astrologer check it if you would like a personal deeper reading.

This message from the Universe is from an Earth’s perspective where we are, it’s a snap shot of the sky from where I am here behind my laptop  in Europe writing, and where you are reading this.

Gemini New MoonAt the time of the new Moon on the 3rd June,  at 12 degrees into Gemini the Sun will conjunct ( unison energy, working together) with the Moon in the 10th house. ( The yellow and grey symbols). This is the house of  our direction,  fame,  life’s calling, career, status, how others see us, relationships with parents and hard work. The house that is ruled by the Sun sign with a very hard working reputation -Capricorn.  The Sun’s energy of growth, blessings, vitality also the ego is working well with the Moon’s emotional energy in the area of life that points overall to ‘where the hell are you going?’ Our direction. Emotionally, you may be feeling good about your direction as we start the week. Venus’ energy of love, beauty and connection to the heart’s desire is also in the 10th house also, ( the purple symbol), under the Sun sign she rules, Taurus. Her energy along with Taurus is influencing building, stability, foundations ( Taurus’ ruler ship in life) and her energy of connection, all around our ‘direction, calling, career, reputation’.

These positive energies are also semi-sextile ( slight good harmony) with Mars ( red symbol) the planet of war, determination, ambition, sexual energy, aggression over in the 11th house. The house of hopes, dreams, friendships, justice, social circles ruled by Aquarius.

  • Where are you heading  (10th house energy) with your career? Fame?Ambition?- The Sun, Moon and Venus have your back.
  • They are working slightly with Mars’ energy of determination in the house of hopes and dreams, so it’s time to work, work, work, work work as Rhianna would say! On your desires!
  • Lastly, Gemini is ruling over the transit, with Gemini’s energy of excellent communication, thinking, social skills, multi-tasking they are the third house rulers giving us a push! You could be on point with your mental energy, or thoughts over direction.

If you are a Gemini, you really are blessed right now with this energy resonating especially around you, and your ruling planet Mercury also under your influence.If you are not a Gemini, like I said this aspects could  still be felt by you and everyone else too, depending on where Gemini rules.

That’s not all…

  • Mercury ( the blue symbol) is conjunct ( working in unison) to the cusp of the 11th house, this means his energy can also be felt greatly in the 11th house of hopes and dreams. Mercury is the ruler of communications, short distance travel, thinking, learning, and planning.

What about love? Sex and dating?

Gemini New Moon

Let’s take  a deeper look at that, Venus is making some very interesting aspects with the 5th house of romance, dating, sex, children, creativity, risk-taking, and how we have fun. This is the house that Leo rules. She is in the 10th house, and is trine ( the most harmonious energy you can have), with Saturn and Pluto over in the 5th house. ( The yellow and brown symbols). This  can be interpreted in two ways . Both Saturn and Pluto are in retrograde and you could be feeling ‘held back’ or ‘ going back to something’ in life also in the 5th house. The positive energy with Venus could ease this ( just for a while at least.)

  1. Harmony with any challenges ( Saturn) or transformations ( Pluto) you may be experiencing in your love and dating life, or what your heart desires. As in, if things were not heading in the direction you wanted, as Venus is in the house of direction and hard work, working with Saturn and Pluto in the house of love and sex.
  2.  Harmony, with creative challenges ( Saturn) or transformations ( Pluto) you may have been experiencing, as the positive energy from Venus is working with the 5th house, which covers creativity and fun. Now things may go in the direction you hope for, with Venus in the house of direction.

Either way, Saturn and Venus trine is total balance! As one is restriction ( Saturn) the other is expansion ( Venus) both in a positive aspect. Saturn is a very very very important planet ( for me) as an astrologer, I wish that people would see past his reputation of ‘ hard work and challenge’-. If you understand him, especially in relation to your own birth chart, people you will be enlightened. Read more in Understanding Saturn Retrograde in a Birth Chart + His Lessons

How long will this good energy last?

Well Gemini’s energy will be with us for about a month as the Sun is there, and it’s ‘Gemini season’, also a new Moon or any Moon phase lasts about 7-8 days so it could be a very positive week, as long as all planets involved keep their positive aspects as they shift. Venus is fast moving, she will depart soon, the Moon only spends 2.5 days in a sign so she will move on by mid-week into Cancer and form different energy as we move through the week.Venus will also be moving forward too and as long as she keeps her positive aspects, we could all have a wonderful start to the week, and new Moon in Gemini.

Happy new Moon, welcome to June!

So tell me

How does this resonate? Are you experiencing a focus on your career and direction? What about your love life have there been struggles or are you glad to hear there could be some nice easy energy there? Or if you are a creative, have you had ‘a block’ and feel ready to move forward?

Let me know what’s going on for you in any area! I love to hear your news. And if you would like your free daily horoscope emailed to you each week, sign up here.

If you’d love to learn astrology check out Best Books To Learn Astrology- My Top Choice

Love and light! Have a brilliant week.

10 Replies to “New Moon in Gemini: Career, New Directions and Love!”

  1. I’ve always been interest in astrology. Fascinating how the planets and where they are, all have an effect on our lives and well-being. Different movements of the planets within each of the signs impact on our daily lives and what is happening for us. I don’t always relate to everything my star sign and ruling planets tell me but generally I can connect something that is happening to me with them. Interesting subject. 

  2. Darn, I am a Cancer!  Almost a Gemini though.  Will it affect me similarly since I kind of fall on the cusp of the Gemini?  I am looking forward to seeing the new moon though.  Glad I found this information.  Do you know what time this moon will appear in EST?  I would love to be able to see this.  I know this does not happen often right?

    1. Hi ‘ Matt’s Mom’ cool name Google tells me 11am CET is 6AM EST, so Monday morning if you are up early enough that’s the time. I do love you cusp babies I always get this question  a lot first, even if you are born on the cusp you are only ever ONE sign. You need to find out the EXACT time the Sun moved into the next sign, the day you were born and compare this to the time you were born. If the Sun was in Gemini, you’re a Gemini, if it was in Cancer, you’re Cancer . The key is knowing the time of the transit, you may even be able to research this online, or get an astrologer to check ‘ the books’ for your date of birth. Yes it will impact on all Sun signs, again check your chart see where Gemini rules. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Right now, I am focusing on my career. It’s amazing how well astrology aligns to my life. I love reading your blog. It shows me that when I trust my energy and heart, it seems to lead me in the right direction. 

    I got a call last week for a potential position that fits within my overall career and working goals. 

    1. Fantastic news about the job call JB. Thank you so much for your kind words, I love star gazing and writing! I am happy things seem to be in alignment or you. Monday ( tomorrow) next week’s horoscopes will be posted too. Stay tuned!

  4. Hi Kae, excellent post you have here. Anytime I come visiting your site, I always get fascinated by your deep knowledge in astronomy and how well you simplify its involvement in our lives and how to actually leverage on the foreseen to serve as a guide. Though I do get skeptical sometimes in relating to what my stars tell me and putting it to practice but whenever I do, It does work greatly for me. Thanks

    1. Haha, hi! You’re not the only skeptic I think about 99.9 % of people are until they understand really how it can be applied, for their benefit. The Universe talks to us a lot, so those that are interested should listen sometimes there are some good nuggets to take away! You’re very welcome, and thanks for the nice words. Have a great week.

  5. Whao! this is amazing. Astrology is indeed an interesting course to study. I’m curious in knowing more about it after reading a book title; ‘Men are from Mars while women are from venus’. There is this believe that says planet like Venus and Mars can be studied to determine human’s behavior. Another one says ‘Moon represents the personal self, the feelings and the unconsciousness.’ All these trigger my curiosity to know more. Now this is another review about moon. I’d love to see the Gemini moon and experience the feelings. 


    1. Hi Stella, yes Mars and Venus are key ‘personal planets’ as are Mercury the Sun and Moon. These planets will tell you alot about a person in a birth chart, and when charts are compared with someone else’s, how well or not so well two people can get on. Mars and Venus are the sexual attraction in relationship astrology, very interesting! Happy new Moon and thanks for stopping by reading and your feedback.

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