Neptune in Retrograde: Your Reality Check

Today the 29th of June 2022, at 1:45a.m., not only is it a new Moon in Cancer (check out this weeks YouTube video on the new moon astrology here , we also have Neptune in retrograde  ready give us all a much needed mid-year ‘reality check’, or /and ‘soul growth’ we are about to come out of any delusion we are in, or gain some clarity to move forward. So, what’s the message from the universe for all of the zodiac signs and what reality check does he have in store for you personally?

What and Who is Neptune:

Neptune is one of the outer planets in astrology, and not a personal planet. He does not make up part of a person’s personality, but he controls the environment of all souls here on Earth having a human experience. This is the planet that represents hopes, dreams, goals, thinking big, and a representation of the soul’s growth. In a personal birth chart Neptune will represent, mean, and show where (the house of life) a person may experience the most ‘loss’ or ‘confusion’ in their life, however if that person can overcome this and experience the spiritual growth that Neptune represents in a person’s birth chart great things can happen in life. Generally speaking, this is the planet that is about dreaming and hoping, but also delusions that we have and where we ignore things.

Neptune in Retrograde:

A planet in retrograde we identify by the symbol (R ) next to it in a chart. When a planet is in retrograde on a day-to-day basis, it is pulling us back to a situation, person, place, or thing relevant to the area of life that planet is moving backwards in. From an Earth’s perspective it appears that the planet has travelled out as far as it can in the cosmos, and has come to a standstill, from Earth it appears to be going backwards, or moving away from us. With a planet like Neptune in retrograde, he gives us a ‘reality check’. This is because in his forward motion, when he is not in retrograde, he will or can sometimes bring delusion, or cause us to not be realistic. As soon as he retrogrades it’s a whole different story! Neptune’s retrograde is happening at a key time also, during a new Moon which is today= a new cycle, and we’ve just had the summer solstice ( northern hemisphere) or the winter one if  you are in the southern hemisphere. This represents a change of season, and moving into a new season of your life under this reality check energy, it’s about moving forward with truth, authenticity, and lifting the veil on any BS that was clouding you view. Things are about to come to light and get real!

Looking at the chart for today shared with your above,  with Neptune in regrograde  (the planet to the right that’s pink and in the 5th house) at 25 degrees into the sign of Pisces, he is forming a sextile and working in slight harmony, with Pluto (the brown planet to the left in the 3rd house at 27 degrees into Capricorn). This conversation between the planets is about ‘reality checks that bring change and transformation. Pluto is the planet of transformation and change, and Neptune is about reality checks in retrograde. What’s also interesting is that both these planets are outer planets as mentioned, so it’s about our environment that is about to clarity and what we are doing in life, also both these planets represent the soul. Soul growth from Neptune, and soul transformation and changes with Pluto. These means things changing or becoming clear for our soul’s purpose and need.

To find out what this energy and Neptune in Retrograde means for each sign and go into more detail join me on Patreon where I have broken this aspect between the planets, and how the reality check will impact all you and your birth chart personally, not in general terms.

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Pisces: this will impact you personally, as it’s in the sign of Pisces your 1st house of how you approach life could be your ‘reality check.’

Aries: this will impact your mental well-being, large organisations you deal with, how and where you feel held back in life.

Taurus: this will impact your hopes and dreams, friendship, networks, dealings with co-workers. This is where you may get a reality check.

Gemini: this will impact your career, direction in life, goals you have your reality check may be here.

Cancer: this will impact your travel plans that is about distant travel, people, places, and things that are at a distance. Your education and learning, and views on life right now. Your reality check could be here.

Leo: this will impact on your shared areas of life, debts, taxes, finances that are joint, property that you own. It could also spark some kind of release of something so something new can come into you.

Virgo: this will impact your direct relationships you have with others, marriage, and serious commitments that you have in life, or any legal issues you are dealing with now. This is where your reality check could be.

Libra: this will impact your ability to earn, how you earn money, disputes that you have with other and your health. You could get a reality check here.

Scorpio: this will impact on your love life, dating life, sex life, creativity, or projects you are working on, and generally how you have fun in life. There could be a reality check here for you.

Sagittarius: this will impact your home, family, private life, events that have happened in the recent past in your life. You could get a reality check here.


Capricorn: this will impact your education, how and what you have been thinking lately, and how you have been thinking of late. Your communication with other people, places, situations, and things. Your extended family and your interaction with them could also be impacted. Any of these areas could see a reality check.

Aquarius: this could impact on your finances, money that you have and your wealth,, there could be a reality check around your financial area of life.

The retrograde will be in place up until the 4th of December 2022, this is a long time for Neptune to be moving backwards and delivering ‘reality checks’, ‘soul growth’ and helping to align you to your correct path based on reality and transformation.

Enjoy the vibes!






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