Moon Manifestation: Full Moon Journal Writing Prompts

The Sun has officially moved into Cancer today, it’s ‘Cancer season,’ but it’s also a full Moon in Capricorn on the 24th June. Capricorn’s energy is all about hard work, being serious, a task-master, and very direction orientated. It’s perfect energy as it’s also the summer solstice on the 21st June. It’s a big week energetically! Happy birthday in advance if you’re a cancer, and if your a Capricorn, this is your ‘power week’ too with the Moon’s energy under your influence. Therefore for those who are a Capricorn sun sign, or have key areas of your chart ruled by Capricorn it’s a key week. For rest of us, wherever Capricorn is placed as a ruler in our birth chart is where the full Moon’s energy may impact us. If you wish to work this out, and understand house rulership in astrology based on your chart, check out this blog post I did here explaining house rulership in astrology.

So, what does Capricorn’s energy do to the Moon? While she’s soft, feminine, intuitive, and is a representation of our emotions and how we react to things in each person’s birth chart naturally. Under Capricorn’s influence how we ‘feel’ can  become very much like Capricorn. Serious, mature, focused on our direction with what we want deep down and emotionally.  Capricorn in modern astrology is the ruler of the 10th house, the area of life concerned with direction, ambitions, the dominate farther figure, reputation, and what we’re known for or ‘fame’ in life.

Key Astrology News This Full Moon:

As a universal message for us all from the cosmos this full Moon, the Sun and Moon will both form positive aspects with the planet Jupiter. The Sun will trine ( perfect harmony) with Jupiter.  And the Moon she will form a sextile ( slight harmony) with Jupiter. Jupiter’s energy is about expansion, luck, fortune, spirituality, having faith. He ‘expands’ whatever he touches, therefore emotions ( Moon) can be high and however we feel will be expanded. Also, how we shine, our personality, how we approach life ( Sun’s energy) could also be ‘expanded’. Generally this full Moon has a touch of luck, fortune, and even divine timing to it with the aspects the Moon is making with Jupiter’s energy. As a universal message: luck may be on our side from next week, emotionally, and with our approach to life.

Spiritual Journal Writing Prompts This Full Moon

Under this full Moon energy, which is perfect energy being a full Moon to work on any manifestation we really wish to add power to, let’s reflect on this:

  • What do I really want right now? What’s a serious need emotionally for me or in my life? How do I achieve this need?
  • Has my job, career, direction,  what I am known for , and relationships, met my emotional needs in the first six months of this year? What can be done to ensure that it does or continues to meet my emotional needs in the last half of the year?
  • What area of life or my direction in life do I need to expand on, as we move into the last half of the year?
  • Do I feel lucky right now? Where, how, or when do I wish to ‘try my luck’ with something that I need right now?

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