Messages From The Universe: The Signs To Notice


Life has a funny way of going pear-shaped, sometimes we make plans, have ideas, and even get so caught up in a direction or manifestation we have , however, the messages from the universe is ‘ I have other plans’ for you. Why does this happen? Why does it feel like when we make plans they fall apart sometimes? You must trust the process and learn to recognise the universe’s signs that there is another path, direction, reason, or situation for you to find yourself in. If you ever find yourself in a situation in life where you have made some solid plans, or set goals and at the last moment or the ‘11th hour’ as it’s sometimes called everything falls apart, my friend this sometimes can be protection. Or it can happen to set you on a better path, than  you had in mind. Sometimes it’s about timing also, and when the universe feels it’s time, it’s time!


It happened to me just last week, I went to my ancestors about something, and asked for protection given the plans I had set in place, for the rest of this year and beyond. I never questioned that there’s another path or direction, I was working with what I had.  The solid ‘idea’ I had at the 11th hour, literally a few days before I was due to go through with something, that route was blocked. I was backed against a wall and decided, the option was really taken out of my hands in a few ways it started to ‘crumble’, however the option was stilll there it was really down to me to decide how much I wanted to deviate from my original solid plan I  had for months. In the end I decided, ‘nope this is not for me.’ It was a very hard decision as for more than say three or four months I had in my mind ‘this is what I’m going to do.’ Last moment, the rug was pulled and when I look back, and after a meditation I did to just relax, a clear message was given to me and I see that ‘block’ as the protection I asked for. We must learn to read the signs of the universe, God, Spirit,  ancestors, Source whatever you call the ‘higher power’ that guides us. And we must always believe that we are being guided. Here’s five top  ways to read  as  the  universe’s signs that you must pick up on.

1. Plans fall through/ things are removed or remove themselves: Messages From The Universe. 

When plans fall through at the last moment, this does not always mean that the universe is trying to tell you something. This could just mean that the plan fell through, it could be an isolated incident.  What you must look for is the knock on impact and a repeated ‘fall through’ energy,  to recognise when the universe is trying to show you something. For example, say you’ve lived in an area for a while now, you’ve made a few friends, it’s okay you and your family like it, or if you’re on your own you seem to like it. However, the resources and access to things you need in that area start to dry up one by one. It could be work opportunities, health care providers leave, your child becomes unhappy at their school. Little by little things start to ‘fall through’ and feel like they are  folding  around you, and your family.

 What you built up or had in mind in this location no longer serves you, because it can’t so things start to remove themselves from your life and energy. Little by little what you need is no longer there. They may even be appearing in different locations, and if they are not the main point is what you need, what you had, what you wanted, your ideas and goals seem to become impossible. 

What does this mean? It’s time to move on in a nutshell. The universe is giving you clear signs that this location using the above example, idea, thought, dream, goal, direction whatever it is you are experiencing the ‘drying up’ of resources that no longer serves you. And this is what we must look for when we learn to trust the universe. When things fall through, if it’s not an isolated incident and a good few things seem to be ‘disappearing’, ‘hard to access’, ‘no longer available’, ‘withdrawing themselves’ and it surrounds you, it’s a clear sign the universe is pushing you  to broaden your horizons elsewhere. This is just a basic example with a living situation, but it can really apply to anything. Once you have plans fall through one by one, all at once, or slowly surrounding a set plan you had,  especially after you have done careful planning it’s a sign. Time to move on, there’s a better or new route that you’re ready for.



2.Repeated Numbers: Messages From The Universe

Repeated numbers are how our guides, angels, Spirit, Source whatever you wish to call your protection communicate with us. Repeated numbers like 11.11, 22.22, 33.33 all have significance especially if you keep seeing them in random places. To understand the meaning of 11.11 check out this article I wrote here. To understand numerology better you can look over  the Life Path Numbers and Their Meanings article and YouTube video breakdown. If you are seeing repeated numbers it would be a great time to understand your life path number, or even your numerology year number. 

Research the meaning of the repeated numbers that you are seeing and see how the meaning resonates to you and your situation. Spirit guides, the universe and angels will often send you messages in numbers to catch your attention, recognise the signs early and research the numbers.




3.Messages in Meditative States: Messages From The Universe

When we are asleep and dreaming we’re in a meditative state, as well as when we actually meditate and relax. It’s at these times that we are most open and vulnerable to messages from the otherside, ancestors, guides, angels etc. Whatever comes to you in a dream or meditation don’t ignore it. It could be a significant message for your protection or guidance, I’d suggest that you have a notepad near your bed with a pen, and you write down whatever you remember and record it. Research things that you see in your dreams or in mediation and see how it relates to where you’re at in life.



4. People and new Contacts: Messages From The Universe

Never under estimate the power of a new connection you make. Sometimes people will appear in your life to show you the way, they could be someone who is key to setting you on your right path. For example if you attend a party and meet some new people, and they give you an idea about something that you have thought about in passing, and it puts the ball in motion for your idea. This could be a nudge from the universe that your idea is a great idea, and it’s time to act on it. On the other hand at the same time there could be words or messages of warnings too, with new connections about an idea so do use your discernment and see what other signs come to you as you move forward with your decision making.

People and contacts that seem useful and can help us on our way, appear when we are ready to move forward with something. Recognise this sign if you have this happen.



5. Themes: Messages From The Universe

Sometimes themes can often keep appearing and this is a sign the universe is trying to talk to you. Say for example you are thinking of moving, then you see articles pop up on your social media feed about relocation, the areas you were thinking of, etc it could be a sign. Look for themes that keep appearing or directing you in a certain direction, especially if these themes come up in more than one way for you.

Generally when the universe is trying to talk to you, you will find that a theme, pattern, significant things happen, things change unexpectedly,  or they come  or release themselves into or from  your life. You could have plans fall through, and keep seeing a repeated number, or meet new contacts that help you on your way after a plan falls through. The key is when you feel that you are being guided, protected or shown a way forward you should never ignore it. Reserach into what you’re being shown and always follow and use your intuition. Ask yourself why do I keep on seeing, hearing, or experiencing this? What, where, and how does it relate to my situation at present? It’s also a fantastic time to connect with your ancestors and guides  check out Mesages From Spirit How to Connect WIth Your Ancestors and Guides if you find yourself in a situation where, you feel the universe is trying to talk to you. Especially if you experience any of these five clear signs.

Have you ever felt like the universe was or is talking to you? Which signs have you had, anything other than those mentioned or any of these? Let me know!


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