Message From The Universe Today: Mercury, Moon, Pluto Conjunction

On the 31st of January at 4.43 a.m. GMT Mercury the planet of thinking, communication, learning, IT, and short travel will conjunct with both the Moon (emotions), and Pluto (transformation and changes). You can convert this to your local time using any online convertor.


What is a conjunction:

A conjunction happens when two or more planets are side by side, they are within 8 degrees of each other. This aspect  made between planets in astrology is about ‘unison’, ‘working together’, and ‘collaboration.’ The planet’s energies are doing what I like to call: having a conversation with each other. In this conjunction with Mercury, the Moon, and Pluto conjunct we have three planet energies and it’s all in the sign of Capricorn ♑️ at 26 degrees. See the  chart, the blue ( Mercury), grey ( Moon), and brown ( Pluto) symbols in the 1st house. This is just a chart I have pulled for the day. This conjunction will take place in  your chart wherever Capricorn is ruling.  When we have three planets under the same sign this is considered a stellium, they planets don’t all have to be conjunct.

How is this energy normally felt?

A conjunct can be felt as harmony, connection, understanding, and can bring a ‘spark’ between two people. This is if synastry astrology ( compatibility astrology) is done between two people’s charts and their planets conjunct. On a day-to-day basis this can spark opportunities for us, reflection, and can offer guidance on where we should be directing our energy. This can relate to the house of life that the conjunction is in, or life in general.

Locating today’s conjunction energy in your chart:

Join me on Patron and see how to locate this aspect and message from the universe in your own natal chart. Today’s message is about being urged to look back at something as Mercury is in retrograde, deicide on changes that are needed, and take action.

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