Message From The Universe: No Retrograde, No Turning Back Now.

mercury retrograde

What does retrograde mean? Astrologers often refer to this a lot and get excited, me included. Retrograde planets play a key role in how we experience life here on Earth. As of the time of writing this we have no planets that are going into retrograde currently until May 2022.

Retrograde means that a planet has travelled out to the farthest point that it can,  and it is now stationary, and it appears (from Earth’s point of view) that it is travelling backwards. This means that it will start to ‘retrograde’ at a certain point in an astrological sign, and ‘move back’, but really it is stationary! Let’s take the most recent one we had the planet Mercury started its retrograde in January 2022, at 10 degrees into the sign of Aquarius. This means it ‘travelled back’ through this sign throughout the retrograde period.

What Does Retrograde Mean?

Well, when a planet is in retrograde generally speaking, you can feel ‘pulled back’ to situations, people, places and things to re-experience them, clarify things, be sure about things, or learn. The impact on what is felt in your life will depend on 1. what planet is currently in retrograde and its energy and 2. where in your birth chart this will happen. Take for example Mercury in retrograde, this can cause miscommunication, delays with travel, or even IT disruptions as this is the planet that rules over these things in life. This is very generally speaking as an example.


How Often Do Planets Go into Retrograde?

They all have different timings, and periods they retrograde for. The Sun and Moon NEVER go into retrograde however, keep that in mind. They are the energies in the universe that constantly move forward, and keep us moving forward. Most planets have a schedule for when they retrograde like every x number of weeks or months, and for x amount of weeks or months they will stay in retrograde. This helps us, with learning, perfecting things, and of course being sure about where we are going in life.

February- May 2022: No Turning Back No, No Retrogrades!

During this period in 2022, we have no planets that will turn retrograde which means for us here on Earth, it is time to move forward not backwards. This is a key period for manifestation, making plans, following through with them, and cracking on with what it is that we hope to do, with little set-back from the planet energies! This is wonderful, and a key time for everyone to shine,literally. From May, Mercury will kick start the retrograde period again as he is set to start at 10 degrees into the sign of Gemini, just before we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

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