Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius ♒️ Starts This Week

On the 14th of January 2022, at 11.58 a.m. Mercury retrograde will start. He will retrograde at 10 degrees into Aquarius ♒️.

What is a Retrograde Planet?

Planets travel through each sign of the zodiac as they move around their orbit in the sky. They go from Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc all the way through to Pisces. When a planet is in retrograde from the view of the Earth, as it continues on its orbit, the planet in retrograde appears to be travelling   backwards through the sign it stared to retrograde in. If the retrograde planet is in retrograde for a long period, or started at very early degrees of a sign to retrograde, from Earth’s perspective they will go back through the sign before the one it started retrograding in, also possibly.

This is a ‘retrograde’ from Earth’s position and view, the retrograde planet is moving in a back and forth in motion. On a chart you can identify a retrograde planet with the sign R next to it.

From an Earth’s point of view, if a planet is in retrograde, and the rest are in direct forward motion, these planets are moving away from the retrograde planet, not closer to it.

How Does a Retrograde Planet’s energy Change?

Many astrologers feel that a planet’s energy will generally be slowed down, reversed, or even felt more internally for people once it is in retrograde. Personally, I do feel all of this, and also that a planet in retrograde can ‘call a person back’ to a situation, person, place, or thing in life. To take a second look and cross check things before they move forward with a break-through.

What Does Mercury Represent:

In a birth chart, Mercury as a personal planet will show how a person communicates, thinks, or learns. This is a very key personal planet in astrology as it will show how well two people, or a group of people can communicate with ease. If you check the sign Mercury in a birth chart and see what zodiac sign it is under, this can show you a person’s communication style and mental energy.

Mercury in an everyday view during a transit is the planet that will represent communication, travel, learning, and IT.

Mercury’s Energy in Retrograde:

Arguments, misunderstandings, bickering, travel delays, IT problems are all things this planet can bring to us during retrograde. Not only that, but our thoughts can also become internalised, our communication may not be as effective, clear, or we may avoid communicating with others all together.

Where will Mercury Retrograde in Your Life?

Join me on Patron to locate where this energy will resonate for you, Mercury will be in retrograde all the way up until February 2022.

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