Meaning:11.11 in Numerology -Master Numerology Number

So tomorrow is the 11th November, or ‘11.11.’ The meaning of 11.11 in numerology, and the spiritual meaning of the number 11.11 is very significant. Especially if you’ve been seeing the number 11.11 a lot. The fact that tomorrow is the 11th day of the 11th month is also a blessing! Add to that 2020 which breaks down to the number 4,  the energy for this year’s ‘11.11’ day is rather exciting.

What Does 11 Mean in Numerology?

11 is one of the master numbers in numerology, which means it’s a number that’s not broken down. Instead it’s seen as a higher vibration of the number 2. 2 as a number is about duality and things coming together. It shows us the balance in life ying and yang, light and dark, male and female, or the sun and moon. We can’t have one without the other. Words like ‘co-operation, partnering, harmony, balance, or even conflict’ could describe the energy of 2 alone. Therefore the meaning of 11 in numerology would be a higher vibration of this these words, or even energy.

In a nutshell the number 11 meaning in numerology is said to be about inner wisdom, intuition, balance, being on track. Remember 11 is a master number and not broken down in numerology to the number 2, and a higher vibration of the ‘duality’ and ‘coming together’ energy that number 2 has, also. It’s a fantastic energy don’t you think as a number!


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What Does 11.11 Mean?

The number 11 in numerology is also associated with being an ‘angel number’ which you may have heard. This is correct, often when we see it repeated. On the clock, on our receipts for items we pay for, the cost of goods or other paces. For example, 11.11 or other numbers like 22.22 or 33.33 etc these are subliminal messages from the Universe, God, Spirit, your angels, or whatever higher power you believe in. The message is behind the  meaning of the repeated number you’re seeing, often. For the purposes of tomorrow, and this article we’re focusing on the number 11, when repeated.

If you’re seeing the number 11 often as 11.11 this is could well be a green light to ‘go for’ what you’ve been working on, thinking about, or considering. The message sent to you via the other realm from Spirit Guides that are watching over you. Remember 11 as a higher vibration of 2= things coming together, balance, duality so that project, idea, job, date, or whatever it is you’ve had ‘on your mind’ and ‘pondering’ could well be worth going for, if you weigh up the pros and cons, and you see the number 11.11 often and repeated.

11th November: 11.11

Tomorrow is the day, so we have 11.11 for tomorrow’s date,  the year is 2020 which breaks down to 4. Tomorrow’s energy not only has a high vibration of ‘balance, things coming together, and duality’ but also a wonderful energy of stability= 4.

The number 4  in the Tarot is a positive number generally with the card’s energies other than probably, the Four of Cups. (Boredom, turning away a ‘cup’ or offer that’s been given , being unsatisfied in an emotional context). However the Four of Wands and Four of Swords are a bit more positive. The former can indicate and energy of small potential success, especially around the home,  with creative projects or passions. The latter about rest, recouping, and recovery, especially in a mental context eg thoughts.

In Astrology, the fourth house of life is all about what we call secure in life, foundations, the recent past, mother figure. In numerology the number four is about the elements coming together- earth, wind, fire, air and water, the four seasons too.  Four can be a symbol for putting ideas, thoughts, things, plans all together, a time for a lot of work and productivity, steady growth, being practical, realistic, hard-working, building and of course manifesting! So I want you to ask yourself what have you been working on? What have you had in mind that might be worth a try?  From tomorrow as we move through November? is now the time for it?

Don’t forget we also have an eclipse at the end of November, the portal doors for change are open! Wide, my friends.

Taking tomorrow’s energy further if we break down 11.11 and 4 we have the number 8. In the Tarot the energy of this number is about ‘focus’  with the Eight of Pentacles, ‘action’  with the Eight of Wands , ‘direction moving off’  with the Eight of Cups, and ‘restriction’ with the Eight of Swords. In Astrology the eighth house is the house of ‘transformation, death and rebirth’ ‘all and everything that’s shared in life.’  In numerology, 8 is often seen as a middle path number the shape of it, never ending going around, and also can be either success or failure it’s the area of life that swings either way.

Great Crystal Energies For Tomorrow’s 11.11

Tiger’s Eye! Yes, courage, strength and determination.

Jade stones for abundance and stability.

Smokey Quartz for grounding and stability.

Tomorrow’s Energy Message:

For the purposes of numerology, which is the focus here today again, with 8 being the final number which 11.11 and 4 break down, also placing all the key number’s energies together the question is:  ‘will you succeed or fail right now?’  How does this resonate with your life at present? Also, as well as what could benefit from ensuring that the plan ‘it all comes together’ and ‘stability’ is found or maintained’?

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Journal Writing: Spiritual Journalling is a must

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Meditation Essentials:

It’s an ideal time and day to meditate also on the 11th November with all this wonderful energy! Check out some mindfulness meditation books, and The best beginner’s  visual meditations MP4’s to listen to also.


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