Mars Moves into Capricorn: Window of Manifestation Opportunity

The moon is in Pisces

On the 24th of January 2022, at 12:52 p.m. (GMT) Mars is in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn will be here until around the 5th/6th of March 2022.

The moon is in Pisces

Why is this such a key transit happening this month? Well, Mars under the sign of Capricorn is what we call ‘exalted.’ Which means that this sign’s energy will give Mars additional strength, power, and trigger the main energy that Mars is all about.  This transit into this sign could help to empower us all.

What is the role of Mars in a natal chart?

Many fear this planet’s energy is it is often referred to as a ‘malefic’ planet, which means chaos, drama, challenges. And while Mars certainly can bring this ‘drama’ to life, this is not his main role. Mars is a representation in a natal chart of:

  • How a person manages or expresses their anger.
  • A person’s drive, determination, where they may experience the need to stand up for themselves or something the most in life.
  • A person’s sexual preferences, sex drive, and how they express their sexual energy.

These above points will be influenced by the sign that a person has their Mars under in their natal chart. For example, Mars under a sign like Pisces may make a person more emotional with anger, very passionate but also dreamy, they may enjoy sexual relationships that have high emotional connection and investment. The sign’s characteristics and energy will influence how Mars’ characteristics are displayed by that person, or has an impact on their life. Mars is considered a personal planet, meaning that it is an energy that makes up a person’s personality also.

What is the role of Mars on a day-today basis in a transit?

On a day-to-day basis, Mars represents drive, ambition, and determination, aggression, and anger. He is here to help push us, motivate us, inspire us, give us the desire, and drive to succeed no matter what! Now that he is under the sign that will ‘exalt’ and empower him it’s ideal manifestation time. And a time to see where Mars’ exalted energy will be vibrating in your life, against your own chart. This is a window of opportunity as we start the year to start strong, manifest in the right direction, and give our lives the extra boost it needs! Remember Mars will be here in his strengthened position assisting you and I until March, we have a big window of opportunity to make the first quarter of the year a success, using Mars’ energy.

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