Jupiter Retrograde Ends: ‘Good Luck’ Energy

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Jupiter retrograde ends on the 18th of October 2021 at 22° into Aquarius ♒︎, the benevolent planet Jupiter turns direct. Jupiter retrograde started on the 20th of June 2021 at 2 ° Pisces ♓︎. Jupiter retrograde can be a completely different experience to a Saturn retrograde, mainly due to the nature of the two planets being so different.

Jupiter Retrograde

What is Jupiter’s Role in Astrology?

Jupiter is what would be considered a ‘helpful,’ ‘kind’, ’benevolent’ planet. Meaning that his energy does not bring harsh and tense situations like the planets Mars, Uranus, and Saturn can or do. That’s not his main role or energy. However, this does not mean that Jupiter even though he is a very helpful and gentle energy can’t instigate or influence harsh or tense situations. This is because whatever Jupiter touches (aspects), in a birth chart or day-to-day during transits in the cosmos, he expands. So, if he is conjunct to a more forceful planet such as Mars (anger, aggression, motivation), Saturn (lesson learning, withdrawal, challenges) or Uranus (sudden unexpected changes, upheaval) Jupiter will expand this energy, and influence it more.

Generally speaking, the role that Jupiter plays is to bring luck, prosperity, expansion, fortune. In a female birth chart, he can also be a representation of a husband or strong male figure, she may find attractive, marry, or be drawn to. Therefore, this is the main role of Jupiter to bring us the helpful energy that we need in life, when we need it. He is also the ruling planet of the sun sign Sagittarius.

When a planet is in retrograde many people say or assume, ‘it’s travelling backwards.’ This is not technically what happens, but it may appear that the planet is doing this due to the way the constellations and angles in the sky move. What actually happens when a planet is in retrograde is: the planet has travelled to the farthest point that it can within its area (in basic terms) and has stationed or ‘stands still.’ However, while the sky is moving around still and going about it’s business doing what it does, it appears that the planet is going backwards, and regressing through the sign it is in— in terms of the degrees, and/or the sign before it. So for example on the 20th of June 2021 Jupiter retrograde started at 2 ° Pisces ♓︎, and since then has ‘gone backwards’ and moved into Aquarius, and will turn direct at 22 ° Aquarius ♒︎. Then move forward again through this sign and renter Pisces. This is what happens when planets retrograde.

Jupiter in Retrograde:

Jupiter in retrograde does not change the overall energy of him. The helpful hand that brings luck, fortune, prosperity, and expansion to whatever area of a chart he transits, just becomes not as forceful. In other words, it’s not fair or even in my view as an astrologer accurate to say, ‘Jupiter in retrograde will bring bad luck, loss, lack of opportunity etc,’ because he is in retrograde. It’s more likely that there could be drips and drabs of luck, fortune, and progress made.  It may not be as instant, big, or significant as if he was in direct motion. Also if there is some lack of prosperity, bad luck, or loss under a Jupiter retrograde it’s probably best to look at the rest of the chart, not just assume ‘Jupiter is in retrograde that’s why it happened.’ Therefore, when Jupiter is in retrograde it is a time to planet seeds for what we are manifesting, it could be said. So that when he turns direct again, we are in a position to have everything in place, and hope his luck and fortune blesses us in divine timing.

Key About Jupiter’s Retrograde to Direct Motion For Sagittarius and Aquarius

If you’re an Aquarius or Sagittarius this will impact on you the greatest, or if you have planets that are at 22 degrees in your chart. Firstly, Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius so his energy of forward movement (luck, prosperity, expansion) will kick start you could say wherever he rules in everyone’s chart. You can check here to work that out, and download a free birth chart here.  You can also learn how to read a birth chart quickly in this YouTube tutorial:

For the Sagittarius sun sign people this is a good ‘kicker’ for you as it’s your ruling planet. So overall things may start moving in your life. If you’re an Aquarius, as he is turning direct in the Sun sign of Aquarius his energy will be somewhere near your Sun. Everyone’s Sun is a representation of them, how they approach life, what they may naturally enjoy and excel at in life depending on what house your Sun is in. So, the transit of Jupiter turning direct will happen around you directly, and all the areas mentioned if you’re an Aquarius.  For example, if you have your sun in your 5th house, this is an area of life you may naturally really enjoy and excel at. You could be a very creative person for example. When Jupiter turns direct here this house will be ‘illuminated’ with his energy and around you and your Sun. Your relationships, partnerships, creativity, sex life, and how you experience fun in life may be ‘expanded’, ‘blessed’, ‘luck may come in,’ or generally this area of life for you may move forward if there have been challenges or hold ups.

For those that fall outside of the signs of Aquarius and Sagittarius as mentioned, wherever he rules in your chart will be the area of life that may be blessed with his energy. You can work this out on the links above mentioned.


Universal Message From Jupiter as he Turns Direct

On the 17/18th of October 2021, depending on where you are in the world, when Jupiter retrograde is over and he turns direct at 22 ° Aquarius, he is also forming a trine with the Sun and Mars. The Sun and Mars are under Libra’s influence, and they are also conjunct! So, what does this mean? Firstly, a trine is working together, in the most harmonious way possible. So luck, expansion, fortune (Jupiter) is in alignment with motivations, determination, (Mars), growth, health, expansion, (Sun). It’s a sign that there could be significant growth around now and luck is on our side with our main motivations we have in life at the moment. Now, where this energy is in your personal birth chart you will need to see what house of life Libra rules, to see where the Sun and Mars will fall for you, and Jupiter.

Secondly, with the Sun and Mars conjunct, which is working in unison together, it s a universal sign that it’s ‘time to shine’ and move forward with the next steps of our motivations in life. Where and how we feel driven at the moment.  The energy of both these planets are working well, under the wonderful energy of balance that the Libra  Sun sign brings. Libra also brings fairness, justice, and truth. So, what happens now could be an example of what is meant to happen and is ‘fair’ for your highest good.

Jupiter retrograde can be a wonderful experience, and also one that feels like things are slow to manifest (Jupiter is a slow-moving planet anyway and in retrograde). However, when this happens it’s best to go over plans, set the groundwork, gain clarity on direction. Then once he is direct, it’s all systems go and luck and fortune with our manifestations ( if we have done the ground work) can really come in.

Enjoy the shift in energy this week! Jupiter will be direct until January 2022, so now really is a time for manifestations to be focused on as we end this year. Or at least to ensure we are motivated to work on them. Especially if you’re an Aquarius as he will be in your sign until 2022.


Things like numerology can also really enhance your ability to plan well and manifest. Knowing your life path number, personal year number, etc can really help! As well as candle magic for manifestation and connecting with your deities and ancestors for support during these major transits. Money, and love rituals could also be done.


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