Halloween Folklore: Abchanchu the ‘old man’


This week’s folklore is about Abchanchu the ‘old man’ and vampire.

Origin: Bolivia.

Colours: Black, red.

Appears as: an old fragile man, a male beggar.

Sacred place: the streets and night.

One for Halloween and horror story lovers! Abchanchu is a Bolivian vampire. He appears as an old, fragile, and sometimes confused man in the streets at night. Given this people assume he is harmless and needs help. Don’t be fooled! Legend and myth have it that as soon as you offer this old man assistance, out come his fangs and you’re toast!  Carry your garlic, and Evil eye amulets, or even crosses to keep this notorious vampire away.

Where Did Vampire Folklore Come From?

What are they firstly? Typically, historically, and in mythology vampires have been associated with one thing—draining people. Whether this be via blood, or energy. (Surely you’ve heard of the term ‘energy vampire,’ and maybe even come across a person like this).

The myth and legends of these creatures are typically they are ‘the living dead’ or the ‘undead’, and this mythology stemmed from central and eastern Europe. In many European languages there are words such as wampir, vampyr they come from the Turkish word for witch— ubir.

Vampires have been said to be witches, sorcerers, or those who have practiced the occult magical arts, and have been resurrected from the dead. The blood sucking associated with vampires was not always the case, however, as some may have been in a state where they were between the living and the dead they needed to ‘feed’ off something for energy, from the living. This however according to legend was energy, more so than blood. This could have been via sex with humans, or those living, spending time with them etc.

How to Banish a Vampire  or Abchanchu This Halloween!

  • Make them ‘count’ yes as in literally count things. Leave a lot of seeds, or anything small  but in high quantity by a door to protect the entrance. A vampire will be ‘compelled’ to count them and may not make it in the house LOL. So they legend says anyway.
  • Garlic, bells, onions, silver, and peppermint will also keep these spirits of the undead and living dead at bay,

Happy Halloween week! Learn how to connect with your ancestors, spirit guides, or even vampire spirit guides if you resonate with them in: How to Connect With Your Ancestors and Spirit. The week of Halloween is an ideal time for spirit connection.

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