Gratitude Brings Abundance Challenge

One thing that I’ve learned over the years as a spiritual witch is that yes, gratitude brings abundance. If you were to keep a gratitude journal, this would not only help you to heal, realise how fortunate you are, feel better, and help your plans come to fruition, it also brings more of what you want– abundance! In every aspect of life and in many different ways. Being aware of your blessings mentally is just one thing, but to actually write them down and keep a gratitude journal amplifies your message to the universe over your feelings, and attracts more. Like can attract and always will attract like. So a positive, grateful, and spiritually connected state of mind and view point will bring more of this, and what you set out to achieve in life.

There are many ways that you can express your gratitude, not just with written words but spoken words also. I do it as soon as I wake up with a simple few words, candle, incense, and to place down a fresh glass of water for my ancestors and spirit guides, and of course burn some ancestor money daily to bring prosperity and give thanks. But each evening I do take some time to reflect and use daily gratitude journal writing prompts to amplify my gratitude and help draw in more.

My practice of expressing gratitude for things in my life over the years led me to design a 90 day gratitude journal,  as part of my Mind, Body, and Soul range of journals, which I will start to make use of from July. The 90 Days of Evening Gratitude Journal is an evening reflection journal to use at anytime and more than once, designed help you bring more abundance into your life  via expressing gratitude by  giving thanks for what you have right  now! But why the evening? You may say, well I’ve found over the years that the evening, or at any point when we consider the day to be ‘done and dusted’ as an ideal time for reflection, keeping a gratitude journal, and expressing thanks. This journal is a gratitude journal with prompts, perfect for this time of day as  it’s at this point we can look back at the day and see how it went, and when we can plan for the following day / week too.  It’s an ideal time to express gratitude.

Evening Reflection Guided Journal: 90 Days of Evening Reflection Journal, 100 lined pages, and prompts.

This beautiful and unique unisex journal is part of the Mind, Body, and Soul Journals range, ideal for anyone who loves everything spiritual, reflective, and focused on self-development! Each page has four guided journal writing reflection prompts to identify, what you’re grateful for in that moment, growth and learning, what you need to work on to move forward, and the ultimate peak of happiness for that day. This 90 days of gratitude journal is designed for use when the day is over, and you’re reflecting on the day that has passed and life. Inside each journal there is:

  • 100 blank, lined, high quality, white pages.
  • Matte finish cover, with a design on the front and back.
  • 6 x 9 size (standard paperback).
  • Four standard writing prompts on all pages, to reflect in the same way, for 90 evenings.

Perfect to record your hopes, dreams, aspirations, journal write, record personal spiritual downloads, reflections before or after meditations, dreams, and anything the heart desires!

Check out the 90 Days of Evening Gratitude Journal on Amazon on the link below:

Join Me This July For 90 Days of Gratitude Journal Writing!

We’ve just had the summer solstice I know, and the autumn equinox  in September and winter solstice seems like ages away. But it’s roughly three months give or take, I woke up this morning and was pushed to personally use this time to express my own gratitude over 90 days each evening, in my very own 90 Days of Evening Gratitude Journal, from the 1st of July. Spirit spoke to me and urged me to push the message out wider for others, so I will listen and see what comes in! I also was guided to  post for three new moons from July until the equinox  a five minute video with gratitude affirmations, for others to help them draw in their own abundance via expressing gratitude for five minutes.  We are half way through 2021, we’ve had the ellipse season and so now the portals are very much open spiritually speaking, for change and manifestation. Let’s aim to make the most of the rest of 2021 and draw in more abundance via  keeping a gratitude journal to express gratitude, and bring in abundance in unexpected ways in the last half of the year.

How Do I Join In?

Simple, grab a journal or even grab your own copy of the 90 Days of Evening Gratitude Journal which is on Amazon, then each evening throughout July for 90 days follow the gratitude journal writing prompts in the journal, or simply write down what you’re grateful for in that moment each evening. Feel free to come back here and share your gratitude with a comment below too, it would be great to hear how everyone is doing. My journal is already ready! I’ll see you on the new moon on the 10th July when I post the gratitude affirmation video, on YouTube.




4 Replies to “Gratitude Brings Abundance Challenge”

  1. What a fun idea to have a gratitude challenge! Is there any element of tracking progress before and after the challenge, or rather a tool to help people build a strong habit that will serve them into the future? I think having the printed journal or some kind of prompts would really help a beginner, and perhaps after some practice it will come naturally to journal about gratitude.

    1. HI Aly, anyone can come back and comment here and share progress, they can also comment on the YT videos that I will post from the new Moon.  But I have designed this really for personal development to encourage others but anyone is free to keep us updated via comments. The printed journal is there for the personal tracking progress this is such a deeply personal thing and I know not everyone will want to share, but I wish as many people to take part as they can and personally reflect. Thanks for your input I hope you take part!

  2. Hello Kae,

    I have to be honest in saying that I have no idea how I came across your site. I landed on your journal page and while I have no experience with Astrology, I found the journal idea interesting. I do express gratitude to people when they do a good job (my employees) get me a coffee, etc. I suspect your journal is for more meaningful purposes though. I honestly don’t have any interest (more like time) to delve into astrology, but if I ever do…I will be back. 

    Thanks and Have a Great Day!


    1. Welcome, however you landed here it’s great you’re here. The fact that you do express gratitude to people is a great start, as well as great manners! But you’re right personal journal writing for gratitude is more about a personal meaning for the individual and can also really help boost a person’s motivation, drive and overall happiness with where they are at in life. Thanks for sharing your experience, and I do hope you give keeping a gratitude journal a try!

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