Goal Setting and Self Improvement: Moon Manifestation

Goal setting and self-improvement are probably two of the most important things, you’ll ever do. If a person can set goals, aim to improve themselves, and have a steady plan to meet their goals they are for sure half way there to success. But why is goal setting so important? And how can the use of the Moon’s phases help you achieve your goals you’ve set?

Firstly, Why is Goal Setting Important?

We all have dreams, right? No matter how big of small we do. We can’t reach them if we don’t plan for them, and in any successful plan is a goal. Something to attain. Also, some of us ( myself included) have massive goals and dreams! We set goals so big and so adventurous, we simply need to break them down. Therefore the reasons why goal setting is important  are:

  • If you have a dream, goal, or ambition, and you actually want to achieve it ( soon),  you must plan for it. Period.
  • Breaking down your goals, dreams, or ambitions makes it much more likely you’ll achieve it. It could even be fun!

Goal Setting  Will always Lead You To Success, There’s No Doubt!

Think about this, have you ever been given a work deadline, or set yourself your own deadline, what about planned an event like a dinner party, wedding, or some kind of celebration? Yep, thought so, me to. And when we both did that no doubt we had to do some element of planning. We set a goal, goal setting and have a plan to carry out the dinner party, organise the wedding, meet the deadline at work etc then goal setting and success go hand in hand. No matter if it’s a personal goal, or having twenty people over for Sunday lunch, you need to get prepared and plan everything out. By now I hpe you can see the logic that, if you  have a goal–plan to make it happen, and it will.

Goal Setting and Self-Improvement: It’s Your Biggest Weapon for Self-Development

I’m all about self-improvement, no doubt you are too that’s probably why we’ve crossed paths. Here’s the thing too, in my line of work as a energy healer, astrologer, numerologist, and general spiritual working I am mainly helping people who I work with to improve or understand themselves in some way. One thing I have learned and reflected on as I have done this, is this: goal setting and self improvement really are a match made in heaven. I have personally experienced it too, and seen the benefits in other people I have worked with. Even if it’s by doing a simple astrology reading or something else. In order to improve ourselves and become the best version of ‘us’ we must carry out goal setting around how and where we wish to have some kind of self-improvement, personally. This can be mentally, emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually. I speak about this a lot with the reflective writing prompts in The 30 Day Spiritual Journal.  Often we don’t always have time for goal setting even if we know it will help with our self-improvement. So what do we do? And what’s best way to go about goal setting and planning, to make sure we achieve? The short answer, the Moon phase!

The Moon Phase’s Secrets to Help With Goal Setting, Manifestation and Self-Improvement and Development

The moon is in Pisces

Now to keep this short and sweet, the Moon she has roughly a thirty day cycle, that’s a month. If you set yourself some goals or aims for a year you can break them down over twelve or however many months you feel you need. In addition to that, each phase of the Moon has a wonderful energy to help with manifesting! If you didn’t know.

  • New Moon= new starts, beginnings, fresh energy, ideas.
  • Waxing Moon= calling in what we want, sowing the seeds.
  • Full Moon= action!
  • Waning Moon= reflection and further planning if needed for achievement, and what to do over the next Moon’s phase.

How to Manifest With The Moon

Each Moon’s phase lasts about seven – eight days. So during the new Moon this is the ideal week to start your goal and get ready. After this the waxing Moon will follow, now is the time to do you candle magic, and work towards your goal if you don’t manifest with magic. When the Moon is full, bright, and at her  most powerful the work towards your goals should continue just like the waxing Moon, but you ramp it up now. By the time the waning Moon comes, when she’s fading away and preparing herself for a new cycle we can reflect, cross check, see how far we have come, and what is yet to do. So you can see over the space of about four weeks you could e well on your way to achieving your goals. The Moon she’s like the queen of the cosmos and very important in astrology, and many cultures. Even if you don’t directly follow the Moon and stars as an astrology, each Moon phase’s energy as you can see, can keep you on track with your goals.

Something else amazing is that each Moon’s phase is ruled by an astrological sign! So the energy around  is influenced by that sign, it could be your sign that month, which means you have a ‘personal power week’.  You don’t wanna miss this! Especially if you’re working on your goals, timing could be divine and everything. Wouldn’t you love to know when that is? And how each sign’s energy can help you…. read on.

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For 2021 why not set yourself up for success with your goal setting?  You can view the video of the inside of the planner if you can’t see it here’s the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/tJb9sDAVZe8

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A goal achievement check list.

Note: the new and full Moon dates will depend on your time zone. For ease and to help as many people as possible, without confusing them, the dates are based over two says. Depending where you are it will be one of those days. However full and new Moon energy lasts seven- eight days a full week, so relax you’ll never miss the energy if you get the right week.

The best way to work through the journal is: each month set your own goals and intentions, break them down in to small actionable things you can do each week. Each week check your planner and record your achievement. If one month you don’t achieve something roll it over to the following month, so you do achieve your goal at a later date. Make time each month to carry out the journal reflection, and some self care around the new and full Moons.

The Spiritual Parlour website will have a full energy and astrology reading for each month, a spiritual (non-religious) writing prompt.

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8 Replies to “Goal Setting and Self Improvement: Moon Manifestation”

  1. Hello Kae, Thank you very much for this beautiful piece of advice and information. I am very excited coming across this. It has gotten me very inspired and motivated. You have really made me see the importance of setting our goals and having to improve ourselves by all means possible. If anyone has a dream, one just have to plan for it and breakdown goals and ambitions so you can achieve it. Keep up the good work and motivation

  2. Hello kae, this is very wonderful and very well written too because I see you know so very well about how to break this down and also how to be able to use goal setting and planning to improve self development. This is something that if be looking to do myself. I’m happy that you were able to tell me about the moon goals and how to set my goals for every month. I’m going to use this for the coming year.

  3. You did a wonderful job of explaining the benefit of self-improvement and goal setting in your article. Everyone is experiencing some kind of anxiety about how to succeed.  And from your perspective, the starting point is from getting one’s life in order and by having a plan of action to follow. Goal setting is like having a road map and a calendar of what you want to do when you want to do it and what you intend to achieve at each stage or day, week, month, or year. I also find an example of goal setting and moon phase interesting.

    Here is the point “New Moon= new starts, beginnings, fresh energy, ideas.Waxing Moon= calling in what we want, sowing the seeds.Full Moon= action!Waning Moon= reflection and further planning if needed for achievement, and what to do over the next Moon’s phase.How to Manifest With The Moon.” I can see the relevance of each moon or month with an individual goal setting. Three actions must be considered, reflect on how you faired for the month, identify progress, and make adjustments to accelerating growth or review setbacks.  I think that goal setting is very important in achieving one’s dreams if it is followed with consistent action-taking. 


  4. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article goal setting and self improvement; moo manifestation sounds really amazing. All the reviews given were awesome and I enjoyed this article it was indeed helpful. 

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