Free Daily Horoscopes: Next Three Days 3rd-5th June

Today’s free daily horoscope prediction for all star (Sun) signs, for the next three days! Monday 3rd – 5th June 2019, the new  Moon  in Gemini is today, The Moon is moving into Cancer and teaming up with Mars’ energy of ‘action’. Enjoy your free horoscope, and don’t forget to follow The Spiritual Parlour to have your free daily horoscope emailed to you each week.


This week as the Moon travels through to Cancer, and also meets your ruling planet Mars  the planet of motivation, determination, war, sexual energy and aggression also under Cancer’s influence, for you Aries you could find your attention and motivations turn towards your home, family, stability, anything you call secure or a recent past event. The energy surrounding you is very much emotional drivers or action based on emotions, particularly to do with the home and family or the past. These are areas that Cancer rules over, it’s a good time to focus in on the family and ensure from an emotional  point of view everything and every one is well,  Mars’ energy of action and determination and the Moon’s energy of emotions will work together in your home life this week. Pay attention.

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There seems to be a great deal of energy suggesting that communication could be coming your way this week Taurus. If you have been waiting to hear news, or you need to respond to some important communication that you have received, it’s a good time. The planet of action Mars is surrounding this area of life for you, as we progress to mid-week. Open all those unopened letters or emails, and respond, also if you are waiting for a response there could well be some ‘action’ from the other party, and you hear what it is you need to hear!

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Ear mark this week as a ‘personal power week’ Gemini, it’s the new Moon in Gemini! Anything is possible now in terms of manifestation if  you focus. The Sun, Moon and Mercury will all be under Gemini’s influence as we start the week, therefore the energy is growth, health, vitality ( Sun), balanced emotions ( Moon) and even the need for travel , communication, education, thinking or planning with Mercury’s energy. Perfect energy all surrounding the first house of you, take advantage push forward with goals it’s an ideal time.

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This week as the Moon travels into Cancer, you may find yourself wanting or needing to take some ‘action’, with Mars the planet of action also under Cancer, and the Moon. Your actions could be based on your own personal needs and wants, and if so it’s a good time for it. What have you been desiring, and pondering whether to ‘act’ on it? Mars’ energy of action and your ruling planet’s energy of emotions from the Moon, will join forces by mid-week, suggesting that there is a need to act now on something, a situation, person, place of thing that you have been considering. Whatever it may be Cancer, now’s the time for action you are a cardinal sign by nature, forward movement is not unnatural for you it’s all about timing, it’s now.

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As we start the week Leo, there is energy for action for you also! Around your house of hopes and dreams, friendships, social circles, justice, human acts of kindness and how you experience life on a mental level. Mars’ energy of action, determination, aggression, sexual energy is here. By mid- week his energy will join forces with the Moon, as she moves into Cancer. Suggesting that as we start the week there could very well be movement maybe from an emotional point of view ( Moon’s energy) on your hopes and dreams, in any social circles you are in, emotionally whatever the movement or action is it could please you. On the other hand if you have been sitting on the wall about decisions around friendships, your hopes and dreams, or ensuring that there is a sense of justice in some area of you life, the energy is pointing you to make your move!

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Action and movement around your career, status, reputation, how others see you, or ‘fame’ could all be yours in the near future Virgo.  Recognition is on the cards for your are of life that is focused on hard work and direction. As we start the week you could be drawn to this area of your life, to focus on your heart’s desires with it. Mars the planet of action, aggression and determination  is supporting you with positive aspects to your emotions ( the Moon), on your direction. A great week to focus on furthering your career, however from a practical, planning and action based view. What steps need to be taken, and what action will you personally take with Mars backing you? Onwards and upwards Virgo.

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There is energy still very focused this week on your higher learning Libra, this could be to do with also travel, distant contacts you have, foreign people, places or things. There is energy around ‘broadening your mind or view point’. You as the intelligent air sign that you are, will resonate with this. Now is a good time to work on your own self development, the energy has not moved to ‘action’ as Mars moves into this area of life for you, along with the Moon’s energy of emotions. Both are under Cancer’s influence this energy is about nurturing and caring. It’s time to focus on you Libra and your take on life, views, and expansion of experiences linked to unknown things or distant travel, nurture yourself to bring you to a higher level.

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The energy is interesting as we start the week Scorpio, the Moon moves into your sister water sign Cancer this week and for you it may impact on how you feel personally. The emotions of the Moon influenced by a cardinal water sign, while you are a fixed water sign. This could force some action from you, or around you particularly linked to shared resources in your life, finance, debts, time you share, even sexual fantasies! There is an energy of ‘death and rebirth’ which is what you rule over, with regards to an area of life that’s shared. Whether this be financial, or even down to how you decide to spend your time or with whom you decide to spend your time. The energy suggests that it’s time for this action or change with Mars also in this area of life for you. This week, go with your gut feelings.

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A few days ago there was a lot of energy around your area of life to do with dating and sex. As we start this week, it’s relationships these are both professional and personal, marriage and legal matters. There is energy this week around emotional actions, change of events, determination and sexual  energy! Could it be that you have a great weekend dating and it’s time to move to a ‘relationship level’? Or if your professional relationships are the focus for you personally, it looks like there could be some movement as Mars and the Moon join forces with positive aspects, indicating emotional pleasures in the area of life to do with ‘partnerships’. There could be a business deal in the works for professionals, or romance.

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Your being called this week to focus more on your ability to earn money Capricorn. There is positive energy suggesting that action needs to be taken in this area of life. Also services that you provide to others, or your day to day routine which also includes health routines are very much in focus. Mars’ energy of action is focused here, pushing you to consider all avenues when it comes to your ability to earn, leave no stone un-turned you could find some gold!

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Romance could be heating up this week for you Aquarius. If you are single, there is energy suggesting it’s time to start getting out into the world of dating, sex, love, fun. If you care partnered make some time for this area of life this week. On the other hand, this area of life also deals with creativity where the positive energy is focused, apply yourself this week as Mars and the Moon join forces bring ‘action’ and yes ‘sexual energy’ linked to emotions, surrounding your house of creativity, sex, dating, fun, children and how you enjoy your life. You can be a serious sign, it’s time for some fun!

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As the Moon move into your sister water sign cancer, this could bring your attention to your home life Pisces. There is energy around needing to act, plan, or think about what is happening at home, with your family, your foundations. This week you could find yourself generally a little emotionally charged with the Moon in water energy, the advice is to pay attention to what your emotions are showing you and if action is needed, from Mars’ influence go with it, flow through changes if need be.

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Have a good end to the week, see you Wednesday! You can have your free horoscopes delivered to you each week.

How  has or does the energy of your horoscope resonate with you this week? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear?

10 Replies to “Free Daily Horoscopes: Next Three Days 3rd-5th June”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing about these next three days. It’s a very important time in my life as June 5th is my girlfriend’s birthday, and mine is July 4th. I will be proposing to her tomorrow with a beautiful rainbow moonstone ring and wanted to see what the horoscope had to offer for insight during this time period. Moonstone is a June gemstone as well and I am certain it will bring some energy from the New Moon during the proposal!  We have been together for four years now and it is certainly the time to take action! 

    1. Oh Connor!!! Congratulations, yes indeed time to ‘make a move’ is the universe message,  Mars’ ( action) energy will join forces with the Moon ( emotions) this week in positive aspects. All the best to you and your partner, thanks for sharing.

  2. My sign is Aries so I focused on that report. I was worried by its message The stars recommend that I focus on the family and make sure that all is well. My son told me that he will not be able to pay his rent. He is a single father and that is a big cause for concern. The problem is that he has drained my resources and I took out several loans to help him out. I will not be able to take care of that part of my family that makes me wonder what disaster is going to happen. I wish I could get more information on this.

    These Horoscopes are well written with good references to the other planets. It is quite an engaging website. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Morning Edwin, yes for Aries there is energy around the home and family as we star the week. I am sorry to hear about your son’s situation, seek wider help if possible other family and friends ‘pull together’ ‘ family and the home’ can be those close to us not just blood. I wish you a stress free week.

  3. Hello Kae, thanks for sharing these daily horoscopes. I’m a Scorpio and what you have written there really fires me up! 

    I’m feeling really in tune with what I’m doing and definitely I am ready (finally, it took me a while!) to give it all with no fear and just enjoy the process.

    Reading my horoscope and what it says is giving me more hope and a little extra push to go. 

    Thanks for sharing this! 


  4. I am a Virgo, so of course, this was the sign that I was looking at first for what my destiny might be over the next three days between 3-5 June. It had some interesting suggestions for me, and they actually do align closely with some of the direction that my business and personal branding situations are heading. 

    We are building our business on a few fronts all at the same time, but integral to that effort is getting the right sets of eyes on who we are, what we have to offer, and how this can help them to make some money through their contacts/leads. It takes planning, action, and a bit of luck…

    I did have a feeling that this is going to be a break-out week, and it is gratifying to see that the stars are in alignment to help make that happen as long as we get on with our actions, which we will. Let’s see if we cannot knock the ball out of the park this week. Thanks for posting these horoscopes, I do enjoy reading them.

    1. Morning Dave… go Virgo! ‘knock that ball out of the park’ the cosmos really are supporting you, thanks for sharing and your feedback.

  5. Thanks for sharing these, mine was very true and spot on regarding working on ways to earn money. I am working hard on a new blog which is beginning to earn me some cash, looks like more coming my way 🙂 I must admit I don’t always read my horoscopes but will be bookmarking your site to keep updated in the future. 

    1. Hi Martin, you’re welcome. Yes pay attention to the universe’s messages, they can really help! Thanks for stopping by and come back on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday for your free daily horoscope!

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