Diety of The Week: Archelous God of The Male Gender

This week’s deity of the week is Achelous.

Origin: Greek.

Appears as: a bull with a human face, or a human with a face of a bull. One horn of the bull may be broken or missing. A fish tail, or a long snake tail. This deity is a good shape shifter.

Sacred and favourite things: horns.

Area of influence: maturity of men, water, rivers, springs. He is a water/river spirit.

Petition for: a new source of water (draughts), fertility, if you are a male.

Patron of: the river, and waters, you males.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), candles, ancestor money can be burned in honour.  Horns. Males can cut some of their hair and offer to this deity, in exchange for protection.



The mythology around Achelous is that he is vibrated all over Greece and southern Italy. The main role of this God is to ensure that boys grow into mature and responsible men. He is a river spirit and the father of many other river spirits. Nymphs and  the Sirens are some of his sea spirit children. Legend has it that Archelous had a battle with Heracles over a woman they both wanted, Heracles pulled off one of Achelous’ horns, his blood spilled onto the earth and impregnated the woman. From this other sea spirits were born—Sirens. Another legend has it that Archelous is the father of these spirits but their mother is Muse. They were conceived in the ‘usual’ way.

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