Diety of The Week: Abuk Goddess of Prosperity


This week’s deity of the week is Abuk.

Origin: Dinka (southern Sudan in Africa.)

Appears as: a snake.

Sacred and favourite things: snakes, the Moon, and sheep.

Deity type: creator.

Energy: yin (feminine.)

Relations: Deng (son and the deity of the sky,) Garang (male counterpart—yang energy.)

Favourite plants and herbs: millet, and sesame seeds.

Favoured people: women, homemakers, stay at home mothers.

Area of influence: success, abundance, safety, good health.

Petition her for: growth of any kind in life, success, wealth, abundance, protection if you’re a mother or homemaker. Women’s issues and fertility. Growth in your crops, plants, and garden.

Patron of:  gardens, streams, yin areas of life, water, women and all women’s issues, fertility, growth of everything from plants, babies, etc.

Similar to: Eve and Yemaya of  the Yoruba African pantheon.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), beer, especially homemade, millet, fruits, vegetables, and herbs especially home-grown herbs.

Women from Sudan are well known for their beautiful dark skin, the hue of their skin is striking and it’s a very distinctive characteristic of a Sudanese woman.  In Sudanese mythology, the grand creator Nhialic who created the first male (Garang) and female (Abuk) archetypes from clay. As they were very small, he placed them in a pot, covered it, and they grew. They had three children Deng, Candit, and Nyaliep.

Abuk is a wonderful feminine spirit energy, she is seen within the Sudanese pantheon as a life source and powerful creator or similar to Eve—the first of the female kind. Her energy is loving and gentle, she has an affiliation to women and all the stages of life they go through, common issues women may face, fertility, and womanhood in general. Dinka people are from southern Sudan, Africa, and her name Abuk is the most common name given to females in this part of the world.

Abuk has influence over growth in general and her powers are here, and where she can influence things. Whether it’s the healthy development of a baby or child, or growing crops in your garden, or even growing your money—Abuk will be able to assist you with ‘growth’ no matter what the growth is related to.

She is a patron of what is seen as the Dinka woman’s role, homemaking, growing millet, and brewing millet beer. Her son is the patron of what goes on in the sky, storms, rain, wind etc.

She can appear as a snake and this image can be used to represent her, on an altar. Grey snakes in particular. Petition Abuk when you need a benevolent spirit that has powerful abilities to influence your abundance and success, work opportunities, money making or growing opportunities, personal health, growth in life. Stay at home mothers can benefit from honouring her and gain her protection, or women who are primary carers for others. If you have fertility issues Abuk may also be able to help with this also. Use a snake image to represent her on altars, and be sure to place down some of her sacred of favourite things. For a full historical story on this beautiful deity’s energy see here. Just translate the page from French to English if needed.

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