Deity of The Week: Abata

This week’s deity of the week is Abata, also known as Abatan.

Origin: Orisha (African, Yoruba.)

Colours: Light blue, gold, green, pink, and yellow.

Appears as: a snake or in human form.

Sacred place: the swamp, lagoons, lakes.

Petition her for: wealth and prosperity.

Patron of: female entrepreneurs, or women who are homemakers and look after the home.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), water from a river, candles in her colours,  sweet potatoes, yams, flowers, white wine, fruits, you can place offerings down by any swap.


Abata is a powerful African deity who rules over the accumulation and access to wealth and money, and even has the power to reduce it. The Yoruba people class her as the female counter part to Erinle, or his wife. In Cuba she can be noted as male not female, or a ‘link’ to Erinle not an Orisha in her own right. Learn how to connect with her, in  How to Connect With Your Ancestors and Spirit.


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