Deity of The Week: The Achachilas Protective Mountain Spirits


This week’s deity of the week is the Achachilas.

Origin:  Aymara (south American)

Appears as: old men dressed in traditional Aymara clothing.

Sacred and favourite things: Caverns in the Andes.

Favoured people: Aymara people. (You can make contact with the Achachilas if you’re not Aymaran.)

Area of influence: protection especially during travel.

Petition for: protection.

Patron of: Aymara people.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), candles, ancestor money can be burned in honour. Feeding stay dogs, pour alcohol over a mountainous or raised area.


The mythology around the Achachilas spirits are they are protective mountain spirits, who look out for the needs of people who are of Aymara descent. They are the ancestor spirits of these indigenous southern American people. The appear in dreams to give warning, advice, and guidance. They also control over the natural elements of rain, hail, frost. Etc. Petition these spirits for general protection, especially while travelling. They do favour their own descendants, however everyone is free to honour them and petition them with the correct intent. They may just assist you!

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